PowerLight Multipurpose 10,400 mAh Rechargeable Flashlight with Built-in USB Rapid Charger

Aluratek's PowerLight Multipurpose Rechargeable Flashlight with Built-in USB Rapid Charger truly is the world’s next generation flashlight.
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Aluratek's PowerLight Multipurpose Rechargeable Flashlight with Built-in USB Rapid Charger truly is the world’s next generation flashlight. The LifeLight is durable, waterproof, fireproof and extremely portable making for the perfect multipurpose device for the house, car, toolbox, camping, hiking, rafting or any outdoor adventure.

Enjoy up to 1 / 2 days of constant use between charges from the 10,400 mAh built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The PowerLight offers the ability to charge your USB devices via the built-in USB charging port boasting up to four full charges on most cell phones. You can adjust the brightness of the flashlight at the touch of a button and also select an SOS mode in the event of being lost or in any emergency situation.

The Multipurpose Rechargeable Flashlight is also waterproof (IPX8) and fireproof and offers additional safety features such as a single-tipped built-in steel hammer to break glass and a concealed razor blade to cut seatbelts making it the perfect automobile companion.

No More Batteries

With the Powerlight Flashlight you will never have to waste money paying for batteries again. The Flashlight features a built-in charging port with included cable so you can recharge the battery through any USB power charger/adapter.

ACEK210F will operate up to 50 hours continuously on a full charge as opposed to a standard flashlight using (x2) D batteries which will only last for 25 hours.

Never Be Left in the Dark

The PowerLight Multipurpose Rechargeable Flashlight is an ideal solution to provide a long lasting light source wherever you need it most. The flashlight features super bright LED bulbs that provides 200 lumens of light output. Choose between four light modes - high, medium, low or strobe. Works up to 50 hours on a full charge so you will never be left in the dark at the campground, in your backyard, during a power outage or in an emergency situation.

Rapid On-The-Go Charging

Utilizing the latest in lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology, the PowerLight is perfect for on-the-go charging anytime, anywhere. ACEK210F offers one standard USB charging port with 10,400 mAh power capacity at 5V/2A output to quickly charge most USB powered devices such as smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, mp3 players, bluetooth speakers, bluetooth headsets, ebook readers and more. Never be stranded on the road with a dead battery on your device and be comforted in knowing that power is within reach.

Built to Withstand the Elements

Weighing in at only 11 oz, ACEK210F is designed with a heavy-duty aluminum exterior that is resistant against dust, impact and drops up to 5' (1.5 m) and features a slip-free comfortable grip for ultra portability. The PowerLight Multipurpose Rechargeable Flashlight is fireproof with its next generation flame retardant alloy material and waterproof submersible up to 3 meters (9.8') for half an hour.

Be Prepared in an Emergency

The PowerLight Multipurpose Flashlight is a handy tool to have in the palm of your hand when a life-threatening situation puts the safety of you or your family at risk. Great for road emergencies in the event you need to power a dead smartphone battery or escape your car by breaking a window or cutting a seatbelt. Activate the emergency beacon to signal for help when your car breaks down or provide a long-lasting light source to your home when an electrical grid failure or a blown fuse occurs.



  • Durable, portable, fireproof and waterproof * - the essential multipurpose device for any outdoor adventure
  • Resistant against dust, impact and drops up to 5' (1.5 m)
  • Heavy-duty aluminum exterior with a slip-free comfort grip and a beam distance of 65' (20 m)
  • Built-in 10,400 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery with 5V/2A output to quickly charge any USB mobile device (Original charging cable required)
  • LED flashlight provides 200 lumens of light output for up to 50 hours on a full charge
  • 4 light modes - high light (up to 14 hours), medium light (up to 30 hours), low light (up to 50 hours) and strobe (up to 30 hours)
  • Takes 11 hours to fully charge the flashlight from a USB power charger / adapter (USB charging cable included)
  • Be prepared for any emergency in your car or home
  • Quickly escape your vehicle by shattering windows with the single-tipped built-in steel hammer
  • Cut unreleased seat belts quickly with the concealed razor blade
  • LED charge status indicator
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

    * Waterproof protection rating level IPX8. Submersible up to 3 meters (9.8') of water for half an hour. Only use to charge while the flashlight is dry.


  • USB port to charge the flashlight
  • Original charging cable belonging to your mobile device


  • Battery Capacity: 10,400 mAh
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 / Micro USB


1 Year


8.75 x 1.625 x 1.625" (22 x 4.1 x 4.1 cm) / 11 oz


ACEK210F / 8-12658-01298-0


  • PowerLight Multipurpose Rechargeable Flashlight
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Hand Strap
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Registration Card


PowerLight Multipurpose 10,000 mAh Rechargeable Flashlight with Built-in USB Rapid Charger