Tech-Giving Smorgasbord Giveaway


In the spirit of thanksgiving, Aluratek would like to invite you to our Tech-Giving Smorgasbord Giveaway! Starting tomorrow through November 18, you can feast on our daily activities and also enter our raffle to win a grand prize!

Check out our Twitter feed to see our tweets on this promotion. Simply RETWEET any promotional tweet that contains the #TechGivingSmorgasbord hashtag and FOLLOW @Aluratek to be entered into the grand prize raffle. The grand prize raffle will be held on the afternoon of November 18th where the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

The winner of each day's activity can choose one item from our 10 for $10 (10 Year Anniversary Specials) items.

Again, don't forget to RETWEET these daily games for an additional chance to win the #TechGivingSmorgasbord grand prize. The more you RETWEET - the better your chance you have to win!

Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving!


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