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Unique Memorial Day Weekend Ideas

Bluetooth Products for Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend is officially here - and if you’re looking for something budget friendly and fun to do this weekend, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite and some unique ideas to do!

Memorial Day weekend is a great way to honor those who currently are and those who have served our country, to spend time with family, and use that time for doing things we love. No matter what you choose to do over Memorial Day Weekend, here are a few ideas how to spend your time, and some ways Aluratek’s bluetooth streaming products can make it even better.

Attend a Memorial Day Event - Stream your Favorite Tunes with Bluetooth

Do a quick search in the area for some fun events in your area - from Memorial Day parades, to ceremonies. Many of these events include keynote speakers, a gun salute, flag raising, and vary from event. One event that always stood out to me as well was a Memorial Day marathon or run that’s offered in many cities If you choose to do that run - be sure to listen to some of your favorite patriotic tunes with Aluratek’s bluetooth headphones or bluetooth earbuds.

Watch a Patriotic Movie - Bluetooth Streaming to the Rescue!

Incorporate the patriotic spirit by watching some classic movies to remember those who have sacrificed for our country. Some classics include The Hurt Locker, Saving Private Ryan, or Apocalypse Now. Our favorite, Saving Private Ryan, is directed by Steven Spielberg and shows some of the most horrific yet realistic brutalities of war, while Captain John Miller and his men embark on a journey to find Private James Ryan (Rated R). If you’re looking to stream it a bit more quietly, be sure to check out our Bluetooth Wireless TV Streaming Kit.

Take the Party Outside

Of course we’re going to suggest a fun BBQ outdoors, and maybe add in some charcuterie boards, brews and wine to fancy up your BBQ (because what’s a weekend without some sunshine and good food?). Team Aluratek loves to do a group run to our local grocery store (we love Costco) to pick up a rack of ribs for our big company party, and pick up some variety of cheese and crackers for the occasion.

Something I really liked trying recently was slacklining, basically walking across a rope and all you need is two trees! {suggest adding a photo to show slacklining in action} It’s a fun, and social activity to add onto your normal picnic day and would be great for adults and kids to try. Put this up, and bluetooth stream some of your favorite music to a pair of bluetooth speakers for a lively l day outside.

If Rain Is In The Forecast - Do Some Crafting

If spending time outside is hindered by the rain, you will want to still enjoy the day, especially if you have kids and need something to entertain them, consider doing a craft project that incorporates the Memorial Day Weekend theme. We love these craft projects from Life As Mama which includes some fun and simple projects to keep your kids entertained. And while you’re helping your kids navigate the steps for each project, Aluratek’s laptop pad makes the perfect device to scroll through craft projects, while listening to tunes from your laptop at the same time.


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