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  • The Road To Ten - Part 3

    I know there has been eager anticipation ;) for The Road To Ten - Part 3, so without further ado I bring you part three of our story:

    Last post we left off somewhere towards the end of summer 2008. In Q4 I started working on our next product guide for 2009. I have no record of pictures from CES in 2009. I'm sure Aluratek went, I probably just didn't go and I don't remember why. The idea for this brochure was to produce something different from the traditional book bound or saddle stiched books. It would be small and fun and cost effective. The panels would fold in on each other and are sealed. We could concentrate on our three main product categories - digital frames, storage and the new internet radio category that was launched in the May of 2008 with our first Internet Radio

    2009 brochure layout Aluratek 2009 product guide layouts.

    Here are some close-ups of the product guide. I wish I could show you what the final piece looked like but I only have three surviving pieces and they are currently pinned to my wall and I am not taking those down - sorry ;)

    2009 product guide front Aluratek 2009 product guide - front.

    2009 product guide - frames Aluratek 2009 product guide - digital frame panel.

    2009 product guide - internet radio panel Aluratek 2009 product guide - internet radio panel.

    2009 product guide - storage panel Aluratek 2009 product guide - storage panel.

    The idea was also to place an insert card - sort of like a quick start guide to becoming a partner and or customer - in the center so it would stay in place when the panels were folded down and sealed. Ha, those urls - yikes!!

    2009 product guide - qsg Aluratek 2009 product guide - storage panel.

    Like I mentioned, in 2008 we started rolling out our line of Internet Radios. After the first Internet Radio we came out with the Internet Radio Jukebox. Here's a look at a better packaging design - not the first, but one from late 2009 where we try to explain in easy to follow steps how this thing works. It was a challenge getting the customer to understand what this flash drive looking thing is. Ha, we actually wrote, "Not a USB flash drive / thumbdrive" on the package. We also used the line "Free music for life".

    jukebox package Jukebox package layout and close-up 1-2-3 steps.

    Another internet radio followed in early 2009 which was a tuner for the home theater. Here is a view of the back of the package which shows installation and the close-up of the 4 step process on the front of the package. At the time I was pretty happy about this illustration. Although I would probably do this different today I think these application diagrams was very necessary and effective in explaining the product.

    WiFi/Wireless Internet Radio Tuner - Home Theater Edition application.

    WiFi/Wireless Internet Radio Tuner - Home Theater Edition 4-steps to connect .

    These internet radios were great for us for some time until the emergence of smartphone music apps like iHeart, Spotify and Pandora made these radios a bit obsolete until they made a comeback with our newest WiFi Internet Radio which features these apps built-in!

    WiFi/Wireless Internet Radio Tuner - Home Theater Edition 4-steps to connect .

    The website started to fill out more with more product arriving. Our product offerings got more diversified with the addition of internet radios. Digital frames, Storage, Video / Multimedia and USB peripherals rounded out the list. I began to incorporate graphics on the product landing pages as ween below.

    2009 Internet Radio landing page.

    Here is a look at a complete product page in 2009 for a big product at the time - USB Internet Radio Jukebox. Main image on white background with reflection. Thumbnails of more images to the left a slot for any type of Flash videos we would do - this product needed one for sure. Info about the product separated into tabs below the image. We added links to quick start guides, datasheets and drivers were applicable in a support bar in the margin. Up until this point we had no way for a customer to make a purchase from the site - crazy right? - especially with how eCommerce and CMS is such a standard among sites these days. We would be making that leap in 2010 but for now we had a "BUY NOW" link which sent you to a different site in which to purchase. I don't even remember what site that was.

    2009 USB Internet Radio Jukebox product page.

    2009 product categories page.

    In celebration of our 10 year anniversary we are offering 10 items for $10! These deals will stick around for the rest of the year. Stay tuned for part 4 coming soon.

