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  • Avoid Black Friday Crowds And Shop Online!

    Can you believe that Thanksgiving is this week? I feel like we JUST celebrated Halloween! Time sure flies, but I'm glad it does because Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! It's a great way to share a meal with your close friends and family and list out the things you are thankful for - and then there's Black Friday.

    I find Black Friday sort of hilarious because it's literally the day after Thanksgiving - a day where we express our gratitude of all the things we have...and then the next day we go out among the chaotic and aggressive crowds fighting over the last flat screen TV....even though you already have 2 of them at home...but hey! THIS ONE is only $300 so you HAVE to claim it even if that means throwing a couple elbows and shoves :)

    Black Friday is definitely a cash cow for retailers but it's a very stressful day for consumers and even non consumers! There's extra traffic, long lines and a demolished store! At this point, it may be best to just stay home to avoid the Black Friday craziness!

    FORTUNATELY, you can do all your Black Friday shopping on the internet today. I mean...how awesome is that? Say sayonara to waiting hours and hours in a line on a cold, bone chilling night and getting pushed around once those doors have opened!

    Here are a few reasons why shopping online for Black Friday is a smarter move -

    1. Stores offer the same deals on their website

    Related image

    2.  Black Friday shopping is potentially dangerous!

    Image result for black friday chaos

    Yes, the odds of something bad happening to you are slim but there's still a slim chance that it could happen to you! Google "Black Friday Fights" and you'll see A LOT of different footage of people getting trampled and beaten over a deal!

    3. There ARE other sales besides Black Friday!

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    Many retail and online stores have started early and are giving out deals already. You can start shopping now and find some great discounts - while avoiding the crowd! There's also Cyber Monday which takes place the Monday after Thanksgiving!

    4. Aluratek is having an early sale on exclusive items, Black Friday AND Cyber Monday sale! Yep, that's a GREAT reason to stay home in your jammies and shop on our website! If you are not subscribed to our eNewsletter, go to our website, scroll down to the bottom and sign up! You will receive our emails that contain our holiday deals!


    What ever you decide to do this Black Friday, I hope everyone stays warm and safe out there!

    Here are some fun Black Friday memes to conclude with :)

    Image result for black friday memes

    Image result for black friday memes

    Image result for black friday memes

    Image result for black friday memes

    Image result for black friday memes


  • Happy Columbus Day - Let's Go Shopping!?

    Today is Columbus Day - the second Monday in the month of October which marks Columbus' arrival to the Americas on October 12, 1492. Well, you know what that means - hit the internet and retail stores for all sorts of product specials from computers to appliances to cars and other things that have nothing to do with Christopher Columbus. Here at Aluratek we do not have any special Columbus Day promotions, but we do have everyday specials on a variety of Aluratek goods on our Specials page and Outlet Store. Who are we to deny a Columbus Day shopping spree if that, ahem...floats your boat?

    It's a strange holiday observance. Here in California, it's a government holiday - all government offices are closed - post offices, DMV, banks and schools etc. Why? What is it we are really observing / celebrating?

    In school I remember "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue...the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria..." and that he discovered America, proved the world was round and made friends with the natives he met in the new world. Of course this is all not entirely true. Are they still teaching this in school? Curious what they are teaching kids these days about this man. I'm not going to get into all the myths but there sure are plenty. Just do a Google search, it's pretty interesting.

    While many of his exploits have been "reimagined" for some reason, Columbus did help establish knowledge about trade winds, namely the lower-latitude easterlies that blow toward the Caribbean and the higher-latitude westerlies that can blow a ship back to Western Europe. Also, while Columbus wasn't the first European to reach the Western Hemisphere, he was the first European to stay. His voyages directly initiated a permanent presence of Europeans in both North and South America. So, in this case let's celebrate trade winds - yay trade winds!

    What should our kids be taught about Christopher Columbus? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

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