With so many digital photo frames in our collection to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming as to which frame is perfect for you and your home. All of our frames have different characteristics and we’ve laid out the different options to make choosing a frame quick and painless. Keep in mind that there really is no right answer when choosing a frame, but it really is dependent on your needs.

Home Aesthetics

Our frames come in a variety of styles to fit any home or office decor. Looking for something modern, traditional, or rustic? We’ve got the right frame to fit your style.

Black Digital Photo Frames

Our black digital photo frames are perfect for nearly any home. With it’s sleek and simple color and design, it’s a no brainer option. It’s also the perfect option for gifting - a simple and sleek frame will please just about anyone:

Gloss Finish

Gloss is great if it’s not too directly near a light source as it’s reflective and it does normally attract more fingerprints than our matter counterpart. Most people, however, prefer a gloss due to the high-end look to it.

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Matte Finish

Choosing a matte frame is great if your frame is facing a light source like a window, or bright lamp since it’s not reflective. And just like the gloss, it has a sleek feel to it and definitely brings a modern touch to any home.

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White Matting

Some of our frames include a white or off white matting to give it a more traditional look.

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White Digital Photo Frames

Our white digital frame available is perfect for the minimalist who wants something clean and effortless. It comes in a gloss finish, and has an edgy look that’s perfect for displaying personal photos.

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Distressed Wood

For something truly unique and special, opt for a vintage and rustic distressed wooden digital photo frame. We incorporate our classic frame with two different types of distressed woods, making it one of the trendier frames in the market.

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TFT LCD Screen vs. Touchscreen IPS LCD Screen

Our frames come in two types of screens. Whichever you choose, your pictures and videos will be displayed clearly and vividly.

TFT stands for thin-film-transistor, which is a type of LCD screen (Liquid Crystal Display). TFT LCD is the use of light modulating properties from unlit liquid crystals to provide a flat panel a electronic, visual panel. TFT’s produce greater color, contrast, and response time in LCD displays. Our standard digital photo frames are a great option for TFT LCD screens.

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If you’re looking for an upgrade, however, we highly recommend looking into an IPS LCD. IPS stands for In Plane Switching - which is still a version of an LCD screen. With IPS, the liquid crystals are aligned in way that it allows for better viewing angle and better color reproduction. The IPS screen is definitely a clear winner if you’re looking for a frame that will be seen at all viewing angles.

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Screen Size, Resolution and Aspect Ratio

We offer a variety of sizes, from 7” to 18.5” frames which offers a range of versatility whether it’s for your nightstand, living room table, kitchen, or desk. At the end of the day, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. It’s good to understand what you’ll be using your frame for whether it’s for personal use, or business.

Screen Size

The Personal Frame

We offer a variety of sizes, from 7” to 18.5” frames which offers a range of versatility whether it’s for your nightstand, living room table, kitchen, or desk. At the end of the day, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. It’s good to understand what you’ll be using your frame for whether it’s for personal use, or business.

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The Universal Frame

For the living room, kitchen, and everything in between, show off your family vacations and daughter’s graduation with our cutting edge frames. Our 12” - 14” models are the perfect size to put memories on the forefront, yet are not too big to distract guests. We offer not only the classic digital frame, but ones that have an inner white matting for a more traditional look. Rest assured that any frame you select is a great option for the home.

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The Professional Frame

If you’re looking to bring your office lobby or storefront to the next level, many of our frames make a fantastic digital signage solution for your clients and customers to enjoy.Showcase videos of your product or service in action or play a greeting message, tutorial or educational video. You could also use pictures in slideshow mode to tell a story, display business hours, sale items, specials and menu boards, etc. The possibilities are endless! Cut the need to spend money on expensive printed signs just for them to go out of date.

Desk Signage Solutions: We definitely recommend any frame sized 8” - 12”. It’s the perfect size to display current announcements, yet small enough to not take up all your counter space. Most of our frames have built-in speakers, built-in memory and video playback to customize any message.

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Wall Mount Solutions: Our 14” - 18.5” frames include either a VESA mount, wall mount slots or both so you can hang the frame on the wall. These large signage frame are perfect for any business environment to display anything you want for your customers or clients to see.

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Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is the relationship between the height and width of the image. Most of the digital frames use a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. The dimensions of the digital picture frames differ as those of HDTV and computer screens. If the aspect ratio of a digital frame closely matches the dimensions of the photo then the image will fill the whole screen.

Standard (4:3): A 4:3 ratio means that for every 4 inches of length, there will be 3 inches of height. It fits most of the standard photo print sizes and still photos you would normally take. If you’re using a DSLR camera, the aspect ratio is normally 3:2, which is closest to a 4:3 aspect ratio. The typically sized photos will fill the entire digital photo frame. If you’re looking to display just photos, then we recommend a 4:3 aspect ratio frame.

