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  • What You Need to Know About Biometric and Fingerprint Technology

    Biometric Technology

    What You Need to Know About Biometric and Fingerprint Technology

    Biometric technology is nothing new and has been around here for decades. Here’s the low down on biometric technology and the newest addition to our line of essentials for traveling or to add to your home security.

    What Is Biometrics

    Biometrics is an automated process of recognizing certain characteristics. By definition, it is the measurement and statistical analysis of people’s unique physical and behavioral characteristics. A lot of people mistake biometric data for personal data but they are completely separate. Personal data can be stolen, whereas biometrics cannot.

    A fingerprint scanner has some basic functions - scanning your finger (obviously) and detecting those small ridges and other characteristics. It takes a picture and makes sure it matches those pre-scanned images. Key unique characteristics are saved and then encrypted into a mathematical code.

    Is it Safe?

    Well, biometric fingerprints don’t necessarily save your fingerprint (technically). But it does save the mathematical numbers associated with your fingerprint, so really nothing can be compromised. It’s like trying to steal a mathematical code associated to someone. It most likely won’t happen, and if it does, it’d be REALLY hard to gain access to.

    Why You Need a BioMetric Lock

    The Pros

    Fingerprints are much harder to obtain than guessing pass codes and you don’t have to worry about getting your identity checked. It’s safer, you can’t misplace anything, and you can’t forget a fingerprint like you forget other things. It always has a trail and captures everything in real time. This is the perfect tool for not only travelling, but for safety, too.

    The best thing of course, is the security with a fingerprint lock. Intruders are much less likely to obtain your fingerprint whereas a key or password can be stolen.

    The Cons

    The only major con about fingerprint locks is that it is constantly running, and we mean constantly. It is always running on electricity, and there’s no way to get in unless you recharge it or have extra batteries at hand - depending on the item.

    Making the Most of Your Security

    And although biometric technology is a good solution, here’s a tip to make the most out of your security. Be sure to have a second hand of security in place, like a keypad just in case your battery runs out. Most biometric locks come with an additional lock just in case.

    Our Biometric Locks

    We have recently launched our new locks with biometric smart technology. From TSA approved locks to XL locks, travel stress free for on the go or use it at home. Check it out here.

  • How to Set-Up and Upload Photos to your Aluratek Wifi Digital Photo Frame

    Congrats! You've bought an Aluratek Wifi Digital Photo Frame! Here you will see step-by-step instructions on how to setup your frame and start uploading pictures! Stay tuned to the bottom for a Pro Tip!

    1. Open up your wifi frame box and plug in the frame into an outlet. Make sure you fully charge the device with batteries before initial use.
    2. Navigate the main main home page on the frame1
    3. Click on ‘settings’
    4. Then select ‘‘wifi setting’ and navigate to your home wifi network. Enter in your network password and wait for it to say ‘Connected’. If it does not say ‘connected’ it is not properly set up. (Secured means it is not properly connected)34
    5. Using your mobile device, navigate to your iOS or Android application store and search for “Aluratek Wifi Frame” Download the app to your smartphone.2
    6. Once downloaded open the app and select ‘binding equipment’ and on the frame navigate to “settings’ -> ‘Device info.” Enter in the “Frame ID No” on the frame into the smarphone app where it says “please enter device number”3.5
    7. Select ‘Bind” on the application. You will be prompted to name your device and your nickname. 5
    8. To upload photos, navigate back to the main home screen on the application and select ‘Gallery.” Here you will be brought to the photos on your smartphone. Select the photos you want to upload to your device and select “finish” in the top right hand corner.6
    9. Your photos will begin uploading and you will be see a notification on your wifi frame

    Now you’re ready to start uploading hundreds of pictures for you to enjoy on your Aluratek Wifi Digital Photo Frame! Pro Tip: If you give your Aluratek frame to your loved one, you can set up the frame beforehand, and surprise them with pictures all year round!

  • The Best Tool For Home Safety

    DoorJammer Dorm Room Image

    We’ve all had those scares when we’re home alone, wondering if someone may or not break in. And when you’re on a business trip or just need some extra privacy, there’s always a tool to help with this. We’ve just released our door jammer, and honestly, we’re pretty stoked about it and here’s why:

    Perfect for Traveling

    Traveling alone itself can already be a scary situation. And nowadays with home rentals being a norm, and increased reports of crime and theft, it’s always better safe than sorry. When you’re busing prepping for a conference in your room, take an extra step and secure a door jammer with ease. This item is also super compact and portable for traveling, so you can easily pack it and go.

    When You’re At Home

    If your family ever leaves off on vacation without you, or just need an extra added security addition, this is the perfect tool. After hearing countless stories of people getting robbed even when people are at home, is enough to add this feature to your home.

    Additional Tips

    Here are some other tips we recommend to secure your doors:

    1. Make sure you invest in quality doors: We recommend solid wood or metal, but of course, there are some drawbacks like maintenance of metal doors or using a carjack to get by.
    2. Invest in a deadbolt: deadbolts are easy to find at your nearest home appliance store, is another layer of security, and can protect you from unwanted visitors.
    3. Remove your windows: I know, no added sunlight to your house but now, no one will try breaking your windows to unlock your door.

