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Why You Need a Smart Light Bulb


Convenience should never get a bad rep. If something’s making your life easier, then why not? SmartHome is making waves in the technology industry currently, however it’s still an upcoming and new technology. One of my current favorite products in our SmartHome lineup are the Smart Bulb. To be fair, this light has so many capabilities and I’m here to tell you why you need a Smart Bulb in your current housing sitch.

Control Your Light From Anywhere

This is the best feature of the smart bulb. Having your lights on before entering the house is not only useful, but one of those things we hardly think about improving. For example, every night (before getting my Smart Bulb installed), I found myself stumbling in my room to turn the lamp on - which was about 15 ft from my door. It took me a while to realize that this was easily fixable.

All I have to do now, is simply pull out my phone before entering my room or home and turn the light on through the app. This saves so much hassle of not having to trip over things in the middle of the night. Definitely a game changer when you don’t want to inconvenience those around you.

Sleep Better and Be More Productive

I know, when are you ever going to need to change colors of your lights? Well, hear us out. If you’re studying and need a more blue white, cool tone, change it to just that. This will help you in being more productive and is perfect for when you need to study and be more productive. And before you need go to sleep - turn it to a more yellow hue for a warmer tone, which will help you relax and sleep better.

Make Parties Better

If you’re throwing a party and need a change in color, do just that. The whole spectrum of colors is available for you to choose from, and adds an additional ambiance to the party environment. Throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party? Splash some green in the house. Throwing a 4th of July party? Double up with some blue and red lights.

Control the Dimness

Control the intensity of the lights to not so bright, to brighter, or to less or more color. Again, you can simply control this through your app with a module. This helps you save money from buying dim,er lights and switches in your rooms and removes the hassle of having to install them.

Easy Installation

Installing a smart bulb is easy because you just need to swap out your bulb, switch it with this bulb, and download the app. You don’t need a hub of any sort, just a SmartPhone to download the app. And if you want to upgrade and add even more SmartHome products, this system is perfect for doing just that.

Incorporating a Smart Bulb to your house is a no brainer. There are so many pros to it, so why not? Make your life a bit easier with lights that are already turned on, or colored lights to enhance the environment.

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