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  • Early Thanksgiving Preparations!

    Hello! Happy Monday and Happy Halloween!! I hope everyone will enjoy this spooky day with fun costumes and LOTS of treats!

    Kind of crazy how we spend so much time preparing and getting ready for this holiday for it to be over...in one day. That can be said with every holiday especially Christmas! Well now that Halloween will be over in less than 24 hours, we now have to start prepping for the next big holiday that is THANKSGIVING. Okay. I love Thanksgiving. It's just so much fun grubbing your heart out with all your close friends and family.

    It's been nearly four hundred years since Plymouth colonists and some friendly Native Americans shared a warm and open feast of thanks. Things have certainly changed since the first meal. When Abraham Lincoln announced Thanksgiving to be national holiday in 1863, the most technology that came into play was photography. However, today we can recognize the important role technology can play in this delicious holiday.

    Here are 5 ways to use technology on Thanksgiving Day:

    Cooking Digitally :

    In the past, the pages in cookbooks would be bookmarked or torn out, and recipe cards would be selected for this special day. Today, we can say rest in peace to cookbooks and recipe boxes because recipes are easier to find on the internet! I don’t even remember the last time I opened up a cookbook! My favorite part about doing this online is if you want to substitute a certain ingredient, OR if you don’t have that ingredient the internet helps you find alternative solutions that works very well. Get started early this year and bookmark all your meals and side dishes!

    Thanksgiving Football :

    Two things are guaranteed on Thanksgiving: Turkey and Football. In fact there's so much football on TV that you probably can't watch all the games at once. What I like to do (ghetto-style) is have the main game on our TV screen, and then have 2 laptops streaming the other games. Hey, it works! Another way to do it is to record the other games if you have DVR. If you have Verizon as your cell phone provider, make sure to download the NFL Mobile app!  They added a new feature where it allows you to live stream football games! We have Sling TV so we can stream the games on our phones, Chromecast it to our TV or just watch it on our laptops!

    If you like to watch the games on the big screen but don't have cable TV or even a good digital antennae, just stream the game on your laptop and have it hooked up to your TV with Aluratek's 6 Foot HDMI to HDMI Cable!


    The cable provides the easiest way to connect your digital video sources to your HD/LCD display as it enables only one cable to deliver both high-definition video and multi-channel, digital audio. It enables intelligent, two-way communication between digital sources.

    Video "Cameraing" With Your Family :

    Thanksgiving is a holiday where you should be able to spend it with your family. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get every single family member and relative to join you on the special day. FORTUNATELY, there’s Skype. Video-conferencing is the best way to interact with your family visually. We recommend you grab a laptop and prop it up on the Thanksgiving table, start Skype and call in your favorite relative! You can FaceTime them as well!

    Fun Games :

    After pigging out, belt-loosening, and pigging out some more, all you want to do is relax and have fun with the family, right? What about kicking it on the couch and playing some video games? As long as it’s not a gory, nausea-inducing game that's going to cause you to spew your dinner….you’re all good. Some people feel like they need to move around after all the eating so what a better way to just dance around instead? Two words: Dance. Central. Moon-walk and cabbage patch your way to feeling that you got at least some exercise in! Or if you REALLY feel the need to work out...(what?!), just grab a pair of Bluetooth earbuds and head over to a gym (if they're even open!) or go out for a jog outside!

    Share Your Thanksgiving With The World!

    Every Thanksgiving, all of my friends are taking pictures of their dinner table that’s filled with FOOD and posts them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. A part of me feels like they’re trying to say, “My Thanksgiving meal is better than yours!” Ha-ha! But it’s great to see everyone’s posts because I know they’re enjoying the holiday! So why not participate and show off your fabulous dinner table as well? Do it! Make sure to also transfer those Facebook and Twitter photos into your WiFi Digital Photo Frame to share your fun times with everyone who comes to visit your home! Oh, you're asking what if you don't have one?! Well we sell them! ;)

    AWDMPF110F_lifestyle AWDMPF208F_image sharing

    Yes, it's not even November yet and YES it's still almost a month until Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean its TOO early to start preparing for one of the most delicious holidays of the year! (I'm already planning Thanksgiving with my friends...) hehe.

    Happy Halloween, folks! STAY SAFE OUT THERE!!!

  • Ready! Set! SAVE!


    It's game time! Take a page out of Aluratek's playbook and score some great deals this football season! From Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to Bluetooth Audio Transmitters, we have the perfect product to help you kickoff this football season the right way!

    Hurry! This promotion extends through August 26, 2016!

