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Wireless Charging: What Is it & How It Works

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is accomplished by using either electromagnetic or radio frequency (RF) technology to send electricity to a rechargeable battery. Even though this technology has been around since the 1800s, when Nikola Tesla discovered that a magnetic field between a transmitter and receiver could send electricity, it’s only risen in popularity recently. Since 2007, when MIT researchers began to investigate how to make this electricity transfer more efficient, wireless chargers have become faster, more affordable and much more consumer-friendly. Read on to learn how to use a wireless charger, and everything else you need to know about this game-changing technology.

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is when a transmitter and receiver utilize a magnetic field to charge devices without a cable. Most wireless chargers use small, internal copper coils to perform this function. The larger the coil, the further away the device being charged can be. Larger devices use RF, a more recent technology, to receive power as far as 15 feet away. In the vast majority of cases, wireless charging is accomplished using electromagnetic fields rather than RF. “Charging bowls” and “charging pads” that require devices to be placed near, on or within them allow for smaller coils, which makes for more convenient wireless charging. Wireless chargers contain three components: a transmitter, a receiver and a rectifier. The transmitter is what grabs electricity from the alternating-current (AC) source and throws it into the magnetic field. The receiver then pulls this electricity, but the rectifier must first convert the AC source into a direct current (DC) before trickling electricity into the device’s battery.

What is Qi?

Qi (pronounced “chee”) uses very small copper coils to wirelessly charge devices. This is the most convenient method of wireless charging for most mobile devices.

Wireless Inductive Charging

Wireless inductive charging is how Qi charger pads work. Essentially, wireless inductive charging uses copper coils and a magnetic field to start transmitting power from an “alternating current” source. This is converted to a “direct current” before reaching the target device, guaranteeing a stable and safe charging rate.

Wireless Charging Safety

Ever since studies in the early 2000s indicated that older mobile devices could potentially emit a dangerous amount of radiation, wireless technologies - including chargers - have come under scrutiny. People still want to know: Are wireless chargers safe? Since scientists have had plenty of time to perform studies and optimize wireless charging, we now have a wealth of information regarding how to stay safe as your phone wirelessly charges. First, the amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted by these devices is far less than most WiFi routers and isn’t a health hazard. Second, this technology may actually be safer than traditional charging methods, since there aren’t exposed outlets and ports that could be dangerous should they ever come into contact with liquids.

Will Phones Heat Up Wirelessly Charging?

Because electromagnetic charging isn’t as efficient as wired charging, your device will have to work harder during the charging process. Device owners often worry about their phones heating up as they wirelessly charge them. However, you should know, this is completely normal and will not lead to health hazards or damage to your phone.

Can I Wirelessly Charge Overnight?

Yes, it’s totally safe to leave your phone charging wirelessly overnight. Modern phones will detect when a battery is charged, then begin to “trickle charge” to ensure the battery doesn’t drop below 100%.

How Fast is Wireless Charging?

Though not quite as fast as recent developments in wired charging technology, wireless charging is still fairly quick (typically about 50-75% the speed of wired charging). The exact speed will depend on the model of your device. Ensuring your wireless charger has the same maximum wattage as your phone will guarantee you get top-speed charging.

Why Choose Aluratek?

If you’re looking for a new wireless charger, Aluratek offers the best value for your money and peace of mind. Take advantage of our one or two year warranty (depending on the product) and a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not absolutely satisfied, or if you want to swap out your device, we make the process seamless and simple.

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