    These are just a couple of added steps to help you secure your door at home.

  • This Bluetooth device will simultaneously upgrade your car and make it safer at the same time

    Are you one of those rebels on the road that hasn’t upgraded your car with Bluetooth ‘hands-free’ technology? If you haven’t, chances are your car doesn’t have a Bluetooth capable radio. If you’re in one of the states that prohibits this, then you’re breakin’ the law! Not only is driving while holding the phone super inconvenient, it’s also very dangerous. Luckily, there’s a product that has the ability to not only upgrade your car stereo but also will make a much safer ride for you.

    Product Spotlight: Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver and FM Transmitter

    ABF01F Lifestyle_car_handsfree talking

    1. Connects your Bluetooth through the radio

    Using a blank station from your car’s radio, you can connect your phone using Bluetooth using this device.

    2. Stream any music from your device through your radio

    Stream your favorite music from any device, using the USB music port or the Bluetooth connection to listen to music from your phone or iPod.

    3. Answer phone calls safely

    Answer the phone using the button on the device to take calls through your car’s loudspeaker. This will not only make driving easier but will allow you to make your car a safer ride with hands-free calling.

    4. Charge two devices at once

    With the dual USB ports, this device is your best friend on a road trip. You and your friend no longer have to fight on who gets to use the charger.

    You cannot put a price on safety, but this little device is only $29.99 MSRP. This will not only save you the hassle of getting a new stereo in your car, but will also increase your chances of a safer ride.

  • Why You Need These 3 Gadgets For Camping

    Summer’s approaching and you know what that means: enjoying the outdoors, grilling barbeque with friends, and everything else in between.

    One of our favorite past time things to do has to be camping - from enjoying the scenic views of Yosemite to hiking a nearby trail. And when it comes to that, there’s no price for safety. Anything could go wrong with one mistake or wrong turn. So of course, we’re here to help you be prepared as much as possible. We’re highlighting some of our favorite tools to help you enjoy your summer.

    4-in-1 Emergency Kit


    Having a light at hand is essential to enjoying your night out while camping or chilling by the campfire. And although a lantern may seem ideal, it can carry additional unnecessary weight that you don’t need, especially if you’re backpacking. This LED light is perfect for carrying around, and also served other purposes - a phone charger, an emergency tool, and a roadside assistance tool.

    Light It Up


    Yes, we know. It’s a flashlight and it’s kind of a given to have one at all times. What makes ours so different? Well, it’s very similar to the above tool in that it’s more than “just” a flashlight. If you’re on a road trip and get into any kind of accident, this nifty tool has a tool to power a dead smartphone battery and can also break window or cut a seatbelt. And of course, it’s perfect for hiking and never leaving you in the dark.

    Power It Up


    Being on our phones is probably not a priority when it comes to camping, but when something happens, it’s good to have it on hand. Charge up your phone with a power bank for when you need to make those emergency calls, and, it doubles up as a light. It’s a win-win situation.

  • How to Add Bluetooth to Your Old Car

    Bluetooth Audio FM Transmitter

    It’s okay if you have an old car...really. But when you want to jam out to your favorite tunes, listen to that suspenseful audio book on the drive, but are left with no auxiliary cord, then that could be a problem. Enter our bluetooth receiver and FM transmitter which solves just this problem. Here are some of the reasons we absolutely love this product (and we’re not just saying that):

    Stream Your Favorites

    When you’re on that long car drive to cross country and need a little audio book pick me up, or just need some tunes to jam in the car, simply plug this in to your cigarette lighter adapter port, turn on the bluetooth function on your device and turn to a unused FM radio and start rocking (or reading?) out.

    Chat On The Ride

    Answering calls is easy with a click of a button. Whether you’re dealing with business calls, or getting lectured by your family members, receiving calls has never been so easy. Literally, with one click of a button.

    Charge Up

    Our transmitter also comes with dual USB ports. Charge your phone while simultaneously using the bluetooth option. You won’t be fighting with your passenger about switching phones to charge with that one USB port.

    And voila! You now have enable bluetooth functions in your car. Now, that was easy! Be sure to snag one here because let’s face it, it’ll make your ride that more enjoyable! You’re welcome.

  • Graduation Gifts for Everyone

    June is right around the corner and graduation season is approaching. Your friends and loved ones are about to embark on a new journey in life. Whether it’s graduating high school or college, it’s a big milestone in life. As your graduate embarks on this new landmark into adulthood, it can be an exciting and scary time. This time of year is usually hectic with summer plans in the works, multiple graduations to attend. We want to help you find the perfect gift for all of the graduates, that won’t hurt your wallet!

    Graduation picture

    Here are 4 awesome graduation gifts:

    1. Power bank with LED lantern

    College grads typically get out of town and travel around before setting down into a job. Power banks are extremely handy for traveling, especially when backpacking. This power bank comes equipped with an LED light that is great for extra light when camping.

    2. Bluetooth Headphones

    Bluetooth headphones are all the rage right now. When traveling, these headphones are great for eliminating pesky cords. These headphones are great for blocking out sound on airplanes, or noisy places.

