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Ways To Use Your Old Smartphone


Out with the old, in with the new. Smartphones don't have the longest lifespan - with users averaging about 2 years for each new phone. And after spending over hundreds of dollars, if not thousands on a new phone (cough, iPhone X), we know it's not the easiest to let go of. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your old smartphone.

Alarm Clock

This one's a given (hopefully). Double up your phone as am alarm clock and set it on your bedside stand. Leave it there while you use your regular phone in bed, and never bother with having to remember to set up your alarm again.

Digital Photo Frame

Okay, even though we have our own digital photo frames available, this makes for a quick and easy digital photo frame setup if you don't mind the small display. We suggest buying a small gear to prop up your phone and downloading a slideshow app. This is a quick and easy solution for showcasing your memories - especially if you're looking to show off to your friends and family your recent vacation at the next party.

In-Car GPS

Don't you hate placing your phone in and out of your car mount every time you need to navigate somewhere? Use your phone as a GPS and download offline GPS apps. But of course, make sure you do this in areas you trust before leaving it there permanently as it may be more prone to break-ins.

Kid-friendly tools

Dedicate your phone to all things kid-friendly with apps that will help them learn and have fun. There are plenty of interactive and educational apps to help your kids exercise their brains in engaging ways. But of course, wi-fi access might be required for some of these apps.

Camera or Video Recorder

Don't waste too much memory on your main phone on your kid's soccer game or recital, that's what your old phone is for. We take so many photos on our normal phone, that it's kind of nice to have a second source to take photos. We find that bringing these to concerts or the beach are practical ways to use secondary phones, especially if you don't want sand getting all over your main one!

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors can be super spendy, that's why using your phone for this will save you plenty! With helpful apps to monitor your baby while you're in another room, this is a cheap alternative to buying one. However, there are a lot of concerns about security issues since it does use a Wi-Fi network and will be on live stream.

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