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Why You Need a Laptop Stand

laptop Stand

The thought of sitting at an office for over 7 or more hours might sound not very ideal. Even sitting down and scrunching up over our laptops every day without proper equipment can also painful. In addition to being ergonomic friendly, there's a couple of other reasons laptop stands are much needed - whether you're in the office or at home.

It's Good For You

We'll admit - we're guilty. Leaving our laptops on a table and hovering over while online shopping (or, maybe that's just us). Health experts recommend being at eye level to your laptop and which will help shoulder and neck muscles from tensing up in the long run. Believe us when we say it's worth it to invest in a simple laptop stand or standing desk to make your posture better. We love this stand for this exact reason.

It'll Keep it Cool

Not only are these products great for your posture, but some even have built in fans. When you're working hours on end on your laptop, it'll need a cool down. These fans are integrated with these stands are quiet enough to bring anywhere without turning heads.

It's Portable

Laptop stands are portable and some are fold-able, making it quick and easy to set up. Whether you're going to a local coffee shop or in your home office, these portable stands can be perfect for wherever your work calls for.

It's Minimal Yet Stylish

Who said something that's good for you had to be plain and boring. Laptop stands come in different colors and styles, from a minimal feel to a more colorful and bold style. We're loving this red one that's sleek and stylish, and even comes with a fan.

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