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  • Tech-Savvy Sporting Venues

    Attending a live sports game always guarantees a fun time. Whether its baseball, football or basketball, the atmosphere is always exciting when you are surrounded by other loyal fans cheering their hearts out!  However, the attendance rate of fans going to an actual game is decreasing. Why go to a football game when it costs at least $100 to just sit in the nosebleeds section? Why attend a basketball game when you have the best seats right on your couch with your 60” HD TV screen?  Franchises are spending hundreds of millions of dollars restoring their venues to entice fans back in to the stands. Strong Wi-Fi connections, massive video display boards, and engaging social media communications have become common features for ballparks, arenas, and stadiums.

    Here is a list of sports facilities that have drastically enhanced their venues to be more tech-friendly, and give their fans an unforgettable experience!

    1. AT&T Stadium (Dallas Cowboys)

    This stadium can hold more than 100,000 fans rain or shine with their retractable roof. The AT&T Stadium hosted the 2011 Super Bowl and showed off their remarkable technology. One of their most impressive feature hangs over the field with the world’s largest HDTVs. The Cowboys have two gigantic 2,100 inch 1090p LED displays (priced at $40 million) to show game statistics and instant replays throughout the entire game.

    2. Quicken Loans Arena (Cleveland Cavaliers)

    Every NBA team is using a motion tracking system called SportVU that is able to track a player’s speed, number of dribbles, shot arc and even statistics. But what’s unique about the Cavalier’s is that in 2013, they were the first team to present this information on the center scoreboard allowing fans at the game to see them.

    What’s also cool is the arena has 92 luxury suites with SmartTouch technology. Patrons use a provided iPad to buy merchandise, order food, and buy tickets for future games.

    3. Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles Dodgers)

    The Dodgers partnered with ANC Sports Enterprises to install twin video screens above the right and left field pavilions. They are the first Major Leagues organization that have 10mm 1080p high-definition LED displays in their field.

    The new video screens help the Dodger fans to view instant replays and statistics a lot better than their previous jumbo screen. The design of the screen is in the recognizable hexagonal shape of the stadium’s original scoreboard to hold on to their classic ballpark feel.

    4. Georgia Dome 2.0 (Atlanta Falcons)

    Although the Georgia Dome 2.0 won’t be ready until 2017, the franchise have provided some information about how they plan to enhance the fans’ experiences. It is rumored that the seats will be set up to vibrate when a big tackle/hit happens during the play so fans can see and feel the game. This will allow fans to experience the intensity of the play and feel as if they are involved.

    Fans are constantly uploading pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while they are the game so it is important to have a strong Wi-Fi connection. However, a big bummer that could happen is running out of battery! That is the worst! Georgia Dome 2.0 will provide outlets and chargers on all the seats so fans can conveniently charge their phones and tablets! They will also provide high-density Wi-Fi so the fans can advertise the game and team with social media applications.

    5. Consol Energy Center (Pittsburgh Penguins)

    Adding to their 800 HDTV and a LED ring that circles the arena, the Penguins have four 25-foot tall electric HD screens that hang at center ice to show instant replays, live play and the score. They also have a number of 22-inch touch screen TVs that live stream other hockey game, and even give statistics and other information to the viewer.

    Lastly, this ice arena has a virtual 3D Stanley Cup displayed so fans and players can dream about winning a championship.

    6. Levi’s Stadium (San Francisco 49ers)

    While teams are renovating and trying to better their venue, the San Francisco 49ers are completely relocating and building a brand new stadium for their players and fans. Levi’s Stadium will be located in Santa Clara. The biggest change the fans will notice are the new scoreboards. Two scoreboards (13,600 square feet of display area) will be located at either ends of the field. This will allow fans to view instant replays ten times better!

    The mobile app being developed to improve the stadium experience is what is generating a lot of buzz lately and will most likely be the feature that sets them apart from the rest of all NFL venues. The app will be able to monitor wait times at concessions and bathrooms so fans are able to gauge a good time go get what they need. Another cool feature from the app is fans will be able to order food from their phones or tablet where they can either pick it up from the stands, or have the food delivered to you! Fans will also be able to pay for the food through their electronic device.

    Accessing mobile service at the old stadium was nearly impossible! The 49ers are building a wireless network strong enough to handle 75,000 different connections at the same time to ensure fans will get the best connection on their phones.

    Which new features would you like to see happen at your favorite sports' venue? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

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