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5 Office Tech for Hybrid or Working-From-Home Employees


Over the past few years, remote and hybrid work has become standard. While once a temporary adjustment, these flexible working arrangements have proven to have many advantages, so they’re becoming a permanent fixture.

Right now, 66% of U.S. employees work remotely at least part-time, and 68% would like to be fully remote. While flexible workspaces have significant productivity and work-life balance benefits, they also come with challenges like fewer tech resources and increased distractions. The right office gear can help counteract those downsides.

These five office technologies can help upgrade hybrid and remote workspaces to help these workers reach their full potential.

Wireless Headphones

Headphones are one of the most useful pieces of equipment for hybrid and remote workers. They can drown out surrounding noise to help those in buys homes, crowded coffee shops or co-working spaces focus on the task at hand. While any headphones can provide those benefits, wireless ones do so while decreasing clutter from cables.

Modern Bluetooth technology lets workers walk as much as 33 feet away from their computers without dropping connections. Many also feature small built-in microphones so workers can take video calls without compromising their audio quality. If remote and hybrid employees work at all from public spaces or busy homes, these headsets are a must.

Ergonomic Laptop Stands

Laptops are the workstation of choice for hybrid workers, to the point where laptop shortages have arisen from demand. While these portable devices are perfect for flexibility, they often lack the same ergonomics as desktop computers. Thankfully, employees can use adjustable ergonomic laptop stands to mitigate that issue.

These stands can place laptops at a more comfortable angle to accommodate more natural hand positions during typing. Similarly, they place screens at eye level, so employees don’t have to look down all day, reducing eye and neck strain. Some options even include built-in fans to help mitigate high laptop temperatures, increasing comfort while protecting these devices.

Mesh Wi-Fi Routers

Working from home or in hybrid environments wouldn’t be possible without the internet. These employees need stable internet connections to connect with coworkers or access company systems, but traditional Wi-Fi routers often fall short. Newer mesh routers offer higher speeds and more reliable coverage, ensuring connection issues don’t hinder employee productivity.

Mesh routers provide multiple access points, whereas traditional Wi-Fi routers only provide one. As a result, these devices can provide more coverage and higher bandwidth, translating into higher end speeds for users. With mesh routers, employees won’t have to worry about dropped or lagging connections, even if they have multiple other smart devices in their homes.

Wireless Chargers

Workers check their phones often throughout the day, especially in hybrid and remote work environments, where electronic communication is more important. All this checking drains phones’ power, so these employees need reliable charging gear. Wireless charging pads offer the ideal option.

Wireless charging pads can charge smartphones even through their cases with no need for cables. Reducing wires helps prevent clutter, improving productivity and minimizing the risk of damaging equipment by accidentally snagging cables. If employees need to move, they can simply pick up their phone instead of unplugging a wire that could get caught.

Portable Chargers

A similar piece of office tech that can help hybrid workers is a portable phone charger. If an employee travels back and forth between workspaces, they may not have the time to sufficiently charge their devices at their desk. Portable chargers can fit in their pocket and let them charge on the go, letting them travel without fear of their devices dying.

A fully-powered portable charger can extend battery life by up to 500% for some phone models. Employees could recharge their devices several times over before having to charge the battery pack itself. This is particularly helpful for workers who travel between the office and home with long commutes, as it ensures their phones won’t die in transit.

Tech Can Make Hybrid and Remote Work Easier

These five gadgets aren’t the only ones remote and hybrid workers may find helpful, but they’re some of the best. With these tools, employees can stay focused and make the most of their flexible working arrangements. They can then experience the full benefits of remote and hybrid work without worrying about its potential shortcomings.

Author: Shannon Flynn

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