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New Product Launch: Healthy Cuisine

Healthy Cuisine Kitchen Appliances

Making people’s lives a little simpler has been our mantra. We’ve dived into the world of tech gadgets and electronics, and have made our way into home gadgets, like our eco4life SmartHome accessories. We’re excited to launch our newest line of kitchen appliances, Healthy Cuisines.

Healthy Cuisines is perfect for the individual who is health conscious, yet loves cooking! Cooking shouldn’t be costly, and that’s why our appliances are affordable yet high quality. To kickoff, we’re introducing three appliances to Healthy Cuisines which can be found on Amazon.

Rechargeable Blender Bottle

Our blender bottle is the perfect on-the-go solution. Take the blender bottle to your office, and whip up a delicious smoothie right at your desk. Recharge your bottle when needed straight from your laptop with the charging cable. Our blender bottles are BPA free and is the perfect gift for anyone, at under $50

Nutri AirFry 3.6L and 5.5L Airfryers

Make crispy fries, without actually deep frying! Say what? Our Nutri AirFryer use 80% less oil, and uses high velocity rapid air circulation technology to fry, grill, roast, and bake every day snacks, meals, and treats. The convection fan rapidly circulates heated air to ensure everything is evenly cooked and crispy in less than 30 minutes. Say goodbye to grease, and hello to healthy!

6-Quartz Induction Heating Digital Pressure Cooker

Digital pressure cookers are a must-have for any home. It uses high steam and pressure, to cook things faster. For example, when you’re cooking vegetables, it goes above boiling point (212°F) and can get as high as (250°F) making it an efficient way to cook your food. Add this arsenal to your kitchen and say goodbye to slow cooking chicken.

Our healthy cuisine products are perfect for not only the seasonal cook, but for those who are health conscious or for those always on the go.

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