Don’t Throw Out Old Stereos - Upgrade to a Bluetooth Device with this Product

Irvine, CA - June 27th, 2018

Aluratek releases device that transmits and receives wireless audio with Bluetooth 5

Aluratek, Inc (, a top 5 player in the digital photo frame space, has released the Universal Bluetooth Optical Audio Receiver and Transmitter with Bluetooth 5. Using the Aluratek adapter, add Bluetooth streaming functionality to your home entertainment system or transmit music to your Bluetooth headphones or speakers. With Bluetooth 5 technology, stream up to 300 feet, which is 2x the speed and 4x the range of Bluetooth 4.

The device features aptX™ Low Latency technology which eliminates audio delays with video, movies and gaming. The adapter streams and transmits up to 13 hours with the built-in rechargeable battery. The device has the ability to stream using two headphones at once.

“The Universal Bluetooth Optical Audio Receiver and Transmitter with Bluetooth 5 is a versatile device that has so many practical uses,” says Andrew Wang, VP of Technology, with the dual transmitting and receiving functionality, you can choose to stream music wirelessly or transmit from a computer, TV, Walkman CD Player to a Bluetooth-enabled device.”

The adapter also features a sleep mode function, which has auto turn off within five minutes of being disconnected from any device. The devices come with all required cables including 3.5mm cable, RCA-Y cable and Digital Optical cable. With 3 ways to connect, customers can choose the most convenient for their home.

Aluratek also offers the Bluetooth Wireless TV Streaming Kit with Bluetooth 5 for an MSRP price of $129.99. The kit combines a Universal Bluetooth Optical Audio Receiver and Transmitter with Bluetooth 5 and a pair of high quality Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones to create the ultimate home entertainment experience by allowing listeners to watch movies or videos with uninterrupted sound

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About Aluratek, Inc.

Aluratek was founded in 2006 by a group of industry veterans that are absolutely fascinated with technology. With its corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA, Aluratek has grown and expanded into a leading global technology company. "Allure" as a noun, means exciting, fascinating, attractive, and/or appealing. Adding "tek" (technology) to the equation you can see where the name and ideology derived from and what Aluratek aims to deliver moving forward. Simply put the goal of Aluratek is to produce and create alluring products that are in fact fascinating, attractive and appealing to the technology consumer market.