bluetooth phone and car

It's okay if you have an old car...really. But when you want to jam out to your favorite tunes, listen to that suspenseful audio book on the drive, but are left with no auxiliary cord, then that could be a problem. Enter our bluetooth receiver and FM transmitter which solves just this problem. Here are some of the reasons we absolutely love this product (and we are not just saying that):

Stream Your Favorites

When you're on that long car drive to cross country and need a little audio book pick me up, or just need some tunes to jam in the car, simply plug this in to your cigarette lighter adapter port, turn on the bluetooth function on your device and turn to a unused FM radio and start rocking (or reading?) out.

Chat On The Ride

Answering calls is easy with a click of a button. Whether you're dealing with business calls, or getting lectured by your family members, receiving calls has never been so easy. Literally, with one click of a button.

Charge Up

Our transmitter also comes with dual USB ports. Charge your phone while simultaneously using the Bluetooth option. You won't be fighting with your passenger about switching phones to charge with that one USB port.

And voila! You now have enable bluetooth functions in your car. Now, that was easy! Be sure to snag one here because let's face it, it'll make your ride that more enjoyable! You're welcome.