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PC doesn't recognize new hard drive

If you are using new hard drives, you need to initialize and format those hard drives to be recognized by your computer.  In the Control Panel, choose Administrative Tools and then double-click Computer Management. (Alternatively, you can right-click the My Computer icon on your Desktop and choose Manage from the context menu.) Next, click Storage and then double-click Disk Management. This opens a pane to the right that shows your drives.

If your new drive is listed here, try initializing it, if you didn’t already do that with the Initialize Disk Wizard when you installed the new drive. Right-click the name of the new drive and choose Initialize Disk. This opens the Initialize Disk dialog box. Select the new drive, and the system will initialize the new drive as a basic drive. Restart your system if you are prompted to do so.

Another action you can take in the Computer Management dialog box is to rescan the new disk. You don’t need to click the name of any disk; just choose Rescan Disks from the Action menu. The process could take several minutes.

When this process is complete, restart your system and see if your new drive appears under My Computer.