    Have you been a long time customer of Aluratek's for the past 10 years? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Meet The Next Generation Internet Radio Alarm Clock


    WiFi Internet Radio

    Aluratek is happy to announce the arrival of our newest product: The WiFi Internet Radio with LCD Touchscreen Display - the next generation alarm clock and internet audio media streamer! In our effort to add new and exciting skus to the Indoor / Outdoor product line-up, the WiFi Internet Radio lets you instantly access thousands of free internet radio stations while serving as a convenient multi-tasking tool with clock, calendar, weather, alarm, social media and memo apps to help you through your day.

    What makes this internet radio so special? For one, the large touchscreen color LCD that provides fast and easy navigation through the icon based menus.

    LCD touchscreen display The LCD displays vivid menu screens.


    The Internet Radio has a downward firing and robust sounding 5W subwoofer with dual 3W front facing channel speakers that provides excellent sound quality in a small footprint.

    Never be left in the dark Built-in dual high fidelity speakers for crystal clear sound quality and clarity.


    AIRMM03F features push button controls on top of the unit that allows you to power ON / OFF, control the volume, press the snooze bar, activate voice command, go to previous menu and get back to the home screen.

    Push button controls Control the WiFi Internet Radio with the push button controls.


    The radio features a built-in rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours of continuous streaming. Add audio quickly and easily to any room by connecting to any WIFI 802.11 b/g/n wireless network. Bring it into the kitchen to listen to a iHeartRadio podcast while cooking. Take it to the garage to groove to your favorite Pandora station while you work. Wherever it goes, you can be sure the WiFi Internet Radio will fill any room with dynamic, rich sound.

    Wifi connectivity for portability WiFi connectivity and built-in rechargeable battery for ultra portability.


    Instantly access thousands of free internet radio stations by installing apps like iHeartRadio, Pandora®, Spotify® and more while also serving as a convenient multitasking tool. Features clock, calendar, weather, alarm, social media and memo apps.

    music apps

    App screenshots Access thousands of free internet radio stations while serving as a convenient multi-tasking tool


    As you can see, our new Internet Radio is quite the over achiever. Pick one up today and enjoy all of its features in any room of your house with literally the touch of the screen.

    How would you use your WiFi Internet Radio? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Recent Customer Testimonials Make All The Hard Work Worth While

    Don't mean to toot our own horn, but the folks here at Aluratek have been working hard to bring our customers an exciting mix of computer peripherals and digital devices to help you navigate and enjoy your digital world. From the testimonials below I think we can give ourselves a pat on the back - just this once ;)

    CINEPAD 7 inch Tablet

    CINEPAD 7" Android Tablet
    Fast Light and Powerful

    "Overall I'm very impressed with this tablet.  The screen is very crisp and responsive.  Very easy to use as I was able to connect to my wifi router in about a minute.  I like the HDMI out feature as I can stream videos and connect to my HDTV via HDMI.  I also like the fact that you can add additional storage capacity as it has an included Micro SD expansoin card slot.  Thousands of software apps to choose from and most are FREE!  The quality seems to be very good and I get about 6hrs run time on a charge.  Not too bad.  I no longer need to lug my heavy notebook with me and can perform all the same tasks on the road." - Wurldtravler

    CINEPAD 10 inch Tablet

    CINEPAD 10" Android Tablet
    Beyond my Expectation So Far

    "I have to say I'm a bit surprised with this tablet so far... I actually prefer it over the ipad for a few reasons.... I can now stream videos, I can connect to my HDTV for video streaming, and I have expandable memory options.  The functionality is similar to the iPad.  Very crisp screen and the unit is very responsive.  I do find the ipad battery life to be a bit better but this is good enough for my cross country trips on a single charge (5-6 hrs).  Lots of apps to choose from which was important to me with the Getjar app store.  I also like the design and feel of the unit itself and that it runs on Android 4.0 (which is awesome).  You can tell it's made of good quality.  Overall great product." - Putt4Dough

    LIBRE PRO eBook Reader

    LIBRE PRO eBook Reader
    Bought it, love it!

