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Aluratek Goes to CES 2019


This year, we had the chance to attend CES not only as attendees but as exhibitors as well. As the largest consumer electronic convention in the United States, this debacle brings in over 180,000 from all over the world. And as a newcomer to this company and my first time at CES, here’s my take on everything CES and in-between.

First Impressions

What I didn’t realize - what a huge convention CES was going to be. From the latest and greatest in technology showcasing smaller companies, to top tiered companies, every turn of the corner was awe-inspiring and showcased what many companies are working on.

Our day started off on Monday making the long trek from Southern California to Las Vegas. After arriving at the convention center, it immediately hit me how big this event was. Not only was it at the Las Vegas Convention Center, but also at the Sands Expo as well. Tents were set up for big companies in the parking lot, and the hall we were located in was nothing in terms of grandeur to the Central Hall.

People were hustling around to finish building their booths, with some looking almost nonexistent and nowhere near complete. Ladders and cranes were on deck, and crumpled fillings filled the floor. But even then, it was pretty exciting to see


We were placed right near the Virtual and Augmented Reality area of the convention center, in South Hall. With our booth location in a prime location, it made for some great waves the first day of CES.

We were showcasing our newest lines of SmartHome products, eco4life. With models of our security cameras, light switches, light bulbs out, attendees could touch the products. On the main wall of our booth showcased all of the products available for SmartHome products in a minimal yet trendy and informative display.

With people swarming in and out with interest from distributors, to media, to the everyday curious tech consumer, our booth was a success. We garnered most interest in our SmartHome products and digital photo frame category. What really made attendees excited was knowing that our SmartHome required no hub!


It was nice to escape from our booth every once in a while and explore what CES had to offer. From seeing people building their booths to the complete execution, CES was large in terms of foot traffic and square footage (at over 250,000 sq. ft).

From seeing the largest smart connected device: a tractor from John Deere to LG’s gorgeous exhibit of panels, there literally was something for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Sections of the convention were split up, yet areas were so massive it was hard to make rounds at even one area. We were centrally located in between AR/VR and robotics, and definitely felt the hustle and bustle around us with a robotic ping pong machine playing against attendees, to people trying on goggles while riding a little egg roller coaster type simulator next door.

Walking into Central Hall was a feat in itself, with thousands of people scurrying to see what companies like Nikon, Intel, LG, and other top-tier companies had to offer. Nikon had an impressive showcase of their cameras with live models to take photos of at different station. Intel’s impressive setup and display of disabilities and innovation was refreshing. LG had the most inviting room, with panels displaying the Mojave desert in half of the room, curved so users could look up and around.

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