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Portable Cell Phone Charger Guide

Portable Cell Phone Charger Guide

There’s no doubt that today, we are more “on the go” than ever before. Between work, errands, travel, hobbies, and so much more, being in motion is the new normal. And through it all, we desire (and expect) to be able to stay connected with the world around us through our cell phones.

However, with all this “go go go,” sometimes it’s difficult to find the time or proper place to charge up our cell phones. And there’s nothing worse than looking down at your cell phone in the midst of a busy day and seeing that you’re at 20% battery with no charging opportunity in sight!

The solution? Portable power banks. Read on to learn more about portable cell phone chargers (or “power banks”) and how to find the best one for you.

What is a Portable Power Bank?

A portable power bank is exactly what it sounds like - a small, portable power source that you can easily carry around with you to charge up valuable technological devices “on the go.” Portable power banks range in size and capability, but their intention is the same: to give you a way to charge your cell phone and other technology without needing to plug into an outlet.

How to Use Power Bank Charger

To use a power bank charger successfully, you need to allot the charger the time it needs to gather energy to charge your devices on the go. Portable chargers come with their own power cables - you plug these cables into a wall (the power source - usually a wall socket), and wait for the portable charger to signify that it is “fully charged.” From there, you can unplug the portable charger from the wall/power source, and take it with you on the go as a standalone source of charge for your devices. In a nutshell, that’s how to charge a portable charger.

What to Look For in a Portable Charger

When it comes to shopping for a portable charger, there are a few elements that will vary from option to option, but the simple functionality of all portable chargers is the same (to charge your devices on the go!) When shopping for a portable charger, make sure you have a clear understanding of:

  • What kind of devices the portable power bank is compatible with
  • How many devices can the power bank support
  • What additional cables you will need, if any
  • How long it takes to charge the portable power bank
  • How to know when the power bank is fully charged
  • How long the charge will last for
  • The size of the charger (is it easy to stash in a purse or pocket?) From all these factors, the one that you’ll need to pay the closest attention to is the capacity of the charger - how much charge can it hold, and how will that impact the number of devices you can charge. (We’ll go into further detail about measuring power bank capacities below.) Once you have an understanding of these aspects, you’ll be able to make the best buying decision for yourself.

    Other Common Questions About Portable Cell Phone Chargers

    Here are some other common questions about portable power banks and portable charger instructions, with helpful answers.

    How Big of a Power Bank Do I Need?

    How big of a power bank you need will depend on the devices you intend to keep charged with it. If you are trying to power a larger device, like a laptop computer, that’s going to take more energy than to charge a smaller device, like a cell phone.

    To understand how big of a power bank you need, it’s helpful to understand how power bank capacities are measured. Power bank capacities are measured in milliamp-hours, or mAh. According to Solid Signal, it takes “about 2,500 mAh to charge the average phone once.” So, if you’re considering a power bank with 10,000 mAh, you can expect that (once fully charged), it has the capacity to charge the average phone four times.

    What Does mAh Mean on Portable Chargers?

    MAh stands for “milliamp-hours” which measures the capacity of power banks. Portable chargers can range in mAh anywhere from 2,000 mAh (small) - 10,000+ mAh (large). To give that some context, a 2000 mAh power bank can charge a cell phone one full time, versus a large power bank, which may give you 3+ cell phone charges, depending on the size.

    So, if you’re just looking to charge one cell phone, a small portable charger (with 2,000-3,000 mAh) would work great for you. However, if you are looking to charge a larger device, like a laptop or a tablet, you’ll likely need a portable charger with over 10,000 mAh.

    Find Your Ideal Portable Cell Phone Charger Today!

    When it comes to portable cell phone chargers, your biggest decision is going to be the size (meaning mAh) and how much of a charge you can expect that to provide for your devices. Whether you’re looking for a massive charge or something that allows you to give your cell phone a little bit of extra battery life throughout the day, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at Aluratek. Shop our selection of portable battery chargers here.

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