    "I bought the Aluratek Libre Pro at BigLots for fifty dollars. That was the best fifty I ever spent! I literally use the ereader every day. It's easy to use and I have no real problems. Unlike other people, I find it's lack of WIFI a plus. I do not want a WIFI running down battery life! I put my books onto an SD card, and am good to go. The screen has no light, true, but I bought a clip on LED light at the dollars store for late night reading on the bus or train. Works our great for me! I am completely satisfied with it. The Ebook reader pro is a great value for the money!" - William Coates

    Internet Radio Alarm Clock

    Internet Radio Alarm Clock with Built-in WiFi
    This is one of the few products acquired during your lifetime that's SPECTACULAR!

    "I absolutely love this product. Using the Aluratek website to set up my personalized list of favourite stations linked to it's specific MAC address, I'm able to add/delete the thousands of genre music choices using my desktop computer rather than the small screen on the radio itself. Backlight turns off quickly with 3 taps of the brightness button. Easy to set up alarm and sleep functions. Allows me to bypass having to listen to commercial-laden local radio AM/FM stations. Commercial radio has become atrocious these past few years. I love this Aluratek product and also bought the Home Theatre Edition which connects to my Stereo sound system in the huge living room. Received many positive comments from family and visitors. During a lifetime you'll purchase extraordinary products: this is definitely one of them. I absolutely love this wireless radio flawlessly operating off my wireless internet modem/router. No problems if you read the brief manual and do the easy-to-do firmware upgrade and adjust settings according to personal preference." - ROBERT G

    Would you like to voice your opinion on one of our tech-savvy products? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

  • Celebrate National Radio Day With an Internet Radio

    Today, August 20th is National Radio Day. Who knew? Ah the radio. How easy to forget the radio with iPods and Smartphones and Pandora streaming music. Why would anyone want to celebrate radio in this digital age? Radio is one of the nation's most accessible forms of media with 93% of Americans living within the listening area of at least one station. Even though radio has somewhat changed in the past few years, it's still heavily used. While I don't really like listening to music on the radio (They play too many of the same songs I don't like and waaaay to many commercials) I still enjoy the morning shows, afternoon talk radio and listening to live sports broadcasts.

    In honor of this day, I think it would be appropriate to mention Aluratek's line of Internet Radios. Our WiFi / Wireless Internet Radio Tuner, Home Theater Edition is a great soluton that allows you to easily access more than 13,000 Internet radio stations in over 150 countries around the world, and with no monthly fees! The Internet Radio also integrates into any home theater system. Search for music geographically by continent, country, state, or by the more than 50 different available genres including talk, local news, and sports radio stations. Once you find a favorite station, add it to your favorites list for future easy access.

    This week we are offering our WiFi / Wireless Internet Radio Tuner, Home Theater Edition for $69.99 (regularly $99.99). Just enter promo code TUNER at checkout to receive discount. Hurry, the promo only lasts through the end of the week. As usual, our USB Internet Radio Jukebox can be yours for a low price of $16.99. A great solution to stream internet radio channels from your desktop.

    What are your thoughts on radio in the 21st century? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

  • How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

    Chances are you’ve heard of Cinco de Mayo—you might even be planning a post-work Cinco de Mayo celebration at your favorite cantina. What you may not have realized is that this holiday actually has limited significance in Mexico.

    In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is observed nationwide as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. However, even if your family is not of Mexican ancestry, there are still fun ways that you can observe this holiday.


    Listening to Mexican music is an easy way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Try downloading Jarabe Tapatio, or the Mexican Hat Dance as it’s known in English. The dance that accompanies this piece of music is known as the national dance of Mexico and is popular symbol of Mexican honor and pride, making it a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

    Looking for something a little more contemporary? Try tuning your Internet radio to your favorite Spanish station. You might even learn a few new phrases in Spanish!


    Traditional Mexican food is another great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and thanks to technology you don’t’ even have to travel to Mexico to track down recipes for great Mexican dishes! In honor of Cinco de Mayo, try cooking some of these foods popular in the Mexican state of Puebla, the only part of Mexico where Cinco de Mayo is commonly observed.

