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Smart Padlocks Simplify Travel Using Unique Fingerprint Technology


Aluratek releases TSA approved and XL Keyless Bio-lock

Aluratek, Inc (, a leading creator of simple yet innovative consumer electronics, debuts two fingerprint recognition smart padlocks. The Bio-Key Touchlock TSA All Weather Keyless Bio-lock with Fingerprint Recognition and the Bio-Key Touchlock XL All Weather Keyless Bio-Lock with Fingerprint Recognition. The TSA approved Touchlock simplifies travel by eliminating the needs to keys or remembering combinations during trips. The XL TouchLock is durable enough to lock gates, sheds, lockers and bike locks in any climate.

Using fingerprint recognition technology, the smart padlocks use your unique fingerprint to unlock the Bio-Key TouchLock with the touch of a finger. The TouchLocks have an easy 4-step enrollment process and stores up to 20 fingerprints for easy sharing with friends and family. Featuring a fast-click unlock mode, the locks allow you to create your own custom access code of short and long taps to manually unlock the lock.

The TouchLocks feature a built-in rechargeable battery which requires only 2 hours of charging for use up to one year. With an IPX4 water resistant standard, rubber rings add protection against water damage, rusting and dust.

“We are excited to bring fingerprint recognition technology to our customers,” says CEO John Wolikow, “the TouchLocks are a great household item that makes life just a little bit less hectic, especially for travelling. Just place your finger and go.”

The TSA approved lock allows your luggage to be unlocked by the security authorities without damage or tampering. Aluratek’s TSA TouchLock offers peace of mind for the security belongings during travel. The TSA lock is perfect for locking luggage, laptop, purses, back packs without the need for keys or combinations.

Both TouchLocks have an MRSP of $69.99 and can also be purchased at Best Buy.

Press Contact:
Ronjini Joshua
(949) 295-9779

About Aluratek, Inc.

Aluratek was founded in 2006 by a group of industry veterans that are absolutely fascinated with technology. With its corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA, Aluratek has grown and expanded into a leading global technology company. "Allure" as a noun, means exciting, fascinating, attractive, and/or appealing. Adding "tek" (technology) to the equation you can see where the name and ideology derived from and what Aluratek aims to deliver moving forward. Simply put the goal of Aluratek is to produce and create alluring products that are in fact fascinating, attractive and appealing to the technology consumer market.

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