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How to Make Your Home More Inviting and Warm


Having a space is one thing, but having a warm and inviting space is another thing. Whether it’s for yourself or for simply making it a inviting space for guests (or both), here are some helpful tips on how to make your space more warm and inviting.

Incorporate Candles

Cheesy huh? They say that instinctually, humans are attracted to the elements of the earth and that includes fire. Candles are inviting, smell great, and can really alter your home to ordinary to classy. Incorporate a soy based candle that’s a bit more eco-friendly than your standard wax candles (it’ll say on the jar).

Incorporate Music

Make your guests feel invited with some music - turn up the tunes whether it’s playing the radio or listening to some Pandora. Our WiFi radio is the best bet when it comes to setting the mood. Whether it’s playing jazz music for a dinner party or some holiday music to keep you in good spirits, have a radio that others can interact with as well. [Link to WiFi Radio embedded later]

Incorporate a Rustic Digital Photo Frame

Add a little bit of warmth in your home by incorporating your favorite memories to the mix. It really shows a bit of personality in the room when you showcase personal photos. Throw in to the mix a wooden distressed digital photo frame which not only is a great frame to display photos, but has a rustic and warm look that’s inviting. It definitely has more vintage style to it versus our simpler frames. [Link to WiFi frame embedded later.

Incorporate Dimmed Lights

No one wants to rest in blue light when they’re winding down. Dimmed lights really set the mood in any home, and can be accomplished in many different ways. Our line of eco4life Smart Home products offers an LED light bulb that allows you to dim the lights or even set it to warmer colors like dark yellow or orange.

Invest in Throw Pillows

Accessories are a deal breaker, and I’m not talking about accessorizing your outfit. One of my favorite things when I go into a home is seeing good decor, especially in accent or throw pillows. It’s a pretty simple process unless you have a lot of different colorways going on. If you have 1-3 colorways going on, stick to just one color. A basic formula when choosing pillows is to do one busy pattern, one simpler print, and one solid print. It’s meant to add comfort and not be too crazy, so don’t go overboard.

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