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Best of Aluratek Digital Photo Frames


Trying to find the best Aluratek digital photo frame, but don’t quite know where to start? Here’s a quick guide on finding the best digital photo frame that would make a great gift for just about anyone.

The Best Digital Photo Frame for the Non-Tech Savvy

We all have family members or friends that are, let’s be honest, simply not tech savvy. And that’s okay. Our simplest frame is no extra fluff and just the good stuff. Compile all of your favorite photos on a memory card or flash drive, and simply view your photos on auto slideshow mode. These frames are simple enough that you could gift any family member and at best, does what it needs to do - view photos.

The Best Digital Photo Frame for Sharing Family Photos

While you’re off venturing to Hawaii, send photos to your family members to make them uber jealous with an Aluratek WiFi Frame. Snap photos directly from your phone, and upload it straight to the Aluratek WiFi App. Sync the app with your digital wifi photo frame, and view your photos without the need of a SD card or USB flash drive. If your family member has a frame, you can send them photos from anywhere in the world straight to their frame!

The Best Digital Photo Frame for Sharing Your Photography

We also highly recommend an Aluratek WiFi Photo Frame to display your photography work! With an IPS LCD screen, view photos with a crystal clear screen. The IPS screen allows you to view images at any angle without it distorting the quality, and is true to color.

The Best Digital Photo Frame for the Hipster

Introducing our newest line of wooden distressed digital photo frames includes some of what I might say the trendiest frames in the market. From a light beech wood that will brighten up any room to a more classic walnut wood finish, the distressed frame look adds a bit of personality to any room. And what’s even more hip (if not already)? We now offer a frame that allows for you to interchange between two different types of distressed wood frames. Our distressed frames come in our automatic slideshow frames and is easy to use. All you need is a USB flash drive or an SD card and you can start viewing photos and displaying them.

The Best Digital Photo Frame for Business Owners

Out with the old - say goodbye to printing paper and brochures and signage. Make things digital with one of our larger digital photo “frames” , which can double up as a digital signage for your business. We recommend our 14 inch or 17 inch to act as a larger digital signage system. This frame would make a great gift for small business owners, or large business owners alike. Have them present their services, pricing, or announcements to their customers with ease. Aluratek’s Digital Photo Frames is great as a gift for different reasons. Whether you’re looking to simply share memories, or to use it as a tool for your business, or as a gift, feel confident with a frame from Aluratek.


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