Cost Effective Solution to Upgrade Stereos and Make Cars Safer

Irvine, CA - May 26th, 2018

Aluratek announces the Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver and FM Transmitter

Aluratek, Inc (, a leading creator of simple, yet innovative consumer electronics, introduces the Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver and FM Transmitter. This small, yet impactful device creates a cost-effective solution to upgrade older car stereos, while also making cars safer.

The Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver and FM Transmitter can upgrade any old car stereo to a state-of-the-art Bluetooth system. Using any car’s 12V cigarette lighter, ABF01F transmits signals from any unused FM radio station. This allows the car to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or MP3 player to the receiver.

Additionally, the device supports a built-in microphone which supports hands-free calling technology. With an MSRP price of $29.99, the Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver and FM Transmitter can revolutionize any older vehicle which doesn’t support hands-free calling.

“Our passion is making the newest technologies accessible to everyone,” says Dave Song, VP of Sales and Marketing, “we hope that our customers with older stereos can upgrade to the Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver and FM Transmitter to connect to their smartphones and make a safer ride for everyone on the road.”

The device features on device control for music play, pause, volume control, frequency search and answering, rejecting and redialing phone calls. No driver or software needed. Customers can enjoy a limited 1 year warranty for ABF01F.

Watch the product video for example applications: .

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