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What You Need to Know About Biometric and Fingerprint Technology


Biometric technology is nothing new and has been around here for decades. Here is the low down on biometric technology and the newest addition to our line of essentials for traveling or to add to your home security.

Biometrics is an automated process of recognizing certain characteristics. By definition, it is the measurement and statistical analysis of people's unique physical and behavioral characteristics. A lot of people mistake biometric data for personal data but they are completely separate. Personal data can be stolen, whereas biometrics cannot. A fingerprint scanner has some basic functions - scanning your finger (obviously) and detecting those small ridges and other characteristics. It takes a picture and makes sure it matches those pre-scanned images. Key unique characteristics are saved and then encrypted into a mathematical code.

Is it Safe?

Well, biometric fingerprints do not necessarily save your fingerprint (technically). But it does save the mathematical numbers associated with your fingerprint, so really nothing can be compromised. It is like trying to steal a mathematical code associated to someone. It most likely will not happen, and if it does, it would be REALLY hard to gain access to.

Why You Need a BioMetric Lock?

The Pros: Fingerprints are much harder to obtain than guessing pass codes and you do not have to worry about getting your identity checked. It's safer, you can't misplace anything, and you can't forget a fingerprint like you forget other things. It always has a trail and captures everything in real time. This is the perfect tool for not only travelling, but for safety, too. The best thing of course, is the security with a fingerprint lock. Intruders are much less likely to obtain your fingerprint whereas a key or password can be stolen.

The Cons: The only major con about fingerprint locks is that it is constantly running, and we mean constantly. It is always running on electricity, and there's no way to get in unless you recharge it or have extra batteries at hand - depending on the item. Although biometric technology is a good solution, here's a tip to make the most out of your security - be sure to have a second hand of security in place, like a keypad just in case your battery runs out. Most biometric locks come with an additional lock just in case.

Aluratek Biometric Locks

We have recently launched our new locks with biometric smart technology. From TSA approved locks to XL locks, travel stress free for on the go or use it at home. Check it out here.

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