    Chiles Rellenos, a stuffed pepper dish

    Meat with Mole Sauce

    Spicy Tamales


    Though Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexican army general Jimmy Lovrien and Mexico’s unlikely victory in the 1862 Battle of Puebla, this is only one small part of Mexico’s history. Consider celebrating Cinco de Mayo by downloading an ebook or two about Mexico and learning more about the history of this 200-year-old nation.

    No matter how you celebrate, Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

  • Easy Ways to Celebrate National Family Week

    With our packed schedules and hectic lives it’s hard to find time to spend with our families. We’re not going to try to argue that work, school, soccer practice, bible study and accordion lessons aren’t important, but spending time with the people you love is important too.

    May 2 – 6 is National Family Week. And though we realize that this won’t make your life any less chaotic, it is a great reminder to spend time with your loved ones. Here are three easy ways to squeeze a little bit more family time into your schedule this week:

    1.   A Family Soundtrack

    What do trips to and from soccer practice, weekly chores and jogging on the treadmill at the gym have in common? They’re all great times to listen to music. Even if you and your family can’t spend a lot of time together, try sharing some of your favorite songs with one another. With the popularity of MP3 players, digital music players and Internet radios, listening to music wherever you go is easier than ever. While your family members’ tastes in music might vary, don’t be afraid to try sharing music with your kids, it’s a great way to open-up discussions. You might find some common favorites you never expected!

    2.    Have Dinner Together

    We all have to eat, right? Eating dinner together allows your family to spend some quality time together, face-to-face at the end of the day. Sharing an evening meal isn’t only a great way to spend time with your kids, it’s also healthy! According to a new review of studies from researchers at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, kids who eat at least three meals a week with their families are 12% less likely to be overweight than kids who eat with their families only once a week or not at all.

    3.   Watch a Movie

    Do you have 90 minutes to spend with your kids? If the answer is yes, plug in your multimedia player or drop in a DVD and try watching a movie together. Many of your kids animated favorites are only 90 minutes long.  Even if your kids have “outgrown” typical “kids cartoons” offer to watch one of their childhood favorites with them. You might be surprised to discover that they still enjoy an afternoon on the couch watching the antics of a cartoon lion.

    Looking for more fun gadgets to share with your family? Check out the entire Aluratek product line!

  • Digital Get Down: Celebrate National Dance Week with Your Favorite Dance Songs

    Did you know that April 22 – 26 is National Dance Week? Because National Dance Week is all about celebrating the beauty of this unique art form, it’s easy to observe this holiday.  Attending a ballet, enrolling in a ballroom dance class or taking salsa lessons are all ways to celebrate the art of dance.

    Looking for a way to celebrate National Dance Week at home? Grab your digital music player and make sure you have some of these classic dance tunes saved on your MP3 player or a SD/SDHC Card. (Because what’s a dance party without some music?)

    Memorable Dance Tunes

    1.    The Hustle by Van McCoy & the Soul City Symphony
    Incorporate a little Disco into your dance party with this 1970’s classic. Did you know that the dance known as the Hustle actually has some moves in common with a swing dance?

    2.    Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson’s iconic song also has the memorable dance moves to match. Looking for other great 80’s dance moves? Try moon-walking to Billy Jean or another song from the King of Pop’s hit Thriller album.

    3.    Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus
    It might not be the first song that comes to mind when someone says “dance,” but Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart was a number one hit and line dance phenomenon in 1992.

    4.    Macarena by Los del Rio
    In the mid-1990’s you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing this song or seeing the dance by the same name. Even if you’re not much of a dancer, we bet that this silly dance can still get your hips moving.

    Once your playlist is set, you’re ready to start a dance party in your own home at a moment’s notice!

    Don’t forget, dance is a great way to our own memories and history; it’s also a great way to celebrate other cultures. If you’re looking for a more worldly prospective, try dialing into one of the 16,000+ stations on your Internet radio. It might not be the dance music you remember from your childhood, but it’s a great way to embrace music and dance as art.