    3. Dynamite Dual Bluetooth Speakers

    High school graduates and college grads alike are in party mode as soon as they graduate. These speakers are pretty much required if you’re hanging out by the pool this summer. You can listen to the

    Graduation gifts shouldn’t hurt your wallet. But you also want to get your friends something memorable and useful! Checkout more functional yet affordable products here.

  • Just In: New Qi Charging Pad

    The fight between cables and wireless charging is on, and it’s no wonder why wireless charging has been cropping up over the past few years. Cutting out the chords is the best way to add an easy charging experience to your home or office. But exactly how does it work, and is it worth changing your normal charging routine up? Let’s find out.

    Qi Charger

    What is Wireless charging?

    Wireless charging is exactly what it sounds like: charging without the hassle of plugging in a cable to your phone. With devices like the iPhone 8 and up or Samsung Galaxy S6 and up, these phones are qi enabled and can be charged on wireless pads.

    It’s a fairly simple concept to grasp - charging using an electromagnetic field in one device to induce an electric current in a metal coil from another device. However, even though it’s deemed wireless, it’s not completely wireless. You still need to plug in the charger pad to a power source - whether that’s a laptop or a wall charger.Which brings us to our next question.

    Do I Really Need a Qi Charger?

    Wireless charging is really dependent on the person and their lifestyle. Some people prefer one or the other but there really is no right answer.

    Quick or slow charge

    If you’re looking for a fast charge, then it probably isn’t the best for you. Cable charging is better for a faster charge, whereas a qi pad is perfect for setting to the side while doing work, charging for overnight, or topping off your phone before leaving for that party.

    Work Flow

    If you’re constantly on the phone and picking up business calls, then the Qi charger is a perfect option. You don’t have to worry about unplugging and plugging back the cable when your call is over or when you have to retrieve another call right after the other.

    On Your Bedside

    If you’re an avid texter or phone user especially when you’re lying in bed, then this is the perfect option for you. Text and pick up your phone, put it down when you’re ready to go to sleep, and don’t worry about plugging in the cable ever again.

    If this sounds like a perfect fit for you, then take a look at our newest qi charging pad. It’s long enough to plug into a wall source, simple and sleek, black so it’ll fit in well in almost any room or office. You can check it out here.

  • Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Idea for your Best Lady

    Are you struggling to find a Mother’s Day present for the MOST important woman in your life? It’s alright we know you’re busy. You’ve got kids now and you’re probably like ‘oh sh*t its Mother’s Day this weekend and have no clue what to get your own Mom. Well, don’t worry we got you covered. The perfect Mother's Day gift is one you probably haven't even considered. Get your mom something that will speak to her heart, as well as be easy on our wallet.

    The perfect  Mother's Day gift

    Wifi Digital Photo Frame


    The wifi digital photo frame is the perfect gift for your mom this Mother's Day. You can purchase this frame for your mom prior to Mother’s Day, load a bunch of pictures from the year of the kids sports games, family bbq’s, birthday parties, and all of the fun stuff they may have missed out on, and wrap it up all pretty and send it over as your gift. She'll be thrilled she gets to feel like she's not missing out on anything.

    Also, while you're visiting her you can use your smart phone and upload brand new pictures for her instantly! That way, she's always getting fresh pictures whenever you want to give her some! You don't have to trudge down to CVS or Rite Aid and print a bunch of pictures that are just going to collect dust. Instead of your mom asking for you to send her pictures all year you can give them to her all at once, AND she’ll have them playing on a slideshow all year long so she can watch them all the time.

    Luckily, we know a pretty awesome company who makes Wifi Digital Photo Frames that are perfect for Mother’s Day! This same company may or may not be offering up to $50 off for these awesome frames.

  • Why You Need These Bluetooth Speakers

    Out are the days where an aux chord is needed and in are the days where bluetooth speakers reign the era. Here are some creative ways to use our dual bluetooth speakers - you can’t limit yourself to just using it at parties, that’s for sure!


    Take a step back and relax, because we got you covered. After a long stressful day at work, one of the best ways to ease your mind and unwind is to take a bath with some relaxing music on. Play music from your phone while sipping on your favorite bubbly (just kidding, we don’t condone drinking whatsoever) and bump up some karaoke songs or chill vibes - whatever your heart desires. Space out the speakers so it’ll encompass the whole bathroom - you’ll be rocking out in no time.


    Portable bluetooth speakers are the best invention ever. Whether you’re kayaking by the lake or taking a quick bike ride to the beach, tuck these into your fanny pak or small backpack with ease. Impress your date with some ambiance music - trust us, you’ll thank us later.


    Whether you want to play your music loud at Aunt Jen’s holiday party or want to karaoke with your family, these speakers are perfect for just that. Put one in your living room and the dining table so everyone can enjoy your uncle’s terrible singing!


    Whether you’re a yoga instructor, teacher, or teaching a group the skills of throwing a wheel, these speakers are perfect for the teachers out there. Carry them in and out with ease, and you’ll never have to worry about lugging in heavy speakers again every single day. Pop some in the front and back of the class so everyone can hear the full effect of these bad boys.

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