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Creative Ways to Use a Smart Plug

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Owning a Smart Plug is a lot more convenient than you might think and can actually reduce so much stress (especially if you’re forgetful like me). You can automate anything within seconds, such as every day appliances and devices that you probably didn’t think you’d need. Here are some tips on how to maximize your smart plug:

Pre-Heat Your Curling Iron

Whether you’re in bed or doing some other chore, set a timer to have your curling iron or straightener so it’s already heated up in the morning. For this specific function, though, you need an iron that has an on and off switch that is already on to work.

Start Your Mornings Right

Whether you like a hot cup of coffee, hot tea, start your mornings just right with a hot drink. Just plug in your coffee maker or electric kettle, and again, make sure your device has a toggle on button in order to work correctly. This allows you to have more time to prepare for the morning like changing, getting your kids ready, and other busy tasks.

Automate your Outdoor Lights or Christmas Lights

If your lights are plugged into your garage or the side of your house, the worst part has to be getting out of the house and plugging in your lights. Not with the Smart Plug! Setup a timer so your lights are on for the night.

Fool Any Burglar

Whether you’re on vacation for a few days or a few weeks, or just a night out, you have to make it seem like someone’s home. Burglars know when you haven’t been home for a while and may try to trespass or rob something at any given time. Set up a timer to have your lights on a certain time so you give off the appearance of being home when you’re on vacation or away.

Control Your Kids’ TV and Consoles

Sometimes it’s hard to monitor how long your kids are playing games for or watching television for. So when it’s getting a bit late or maybe they’ve had too much of screentime, be in control of the amount that they use with the Smart Plug. Set the timer to turn on or off the consoles at a certain time, or turn it off when necessary.

Start Cooking While You’re at Work!

This tool is convenient if you want to cook something with your hotpot while you’re at work or out running errands. Just turn it on with your phone, and come home to a delicious meal.

Make sleeping convenient

Ever have a fan, or a heater on during the night and wanting to turn it off? Maybe you have an electric blanket that needs some warming up? We feel your struggle. Rather than stumbling halfway across the room, simply pick up your phone and turn on/off your devices during the night. Now that was easy!

Charge Your Appliances When Needed

This is pretty much a given - but charge anything that’s already hooked up to your smart plug. Whether it’s your laptop, your iPad, or any other device, just tap your phone to charge.

Perfect for Running a Business

Perfect if you’re running digital signage for your business - like an open sign in your storefront, now you don’t have to put your hands in hard to reach places. Simply plug it in to a smart plug, and turn on and off when desired or just set a time to your store hours.

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