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Back to School Essentials

back 2 school

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year: Back 2 School season! Whether you’re going back to school and preparing for your first year in college, or maybe you’re preparing your kids for their big day, Aluratek’s tech gadgets will make the day a little easier and the year go by smoothly. Here are some of our top gadget picks that you’ll need to get off on the right foot.

Portable DoorJammer

One of our personal favorite items includes a security must-have. If you’re feeling a bit unsafe or want some extra added security function, a DoorJammer will make you feel at ease and add an extra layer of security. Install within seconds - jam it on the inside of your door in between the cracks, and you’re all set. This is great for a dorm room, or if you’re on travel.

Dynamite Speakers

Aluratek’s Dynamite Speakers will surprise you - it’s an explosion of sound for such a small device. Great to bring around for parties, tailgates, or hanging out with friends, it’s portable and can fit in your pockets, backpack, or purse. Listen to your favorite tunes and bring the party anywhere - literally. They’re also magnetic, so you can put them on your fridge or any metal surface to stick onto.

Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0

Whether it’s a late night in the library or just being in school all day, it’s important to have your phone all charged up so you don’t miss a notification. Aluratek’s 20,000 mAh Portable Battery Charger comes with Qualcomm Quickcharge 3.0 so you can charge your phone 4x faster than the standard battery charger. Charge up to 4-5 times depending on your device, and never be left without power again. Whether you’re staying at school late for your midterms.

LED Bookmarks

For the person that’s always reading at night and getting some last minute studying in, Aluratek’s LED Bookmarks make for the best device to illuminate the night. Read in the comfort of your bed without disturbing others - simply turn on the bookmark and start reading. Don’t forget where you left off and just mark your place for the next session!

Eco4life SmartHome Plug

Charge your devices with a flip of a switch - on your phone that is. Aluratek's eco4life SmartHome Plug is great for hair curlers and straighteners, and you just need to turn it on when you’re rolling out of bed, or need to charge your iPads and other devices at your convenience. Download the eco4life application on your smartphone, and control all of your eco4life devices through there. Have a regular routine? Auto schedule your devices to set the times & days you want them to turn on or off automatically.

Digital Photo WiFi Frame

If you’re looking for the perfect sendoff gift for your kids, our wifi digital photo frame will be your new best friend. Have fun with your kids by sending photos directly to them. Sparky the dog do something funny? Snap it and send it over as a surprise! Our digital photo frame is perfect for displaying memories without all of the clutter and will fit in just about anywhere!

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