    Looking for more great ways to enjoy your digital downloads, check our Aluratek.com for other great gadgets, including multimedia players, eBook readers and digital photo frames!

  • Music Players of Yesteryear

    Are you listening to music right now? The digital music age has made it possible to take your favorite tunes with you almost everywhere you go. From Internet radios to digital music players, there are dozens of different ways to listen to music. Just for fun we dug up a couple of familiar (though slightly outdated) music players from yesteryear.  Though they probably bring up fond memories, we’re guessing you won’t be using most of these any time soon…

    Where would we be without this brilliant invention? Our guess is either back in the 1800’s or still listening to piano rolls.

    Remember back when everyone used to gather around the radio in the evenings? This radio does.

    Like sock hops and poodle skirts, this diner staple was popular in the 1950’s.

    While some people still spin vinyl, record players like this one are no longer as popular as they once were.

    Though this device was popular in the United States in the 1960’s and 70’s it was relatively unheard of in many other counties!

    Admit it, you had one of these in the 80’s. Don’t be embarrassed, so did John Cusack!

    Don’t forget about your old running partner. Back in this gadget’s heyday, playing the same 12 songs on repeat was the only way to go!

    How do you listen to your music? No matter what decade had your favorite music, you can now listen to it in great digital quality with gadgets from Aluratek.

  • Technology, History and Our Presidents

    The Internet played a huge role in Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, but the 44th and current president of the United States wasn’t the first to use technology in a progressive way. Many presidents were early adopters of technology. In honor of President’s Day on February 21st, Aluratek takes a look at some other famous presidential technology firsts:

    May 10, 1877 – Rutherford B. Hayes welcomed the first telephone into the White House. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, gave him instructions on how to use it. President Grover Cleveland, who took office 16 years later, was said to have answered the White House phone personally.

    1891 – The White House was first wired for electricity in 1891. Though Benjamin Harrison was in office, he and his wife were said to be so fearful of this new invention that they continued to use oil lamps, rather than electric lights.

    June 14, 1922 - Warren G. Harding was the first president to give a speech over the radio. He also had the first radio installed in the White House in February of that same year.

    October 5 1947 – Harry Truman made the first-ever televised presidential address from the White House. The first televised presidential debate didn’t occur until almost 13 years later during the 1960 Presidential Election.

    October 21, 1994 – The First White House website was launched during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Bill Clinton was also the first president to send an email.

    From AM radios to Internet radios and from books to eBook readers, it’s easy to see that technology has come a long way since the first telephone was installed in the White House over 130 years ago.

    What will be the next Presidential technology first?

  • The Forgotten Grammy Nominees

    January begins a long season of award shows, but perhaps the most anticipated music awards show occurs in February: The Grammys. People are already buzzing about Grammy nominees and surprise performances (will this be the Brittney Spears comeback the world is waiting for?).

    One genre that won’t be represented at this year’s Grammy Awards: the Polka. Though that might not come as a shock, until 2009, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences included a polka category as a part of the famed awards show. Though the Recording Academy might not be honoring the Polka this year, we are because, though you may not realize it, there’s a lot to love about the Polka:

    5 Reasons to Love the Polka

    Reason #1
    The Polka is both a genre of music and a type of dance.

    Reason #2
    The Polka was originally derived from the sound of traditional farm equipment (you can’t get a whole lot more ‘folk’ than that!)

    Reason #3
    Versions of the Polka are found in over 20 countries! (How about that for worldwide acclaim?)

    Reason #4
    The Polka has been around for over 200 years; that’s longer than rock, hip-hop or jazz.

    Reason #5
    Many believe that “polka dots”, a common fabric print, got their name from this dance, because both the dance and the dots were popular at the same time!

    Want to experience the Polka for yourself? Just because you won’t hear it at the Grammys, doesn’t mean you can’t hear it at home. So, plug in your “Bump“ Wireless Speakers, stick your iPod into your BRICK Speaker Dock or tune your Internet Radio Alarm Clock to your new favorite polka station, and get up and dance!

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