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What to do When You’ve Broken Your Phone

broken phone

I’ve dropped my phone in water, 3 times to be exact. You could say I’m kind of an expert on water damage and all things damaged. Here are some prevention tips and other helpful tips to avoid damaging your phone, and also what to do when the deed is done.

Get Insurance

I was never big on phone insurance up until now. You can either get it from your phone’s insurance policy or from your homeowners insurance. With smartphones costing anywhere from $700 and upwards, it might be a safe bet to do this (especially if you’re accident prone like me). It can save you hundreds of dollars and is worth investing in.

Get a Screen Protector

I definitely recommend getting a temper glass screen protector and avoiding a plastic one. This is perfect if you drop your phone all of the time and crack your glass easily. I usually buy one that comes with two just so I’m always prepared.

Get A Ring or Pop Socket

You can spend less than $5 to add an attachment to your phone case that’s perfect for never dropping your phone. Lock down your phone with your fingers, and while you’re taking a selfie you’ll never have to worry about dropping it again. But make sure you spend a little bit of money on it than the cheap $1 ones because I have had ones that have broken after a few months.

Water Damage

Rice and Your Phone

I know, I know. The first thing you want to do is grab your phone and put it in rice. Some people swear by it if you’ve drenched your phone in water. I’ve done this on occasion, and I would not recommend solely on just this method. Especially if your phone was completely drenched in water (not just water splashing around it). You can put it in rice for the time being while you get to a repair shop.

Repair Shop

Usually the water will seep inside your phone where rice can’t reach, and can do a lot of damage if not treated immediately. The faster that you’re able to get to your repair store, the more likely your phone could be saved.

Doing a quick search will lead you to some repair shops. You expect to pay anywhere from $50 - $120 for a repair (that’s an estimate in our area). And although a big price to pay, it’s definitely a must if you didn’t insure your phone and paying for a new one.

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