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Digital Photo Frames are the New, Better Photo Album


Digital photo frames are the future. Let me tell you why. Think about it. The current millennial generation is the last generation to have their baby pictures in photo albums. Crazy right? While the digital age has allowed us to take as many pictures as we want, save as many as we want AND view them at any moment, there are some drawbacks to digital cameras. The good news is that living in this age definitely has more advantages than disadvantages. Technology is always improving and solving our problems. Wifi Digital Photo Frames take out the hassle and majorly cut down the cost of having to print pictures.

Here are the 5 reasons Digital Photo Frames are the new, better photo album

Your Old Photo Albums Sit In the Dusty Old Attic

When was the last time you crawled up into the rafters of your home to retrieve your photo albums? The old way of storing your most precious memories has them stored out of sight, usually collecting dust. It almost seems like more work than fun to break out the photos and reminisce the good ol' days. Digital photo frames are great for viewing your memories all the time. no need to schedule time to head down memory lane.

Deleting memories

Digital cameras lets us takes photos and see them instantly, while this is a revolutionary technology, it also allows us to delete photos. The best photos from childhood are the ones that can't be deleted or lost, the raw, real photos of your grandmother making Thanksgiving dinner, the photo of your son or daughter when they lost their first tooth or when your family dog knocked over the whole bag of flour on the kitchen floor. While it is convenient to delete your embarrassing moments, these are photos you may regret losing in the future. With digital photo frames you can load all of your photos to your frame and keep them safe and saved.

Printing pictures is a hassle

Realistically, when was the last time you trudged down to your local CVS or Rite Aid and waited to print your thousands of photos you took over the last year? It'll answer for you. It's been a LONG time. This can get expensive and let's be real, no one has time for that. Yeah, you can get online and pick out your photos you want printed and sent to you, but that requires uploading photos from your phone or camera, & picking out the good ones, & picking what size you need for the frames you have. It's just an all around time suck.

Photos Get Lost in the Cloud

Ahhh, the infamous cloud. Have you ever upgraded your phone to the newest and latest version, downloaded you pictures to the cloud to save them and when you get your new phone, they are nowhere to be found? I sure have. With digital photo frames, your pictures are automatically downloaded to your picture frame for viewing in your home. You don't run the risk of losing your photos when your precious memories are instantly put it in digital photo frames.

Variety in Photos

Not only is it hard to actually get hard copies of your photos, when you finally DO get yourself pictures for your static picture frames. They stay there forever. With a wifi digital photo frames you area always getting fresh and new images from your family vacation to Hawaii last summer or your daughter's graduation last month. The photos are always pouring in, giving you and your guests new and updated pictures from your life. It comes in handy especially when Great Aunt Sue comes over and you've run out of things to talk about.

Take a look at one of the latest and greatest Wifi Digital Photo Frames here. These make a great gift for your family and friends. It's a product that is not only functional for your home and wallet, but it can help bring families closer together by reminiscing on old memories at all times.

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