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Setting up a Smart Home

Setting up a Smart Home

One of the most exciting challenges available to homeowners and renters today is taking their space to the next level - specifically, setting up a smart home. With so many technological innovations available today,it can be hard to decide where to begin when you’ve decided to create your own DIY smart home. What areas of the home can you automate? Which devices do you need? What’s the best way to set them up? Read on as we take you through the ins and outs of smart home devices to help you build your very own smart home.

What is a Smart Home?

A “smart home” is a common phrase that refers to a home that has been optimized, automated, and enhanced by technology. In a smart home, there are typically a number of devices or added technology items in place that automate tasks which are typically performed by the home’s residents. For example, switching from manual lamps that turn on by flipping a switch, to lamps that turn on through voice activation is a common “smart home” system. Smart homes may also involve the use of wireless devices (phones, tablets, computers) to initiate and control tasks that were once manually executed.

How to Make a Smart Home

If you’re wondering how to turn your home into a smart home, usually the best place to start is with your high energy devices, or, alternatively, the devices you use the most. Is there a way to automate or streamline your usage of these devices? (The answer is usually yes!) For example, if you find you’re spending a ton of money on your energy bill each month, then perhaps you’ll want to consider a smart thermostat to help automatically moderate your heat and air conditioning function. Another way to make a smart home is to start with a number of components or individual devices, and connect them all to your home’s wireless operating system (which will typically be controlled through your cell phone or computer). Or, you could use our smart home guide below to determine the exact areas of opportunity for automation that are available in your home!

5 Smart Home Devices You Need for Turning Your Home into a Smart Home

If you’re ready to build your smart home, we recommend you start here: with this list of five smart home devices, grouped by category, that you can start shopping for and setting up this week. With this list of smart appliances for home, you’ll have a great handle on creating your dream (smart) home. Check out our roundup of our five favorite categories of smart home devices below.

1. Smart Sound & Speakers

Chances are, you listen to music, or the radio, or podcasts when you’re at home. Or, very likely, you watch TV. With all of these entertainment options, there are so many ways to level up your home sound system and automate it to make home entertainment even more enjoyable. For example, you can use some of the top smart speakers available today to easily access and play your favorite audio. Many of these products also can connect with TV to provide a seamless audio experience between streaming music, TV, and more! Or, check out our bluetooth wireless speakers for an easy-to-set-up audio option that allows you to play your favorite music anywhere in the house, all from the phone in your hand. The possibilities are endless!

2. Smart Lighting

Another great system to optimize in your new smart home is the lighting. And there are a variety of ways you can level up your smart lighting, too. Smart bulbs, which respond to voice commands or can easily be controlled through an app on your phone, are your best bet. You can use a singular smart bulb in a high traffic room, or opt for rigging a whole room with smart bulbs! Say goodbye to light switches, and hello to lighting automation with this smart home update.

3. Smart Thermostats

If you constantly struggle with spending too much on your monthly energy bill, then smart thermostats may be a desirable smart home device for you. There have been a number of innovations in the world of smart thermostats, with companies like Nest and Ecobee creating top-of-the-line thermostats that automatically regulate temperature in the home, and allow you to control the system from anywhere. So, if you left home for a week-long vacation and forgot to turn off the AC? No problem! Check out some of the best smart thermostats here.

4. Smart Home Security

If you want to feel safe in your home and level-up your smart security, then outdoor security cameras may be your new best friend. Many of these new smart security camera options allow you to monitor video feeds from your phone in real-time, so you’ll feel safe knowing you always have eyes on your home’s doors, windows, and more. This is also a great option for parents who want to be able to monitor front door visitors when kids are at home (or keep an eye on those kids when you’re not around!)

5. Smart Cleaning

If you are like a majority of homeowners and don’t love cleaning, then smart cleaning devices may prove a home run for you! Here are some examples of smart cleaning devices you can start using in your home:

  • Robot vacuums
  • Smart trash can
  • Smart washer/dryer
  • Smart air purifier

    Create Your DIY Smart Home Today!

    When it comes to creating the smart home of your dreams, there are so many different steps you can take to make your home safer and more functional. Check out our favorite smart home accessories here and start building your smart home today!

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