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Must-Have Gadgets for Your Home


Home is where the heart is, and that's why we can't stress the importance of furnishing your home with all the must-have essentials and gadgets to make your life a little easier. Whether it's something to help straighten your back while you're working from home, to setting the mood, these gadgets will improve the quality of your life.

Universal Foldable Laptop Stand


Being cooped up on your laptop all day while preparing your taxes is not ideal. Getting up and taking a bunch of stretch breaks may seem ideal, but sometimes, you want a more ergonomic way to do your work. Enter our foldable laptop stand. Prop it on any standing desk and watch for yourself the wonders of this simple yet functional design.

Shop Foldable Laptop Stand here.

Wi-Fi Digital Frame


Photo albums are cool, but what's even cooler? A digital frame that you can control straight from your phone. Showcase your trip to the Caribbean and make all of your neighbors jealous.

Shop Wi-Fi Digital Frames here.

Dynamite Dual Bluetooth Speakers


Sometimes, playing music from your laptop or phone might not cut it. The sound quality isn't as up to par and is centralized in one area. These bluetooth speakers fix both of these problems, so be ready for some life changing room enhancement. Place these speakers in two different areas of the room, and pair it effortlessly with it's bluetooth capabilities. We promise you won't go back to playing from your laptop again.

Shop Bluetooth Speakers here.

Wireless Qi Charging Pad

qi charger

Out are the days of having to plug and unplug your phone every time you want to use it. This wireless charging pad is perfect to put next to your nightstand for ease and convenience. And with its simple and sleek design, it will fit in with just about any room. One of our newest gadgets, be sure to get on the pre-order list to find out about this nifty addition.

Shop Wireless Qi Charging Pad here.

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