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Aluratek's Newest WiFi Frames

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Aluratek has been a thought-leader in the newest technology and designs when it comes to digital photo frames. What started off from standard, automatic slideshow digital photo frames transformed into incorporating wifi technology into our digital photo frames.

We’ve come a long way since our first frame, and we’re excited to be sharing our newest WiFi Here’s a bit more information about our newest wifi digital photo frames compared to our previous versions, and what you can expect from them.

New WiFi Frames

Our new wifi frames include two important features:

Email Sharing

We can assume that everyone has an email address (or, let’s hope so), which is why our newest frames are perfect for anyone who may not be into social media, or prefers email as their main form of communication. Now you can send photos directly to the wifi digital photo frame via email. All you have to do is email photos to your wifi frame’s “Email Address” and they will instantly show up.

Increased Storage

Our legacy frames include 8 GB of internal memory which allows for a good amount of your favorite photos, videos, and other memories. If you’re looking for even more internal memory and don’t want to rely on your external memory cards, opt for our newest frames. Our new wifi frames include 16 GB of internal memory so you can store even more of your favorite memories.

Legacy and New WiFi Frames

Both of our legacy frames and new wifi frames boast the following features:

Intuitive Touchscreen Display

Both of our legacy frames and newer WiFi frames have an intuitive touchscreen that makes sharing photos easier than ever. Rather than using push buttons on a remote or the frame, easily navigate through your frame just like you would on a smartphone with the easy to follow icons. The IPS LCD display and true to color screen make for a crystal clear experience and will make your photos stand out in any living space.

WiFi Sharing

So this is nothing new, but we have to talk about it because it’s the best feature about both our legacy and new frames. Share photos straight from your Smartphone using the Aluratek WiFi Frame App and instantly have them available to display to your family and friends. Gift a wifi photo frame, and send photos to them directly as a surprise. This is the perfect gift for families and friends alike.

Multimedia Support

Not only can you share photos, but you can also share videos and audio with both wifi frame versions. Showcase your kid’s recent memories and clips with audio, and share it at your next gathering on display.

External Memory

If you’re the type of person to take thousands of photos, we’d recommend going with our newer frame models. However, both of our frames have an external memory source so you can view photos from an SD card or USB drive regardless of which model you pick.

Our newest frames models are: AWS10F,AWS15F, and,AWS17F.

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