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Why can't ABT01F pair with my phone?

ABT01F Bluetooth Audio Transmitter can not be paired to any Bluetooth streaming device such as smart phone, or tablet. It is intended for you to connect ABT01F to a TV, A/V receiver, computer via 3.5mm or RCA jacks. It is designed to pair with any Bluetooth enabled receiving device such as headset, earbud, or speaker. The purpose of the device is to transmit/stream audio from a non-Bluetooth audio source to a listening device such as headset, not stream audio from a Bluetooth enabled audio source to a non-Bluetooth listening device. 

If you are looking for a solution to stream audio from a Bluetooth audio source such as smartphone to a non-Bluetooth enabled headset or speakers, please purchase AIS01F iStream Bluetooth Audio Receiver. Here is the link to the product page for more information. http://aluratek.com/istream-universal-bluetooth-audio-receiver