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Aluratek Wireless Adapters for Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ finally allow you to cut the cord!


Do you often find yourself plugging in your iPhone or Android phone cable to your vehicles USB port when you first get in?  We all do it, but what if I told you there is now a way more convenient way to connect without cables?

Check out Aluratek’s new Wireless Adapter for both Apple iPhone® AWCPA01F and Android Auto AWAGA01F.

CONVENIENCE - These adapters eliminate the need for you to connect your cable to enjoy the benefits of Apple Carplay® and/or Android Auto™.  The devices remember your phone and automatically connect wirelessly every time you get in the car.  No more plugging in or unplugging and searching for your phone cable that let’s face it we all often forget to grab!

CHARGING - Many newer vehicles are offering Qi wireless charging so not only can you connect wirelessly but you can also charge your phone while enjoying Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ on your drive!  The units also pull power from your vehicles USB port so you never need to worry about charging the adapters.

Enjoy the convenience of navigation, hands free calling, sending and receiving text messages and listening to your favorite music all done wirelessly and effortlessly!

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