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Aluratek Amazon Best Sellers for Gifts


The holidays are right around the corner (I mean, Costco’s selling holiday decor so that counts, right?) which means it’s time to find gifts before they creep on us. We’re sharing with you some of our top Aluratek Amazon picks!

Bluetooth Cassette Player

We all have that one friend with the old car with no AUX input. Aluratek’s Bluetooth Cassette Player solves this problem by bluetooth enabling any old car that has a cassette player. This device can last up to 8 hours on a full charge with it’s rechargeable batteries which will allow you to listen to your favorite holiday music throughout the entire season.

Distressed Wood Digital Photo Frames

Looking for a stylish gift that will check all of the boxes? Look no further. Aluratek’s Distressed Wood Digital Photo Frame fits the bill: functional, unique, and can fit into just about any home. This frame showcases a light honey walnut color, and has the look and feel of distressed wood. Just load your photos on a SD card or USB stick, and insert into the frame to view! It’s as simple as that! It makes the perfect gift for someone who’s looking for a frame for photos only. Our line of distressed wooden frames come in a 7 inch frame, and an 8 inch frame which will both be $10 off during these dates.

7-inch: $10 off from Dec 12 - Dec 23rd

8-inch: $10 off from Nov 25th - Dec 3rd

USB Type-C Multimedia Hub and Adapter

Calling all Mac users (or anyone with a Type-C device, really)! Extend your connectivity with more USB ports, HDMI to mirror or extend your screen and a micro SD & SD card slot reader with our Multimedia Hub. This one’s for the productive giftee in mind.

Dynamite Bluetooth Speakers

What’s small and explosive? Dynamite! Our Dynamite Speakers are pretty much my personal favorite product, and for good reason. These small speakers really do pack a loud sound that will make your friends think you’ve got a sound bar inside your bag! These speakers are so small you can fit them in the palm of your hands, and they’re magnetic which makes it a fun device to attach anywhere!

Eco4life Smart Surge Strip

If you’re like me and maybe lazy to get up or turn on and off your devices, well do we have a device for you! Turn on and off either one device, or all of your devices with Aluratek's Smart Surge Strip. You can control when to turn them on with a scheduling mode, and easily control it straight from your phone. Our smart devices are also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This makes it the best gift for anyone who’s smart and savvy and looking to step up their home entertainment and technology game.

Motion Sensor Frame

For the person that wants a simple frame and only when there are people in the room (hello environmentally friendly folks), this is a great gift for just that. This frame will sense when motion is detected, and automatically display photos. It has 4 GB of built in memory, so you can store your photos internally or input a USB or SD card externally to show more of your favorite memories! For a limited time, we’re offering a $10 discount on this frame from Nov. 27th - Dec. 3rd.


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