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  • Back-To-School Playlist

    Happy Monday!

    How many of you are students that are back in school? Are you excited to get back into the study mode and obtain some knowledge?! Sometimes, I miss school but most of the time...I don't. Haha! I definitely don't miss the exams, projects, and pulling all nighters! I had a really hard time studying because I would get distracted so easily - Netflix, Facebook, nap time...etc. But I know that one thing that really helped me was music. If I had the perfect playlist that could help me sit down in one place and focus, then I was good. I love that there are so many different radio stations that we can stream where we can create our own stations or playlists - anytime, anyplace. My favorite music streaming app is Spotify. I pay for the premium because I get to listen to my music on-the-go. Unlike Pandora or iHeartRadio (which are both very good apps), I get to create my own playlist by searching for my favorite songs. I have a playlist for work, at the gym, certain genres (hip hop, rock, classical..etc). If you are going to school, you probably have a study playlist...If I was still going to school, I would most definitely have a playlist dedicated for school and studying.

    Here's what mine would look like...



    Only 12 songs, but the great thing about having your own playlist is that you can add more songs and my song list always changes! As you can see my taste in music is wide ranged! From Rihanna to one of my favorite classical songs, Pomp and Circumstance...whatever helps me hit the books and study guides is good with me!

    I also have a work playlist that I'm always listening to at Aluratek with our WiFi Internet Radio.


    It's awesome because Spotify is built into the internet radio and all I have to do is sign in to my account and my playlists are right there! There are thousands of internet radio apps and podcasts that you can download and install right into the WiFi Internet Radio!

    Anyway, happy studying!

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  • Keep Calm And Study On

    To all the students out there that started their new semester or quarters, how excited are you to approach a new school year where you can gain more knowledge and continuously challenge yourself? I graduated 2 quarters ago, and I already miss it (minus the homework)!

    Prepare yourselves for long nights of studying, studying, and did I mention studying? Yup! Hours of being hunched over stacked textbooks, microscopes in your hand, calculator in the other hand…sounds very exciting! Everyone has their own style of studying. Some people need to be in a quiet room while others do well studying with friends. I was never able to study at home, so I would spend my nights at the school library with a set of earphones in my ears blasting music away.

    Here at Aluratek, we are rooting for all the hard-working students that are going to make an impact in our near future. So to all the students, hit the books and focus your mind with music to stimulate your brain cells with a few of our Bluetooth audio products! Let the words and numbers flow in and out of your head with the sound of your favorite studying playlist.


    You can find these items plus more on our website in the Bluetooth audio / Accessories section.

    I would like to conclude this post with a playlist of music anyone can study to! I promise it's not just classical music!


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