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eBay Warranty Limitations

Please note that Aluratek products purchased from online auction sites such as eBay, the eBay Seller must be an authorized Aluratek reseller.  If the eBay Seller is NOT an authorized Aluratek reseller, the Aluratek product sold by this eBay seller is not covered by the product's respective warranty.  Aluratek has no means of verifying the condition of the product sold by unauthorized eBay sellers.  As an eBay Buyer, you accept the risks associated with eBay Seller's representations and we recommend that you refer to the eBay seller for any issues or exercise your rights and privileges available through PayPal to dispute the transaction.  

Free technical support will still be available on Aluratek's toll-free support line at 866-580-1978 but the product cannot be repaired or replaced under the warranty.