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  • Matchmaker <3

    Tomorrow is National Matchmaker Day! I would've thought this day would be more towards Valentine's Day but oh well!

    National Matchmaker Day honors those romantics that know everything about their friends and basically brings them together...to fall in love!

    Here are some recognizable couples that I'm sure had SOME sort of matchmaker involved whether its a friend or cupid....

    Image result for john legend chrissy teigen

    Image result for john krasinski and emily blunt

    Image result for chris pratt and anna faris

    Image result for ross and rachel


    Well, believe it or not, Aluratek is also a bit of a matchmaker - we have brought 2 awesome products together into one kit and the connection is unbreakable...aw, love <3


    The Bluetooth Wireless TV Streaming Kit is a matchmade in TV heaven! The kit combines a Bluetooth Universal Audio Transmitter and a pair of high quality Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones to create the ultimate home entertainment experience.


    Is this the perfect pair or what?! <3

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  • I Have A Dream

    "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed - we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."

    Today we reflect on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr and how his movement brought a powerful vision on racial equality and peace.

    On August 28, 1963, history was made. Martin Luther King delivered one of the most memorable speeches that is still instantly recognizable even four decades later. "I Have A Dream" speech was given at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC with a number of 250,000 supporters present as they heard his dream.

    Newscasters were preparing for riots and fights however what was so amazing is that the outcome of his speech ended in peace especially with the number of attendees. The entire 17 minute speech was televised live and captured raw emotions of Dr King's speech and it's effect on all who were there to witness history being made. It's quite amazing how so many people were there in person to listen to his speech but even quite mind blowing that MILLIONS more were watching it on live television. This speech reached out to millions of people and even on small television, people felt the impact this speech would have on society- even those who supported segregation.

    If you would like to watch the famous "I Have A Dream" speech just watch the video below -

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  • Sweet Valentine's Savings


    Valentine’s Day is next Saturday! Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day together or your 30th, make this day truly special with a gift that your one and only will absolutely love! For this month, Aluratek would like to present , "Sweet Valentine's Savings". We have carefully selected a collection of special deals that include ear buds, Bluetooth tablet stands, digital photo frames, and more! Skip the flowers and chocolate this year and get that special someone a gift that they’ll cherish for years to come!

    Better hurry if you want your order to arrive on time! This promotion will extend through February 14, 2015! Happy shopping!

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