Widescreen (16:9): Since normally photos are taken with a 4:3 aspect ratio, photos may appear stretched when using a frame with a 16:9 aspect ratio if you’re trying to display the full image. A 16:9 aspect ratio is mostly used for movies and and displaying videos. So if you’re planning on doing a lot of video playback, then this might be the perfect frame for you.


Choosing a frame with a high resolution is probably the most important factor. Resolution is measured in the term pixels. Pixels are technically dots of an image, so the more dots you have, the better and more clear your photos will turn out.

And even at the highest quality resolution, it’s important to mention that any digital photo frame will still come out a little bit less than what you took it at.

A helpful tip is to resize your image to your frame’s resolution to maximize your photos so they don’t get distorted. Any resizing tool on your computer will do the trick.

Multimedia Support

If you’re looking for a frame that has it all, then our multimedia frames are a great solution. Some of our frames are great options for just photo playback and displaying cherished memories and photos, while others have multiple functions.

Photos Only

Our photos only frame make a good choice If you are looking for a simple, low cost solution. When the photo frame is powered on, your photos will automatically play in slideshow mode. You can easily configure photo slideshows to play in various display and transition modes. Simply connect a storage device such as a USB flash drive or insert an SD card into the photo frame to access your photos.

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Photos, Videos and Music Support

Other than doing photo playbacks, many of our frames have built-in speakers, audio playback, and video playback as well. So whether you’re just displaying pictures or want to display your latest America’s Funniest Home Videos clips, then these would be the perfect solution. This is a great entertainment solution for parties and if you have guests over to display all of your memories or clips. It comes with built-in speakers and you can even play music in the background of a slideshow to your photos. It allows for more flexibility in your frames. For not only photo playback, but video and music playback as well, our WiFi touchscreens and built-in memory are both great options.

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File Transfers

Built-in Memory

Transfer photos directly to your digital photo frame via USB 2.0. Most of our frames offer built-in memory ranging from 2 GB - 8 GB, which is perfect for a select amount of photos, however, it is really dependent on how large (file size) your photos are. You can transfer your photos directly to the frame via a USB port on your desktop or laptop computer. A USB 2.0 cable is provided.

USB Port

All of our frames allow for you to extend memory and add on to the already existing built-in memory. Add photos to your USB flash drive and just insert into the USB port on the frame. This is perfect for switching out photos when needed, adding, or removing photos with ease.

SD Card Slot

Another way to expand memory to the already existing storage space is through a SD card (up to 32 GB). Simply insert the SD card into the integrated SD card slot and view pictures directly from the card. Every frame in our lineup comes equipped with a card slot.

WiFi Frame Applications

Smartphone App (WiFi frames)

All of our WiFi frames come with an app that you can download on your Smartphone. You can easily upload your photos through this app, then send the photos to your designated frame. This is a perfect option if you take a lot of photos from your phone and different sources, and can put them all together in one spot. Send photos to a frame directly to your family members. If you want to give your frame as a gift, this frame is functional for sending pictures to your loved ones, and the best part, by surprise! Any image you post with your smartphone or tablet will transfer directly to the frame!

FB and Twitter (WiFi frames)

A good option for those who post their memories to Facebook or Twitter (I know I do), our WiFi frames allow you to login directly to Facebook and Twitter to select the photos you’d like displayed on the frame.

Email (WiFi frames)

Our WiFi frames also support sending photos straight through emails! If you have photos attached through your email, our devices now supports them.

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Miscellaneous Features

Auto timers

You can set your digital photo frame to turn on or off, with the auto timer feature. Just set the time you want to have it on until and let the frame do the rest. This is a great way to save some energy and money simultaneously.

Clock and Calendar

A select few of our frames have a clock and calendar app - so if you’re not displaying photos, you can display the date or time! Our WiFi frames allow you to display different types of clocks depending on the style you want, and our more simpler frames allow you to solely display one.

Motion Sensors

Our motion sensor frames are suitable for anyone who is environmentally friendly and looking to save some money on their energy bill. Instead of wasting electricity with your frame running all the time, just display pictures when it matters most - when someone is actually around! Don’t worry about unplugging your frame, wasting energy or turning off before you go to sleep. The frame will detect movement up to 10 feet away.

Included remote

Our WiFi frames also support sending photos straight through emails! If you have photos attached through your email, our devices now supports them.

Push button controls

Our WiFi frames also support sending photos straight through emails! If you have photos attached through your email, our devices now supports them.

Whatever look or feature you want in a digital photo frame, there's a variety of options for you. Display your memories, your photography, or anything you'd like with our versatile frames.