  • Super Bowl - Tech Ideas

    New England Patriots VS. Seattle Seahawks. Who are you rooting for? The Super Bowl is already here! Did you know last year's Super Bowl surpassed the previous year's game, and became the most watched television program of all time with an audience of 111.5 million viewers? So imagine how many football AND non-football fans will be tuning in this year! Especially with all the talk about how New England cheated, it's probably going to be a big turn out.

    I'm especially excited for the Super Bowl commercials. Many big name brands are dishing out millions of dollars just to get their 30 second spotlight on the biggest platform in America. It's actually so expensive to buy a Super Bowl ad that many other companies will be relying on the internet to help. For example, Newcastle Ale couldn't afford a ad so they relied on YouTube to start a campaign going where the proceeds goes towards buying a commercial. The previous years, Pepsi has really brought their A game with their half-time show. Who can forget Beyonce's fierce performance 2 years ago, and an impressive smooth Bruno Mars charming the stage last year. As you know, Katy Perry will be doing her thing at this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show, and it will most likely be a huge digital production along with awesome special effects. How exciting!

    Where are you watching the Super Bowl? People love to open up their house to host the game. I love how party hosts get creative with the whole thing. From food to ummm...what else? Yeah food is pretty significant at a Super Bowl party. Other than watching the game, having a plate of good grub is what makes Super Bowl Sunday that much more enjoyable! What more do you need?! If you need to spark some creativity for your own party, and since we are a tech company, here are a couple digital friends that can help make your day easier and fun:

    - Pinterest!!! Pinterest is my best friend when you need to collect ideas for any event! From weddings to birthdays to SUPER BOWL PARTIES! That's right! Just type in "Super Bowl food" and be prepared to get awesome ideas for your party.

    NFL Homegating app. This app has a countdown to kick-off and also includes recipes to choose from!

    - Drink Fly / Saucey / Drizly: Depending where you live, these 3 apps can deliver you beers, spirits, wine in less than an hour! How convenient!

    Alcahoot: This little handy gadget gets plugged into your phone and acts as its own breathalyzer. By reading the palm of your hand, it can monitor your blood alcohol level and even hail a taxi for you. We know alcohol is a big part of watching the Super Bowl and how much it can effect people (especially if you're a die-hard fan and your team is losing), so Alcahoot is very functional for those moments.

    Counting the days until kick-off! :)

    How are you going to make your Super Bowl experience digital? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!


  • Levi's Stadium

    Football season is RIGHT around the corner, and I am EXCITED. Who doesn’t enjoy a good football game, right?! It’s “un-American” if you don’t! Well, I am a HUGE 49ers fan, and I am very excited that our new stadium has officially opened! This new stadium will be debuting in 2014 in time for the start of the NFL season.

    The San Francisco 49ers has relocated from Candlestick Park to Santa Clara’s Levi's Stadium. In 2016, the 49ers will host the 50th Super Bowl, so a lot of exciting things are happening! However, the one thing that sets Levi Stadium apart from others is technology. Even if you’re not a 49ers fan, you still have to appreciate the innovation of Levi Stadium especially if you’re into technology. Levi's Stadium has also been focusing on energy efficiency and preservation.


    So with that said, here are a few new features that will be added that will enhance the experience of 49er football:

    - The 49ers app will allow fans to view different HD replays SECONDS after the play from multiple camera angles, see different game feeds, and listen to the broadcast of what’s happening.  You can also order a beer, soda, hotdog, popcorn all through your smart phone. AND…the food will be delivered to your seats! Sweet! They are focusing on convenience. The 49er app may potentially have ticketless, cashless building which means you can pay everything straight from your smart phone. You can leave your wallet at home.

    - One of the most striking technological feature of the new location is the stadium-wide WiFi capability :


    - Gigantic HD video boards measuring over 13,000 square feet will be added to the new stadium as well. If you’ve ever been to the old Candlestick Park stadium, there were only 2 small video boards on each end of the field which made it very difficult for fans to view replays and videos. The new addition of HD video boards will definitely be appreciated!

    - The Niners are going green! The 20,000 feet of solar panels are located in and around the stadium. Over the entire year of construction and preparation, energy has collected from the panels.  The turf is also environmentally friendly and the staff will use recycled water to hose down the field.

    These are all very exciting things to look forward to if you’re a 49er fan. Technology has definitely advanced, and they have taken full advantage of it. However, the new stadium is not the main focus. The main goal is to play football, and that is what people will still come to see. Candlestick Park has treated the Niners well with five Super Bowl wins, and now we’re more than ready to win more championship titles with the new Levi's Stadium!

    What kind of tech-savvy things would you like to see added to your favorite football team's stadium? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

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