Photo App

Out are the days of spending a couple hundred dollars for photo editing apps, in are the days of scouting for the best free photo editing apps. Not only are these apps quick and easy to use, but they're very comparable to expensive editing apps you can find on the market. Here is a quick rundown of some of our favorite apps.

Adobe Lightroom (Phone)

A recent discovery we just made, Lightroom for our phone stands as one of our top picks. If you've used it on the computer before, it makes for a great photo indexing tool and has a lot of capabilities to batch edit photos. But it is pricier for the computer, and thankfully, the phone version is perfect if you just want to edit a few photos here and there. What makes this editing tool stand apart from the rest definitely has to be the color mixer - which many apps don't boast. From changing the hues, luminance, and saturation of individual colors, this is a key tool when looking for a good editing tool.


VSCO is a personal fan favorite, with a huge community behind this app (type in #vsco and you'll see for yourself). It holds basic editing tools that are perfect for everyone, but this app definitely emulates a more trendy and hip tribe. With its preset filters, it's a go-to tool when I want to make my feed look like I just stepped out of the 90's. It's clean and simple interface makes it easy to navigate around, and it's free filters are perfect enough for what I need.


A popular app and one of the most downloadable apps is SnapSeed. With it's easy to use interface, it has gained a lot of traction for those looking to start learning how to edit. On the flip side, it has some advanced functions like a healing brush tool or a brush tool to specifically edit certain parts of a picture. You can also copy your photo edits and replicate it if you want to keep editing!