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Why You Need These 3 Gadgets For Camping

camping gadget

Summer's approaching and you know what that means: enjoying the outdoors, grilling barbecue with friends and everything else in between.

One of our favorite past time things to do has to be camping - from enjoying the scenic views of Yosemite to hiking a nearby trail. And when it comes to that, there's no price for safety. Anything could go wrong with one mistake or wrong turn. So of course, we're here to help you be prepared as much as possible. We're highlighting some of our favorite tools to help you enjoy your summer.

4-in-1 Emergency Kit

Having a light at hand is essential to enjoying your night out while camping or chilling by the campfire. And although a lantern may seem ideal, it can carry additional unnecessary weight that you don't need, especially if you're backpacking. This LED light is perfect for carrying around, and also served other purposes - a phone charger, an emergency tool, and a roadside assistance tool.

Find 4-in-1 Emergency Kit here.

Light It Up

Yes, we know. It's a flashlight and it's kind of a given to have one at all times. What makes ours so different? Well, it's very similar to the above tool in that it's more than just a flashlight. If you're on a road trip and get into any kind of accident, this nifty tool has a tool to power a dead smartphone battery and can also break window or cut a seatbelt. And of course, it's perfect for hiking and never leaving you in the dark.

Find PowerLight Multipurpose 10,400 mAh Rechargeable Flashlight with Built-in USB Rapid Charger here.

Power It Up

Being on our phones is probably not a priority when it comes to camping, but when something happens, it's good to have it on hand. Charge up your phone with a power bank for when you need to make those emergency calls, and, it doubles up as a light. It's a win-win situation.

Find 8,000mAh Dual USB 2.1A Power Bank with 32 LED Lantern here.

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