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Mother's Day Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is just around the corner - and whether you’re celebrating with moms, mom figures, grandmas, or family members, here are some of our gift ideas for this year to get you gift prepped and ready to impress your family members.

Aluratek’s Wooden Distressed Digital Photo Frame

Our wooden distressed frames are perfect for the mom’s out there that loves a unique gift. Not only does it display your favorite memories, but it’s unique distressed wood adds a unique touch to any home. If your mom loves a rustic and vintage feel, this is the perfect device to add to any home. It plays in auto slideshow mode, and looks adorable adorned on any living room.

Aluratek’s WiFi Digital Photo Frame

The best part of our photo frames is that you can send photos from anywhere. So if you’re gifting a frame from far away to your mom this holiday, you can send photos via social media or email wherever you are. Our WiFi Digital Photo Frame makes for a great gift for someone who has to work with distance. Or, if your recipient likes a simple interface with a touchscreen, our WiFi frame offers just that for easy access. Send your mom or motherly figures a photo of you two, or her favorite photos and surprise them from anywhere. She could easily transfer it over via social media apps or through email.

Aluratek’s LED Foldable Desk Lamp w/ Wireless Charging

As someone who can testify how great this product, I personally think this is a universal gift that’s useful in any sense. With a mom who loves to craft and sew, read at night and be at the desk working on projects at night with this functional device. Our Qi LED Lamp honestly is great just as a lamp, but also doubles up as a wireless phone charger. Kill two birds with one stone.

Aluratek’s 20,000 mAh Portable Charger w/ Qualcomm Quickcharge 3.0

For Mom’s who are always on the go, our portable charger is perfect to juice up phones. The Qualcomm quickcharge is great because it charges 4x as fast as standard chargers. Battery life can charge based on your device, but range from about 4-5 full charges. Whether your mom loves to go out hiking, running errands, whatever it may be, this is a great gift for all moms.

Aluratek’s eco4life SmartHome WiFi Strip w/ USB Charging

I think sometimes, Mom’s overlook convenience. I know my mom does. One of my personal favorite products is our eco4life SmartHome power strip because you can control when your devices are being charged. This is great, if for example, if your mom wants to turn on the slow cooker while she’s at work. Or maybe she accidentally forgot to unplug something at home. Simply turn it off with the downloaded app in a touch of a button.

Aluratek’s Ergonomic Standing Desk

For the Mom who’s always busy or working from home, this makes for a useful tool. An ergonomic standing desk is a must if your mom has never had one. Prop it up on their desk or table, and she’ll be thanking you later!

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