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How to Prepare an Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit

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When disaster is about to strike, the first thing that comes to mind is to run. And although this sounds like a terrific idea in the moment, it probably isn't the best action plan. Disasters can happen anywhere and at any time without a given warning, and the only way help these situations is to be prepared. Here are a few pointers on starting an emergency kit to be ready for any natural disaster.

What You'll Need

Having enough supplies for at least two weeks is recommended. Make sure you stock up on all of these essential items because you'll never know how crowded stores will be once a warning is issued.


  • Water - 2 gallons per person per day will keep you hydrated
  • Easy to prep food - canned foods make for a simple buy, whether it's canned soup or fruits. 3 cans per day per person is a great starting point. Also, meals ready to eat are a great option and can be made literally anywhere
  • Cooking Essentials

  • Can opener - try out a manual one in case you don't have access to electricity
  • Ziplocbags and containers - these will help you store foods
  • Plastic utensils - including throwaway napkins, plates, cups, and utensils.
  • Cooking essentials - Prep yourself with a grill, charcoal, starter fluid, and waterproof lighter or matches since you won't have access to your oven or kitchen-top (especially if you want warm, heated food.)
  • Light

  • Flashlight - an essential tool, invest in a good flashlight and make sure you have additional batteries. LED flashlights are also great tools if you need something long lasting.
  • Candles - regular candles or LED candles are great for additional lighting
  • Camper lantern - A great alternative to candles, this tool emits bright light when needed and is perfect to set down anywhere in the house.
  • Shelter

  • Emergency blanket - lightweight and perfect when you need some warmth.
  • Sleeping bag and blanket - Equip yourself with warmth with one or the other.
  • Other Important Considerations

  • Medication - Have all of your necessary medications on hand, and extra ones you can get your hand on
  • Photocopy of identifications - if you can protect your documents then that's great (we recommend waterproof baggies). Make sure you have spare copies of everything as well
  • Cash - A must-have just in case you lose other forms of payment
  • Hygienic products - any personal products you'll need including razors
  • Forms of communication - radios, phones, chargers, and other items you deem necessary
  • First aid kit - be sure to stock up on band-aids and other tools in case of any minor cuts or falls
  • There are a lot of important things to remember, and of course, always keep in mind anyone else in your household and what they might need. This is just a list of basics to have at hand.

    Be sure to check out more of our emergency prep items you may need on our page to help you get equipped. Our emergency flashlights and LED candles are perfect for keeping your house lit when there's a power outage. Our power bank is also a great source for not only light, but for charging any necessary cables to make sure your phones are ready for any emergency calls. It also utilizes solar power energy for even the worst emergencies.

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