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Your Summer Itinerary Guide

Your Summer Itinerary Guide

Summer is here, and that means BBQs, beach trips and other fun things are in the itinerary. Here are some fun and unique things to do this summer and ways to incorporate your favorite Aluratek products.

Stand Up Paddle Board at Your Nearest Harbor

If you’re looking for a good workout, yet relaxing - stand up paddle boarding might be for you. It incorporates a good core workout while being out in nature. While you’re out and about, be sure to snag one of our outdoor action cameras, strap it to your chest or to your head and record all of your favorite summer memories with this waterproof action camera.

Bump It Up at the Pool

A semi-cheap alternative is checking out your nearest pool this summer. From YMCA groups to public community pools in there area, Make a day out of it, and bring your swimming gear and lunch. Be sure to bring our DYNAMITE speakers to enjoy some music while you’re celebrating summer.

Find a Firework Show

Plans for the 4th of July? What’s a holiday without some fireworks! Do a quick search and find some firework shows in the area, for us it’s near a lake accompanied with a fun fair beforehand. Be sure to prepare accordingly! While you’re waiting for the fireworks and the festivities leading up to the show, make sure you have a portable phone charger equipped so you can charge up and be able to communicate with others.

Go Bike Riding or Longboarding to the Beach

One of our favorite activities to do is to be outside, and actively engage while getting a good workout! Be sure to capture all of your favorite memories on your phone and display them on one of our digital photo frames to view later.


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