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The Best Tool For Home Safety

door jammer

We've all had those scares when we're home alone, wondering if someone may or may not break in. And when you're on a business trip or just need some extra privacy, there's always a tool to help with this. We've just released our door jammer, and honestly, we're pretty stoked about it and here's why:

Perfect for Traveling

Traveling alone itself can already be a scary situation. And nowadays with home rentals being a norm, and increased reports of crime and theft, it's always better safe than sorry. When you're busing prepping for a conference in your room, take an extra step and secure a door jammer with ease. This item is also super compact and portable for traveling, so you can easily pack it and go.

When You're At Home

If your family ever leaves off on vacation without you, or just need an extra added security addition, this is the perfect tool. After hearing countless stories of people getting robbed even when people are at home, is enough to add this feature to your home.

Here are some other tips we recommend to secure your doors:

  • Make sure you invest in quality doors: We recommend solid wood or metal, but of course, there are some drawbacks like maintenance of metal doors or using a carjack to get by.
  • Invest in a deadbolt: deadbolts are easy to find at your nearest home appliance store, is another layer of security, and can protect you from unwanted visitors.
  • Remove your windows: I know, no added sunlight to your house but now, no one will try breaking your windows to unlock your door.


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