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  • Early Thanksgiving Preparations!

    Hello! Happy Monday and Happy Halloween!! I hope everyone will enjoy this spooky day with fun costumes and LOTS of treats!

    Kind of crazy how we spend so much time preparing and getting ready for this holiday for it to be over...in one day. That can be said with every holiday especially Christmas! Well now that Halloween will be over in less than 24 hours, we now have to start prepping for the next big holiday that is THANKSGIVING. Okay. I love Thanksgiving. It's just so much fun grubbing your heart out with all your close friends and family.

    It's been nearly four hundred years since Plymouth colonists and some friendly Native Americans shared a warm and open feast of thanks. Things have certainly changed since the first meal. When Abraham Lincoln announced Thanksgiving to be national holiday in 1863, the most technology that came into play was photography. However, today we can recognize the important role technology can play in this delicious holiday.

    Here are 5 ways to use technology on Thanksgiving Day:

    Cooking Digitally :

    In the past, the pages in cookbooks would be bookmarked or torn out, and recipe cards would be selected for this special day. Today, we can say rest in peace to cookbooks and recipe boxes because recipes are easier to find on the internet! I don’t even remember the last time I opened up a cookbook! My favorite part about doing this online is if you want to substitute a certain ingredient, OR if you don’t have that ingredient the internet helps you find alternative solutions that works very well. Get started early this year and bookmark all your meals and side dishes!

    Thanksgiving Football :

    Two things are guaranteed on Thanksgiving: Turkey and Football. In fact there's so much football on TV that you probably can't watch all the games at once. What I like to do (ghetto-style) is have the main game on our TV screen, and then have 2 laptops streaming the other games. Hey, it works! Another way to do it is to record the other games if you have DVR. If you have Verizon as your cell phone provider, make sure to download the NFL Mobile app!  They added a new feature where it allows you to live stream football games! We have Sling TV so we can stream the games on our phones, Chromecast it to our TV or just watch it on our laptops!

    If you like to watch the games on the big screen but don't have cable TV or even a good digital antennae, just stream the game on your laptop and have it hooked up to your TV with Aluratek's 6 Foot HDMI to HDMI Cable!


    The cable provides the easiest way to connect your digital video sources to your HD/LCD display as it enables only one cable to deliver both high-definition video and multi-channel, digital audio. It enables intelligent, two-way communication between digital sources.

    Video "Cameraing" With Your Family :

    Thanksgiving is a holiday where you should be able to spend it with your family. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get every single family member and relative to join you on the special day. FORTUNATELY, there’s Skype. Video-conferencing is the best way to interact with your family visually. We recommend you grab a laptop and prop it up on the Thanksgiving table, start Skype and call in your favorite relative! You can FaceTime them as well!

    Fun Games :

    After pigging out, belt-loosening, and pigging out some more, all you want to do is relax and have fun with the family, right? What about kicking it on the couch and playing some video games? As long as it’s not a gory, nausea-inducing game that's going to cause you to spew your dinner….you’re all good. Some people feel like they need to move around after all the eating so what a better way to just dance around instead? Two words: Dance. Central. Moon-walk and cabbage patch your way to feeling that you got at least some exercise in! Or if you REALLY feel the need to work out...(what?!), just grab a pair of Bluetooth earbuds and head over to a gym (if they're even open!) or go out for a jog outside!

    Share Your Thanksgiving With The World!

    Every Thanksgiving, all of my friends are taking pictures of their dinner table that’s filled with FOOD and posts them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. A part of me feels like they’re trying to say, “My Thanksgiving meal is better than yours!” Ha-ha! But it’s great to see everyone’s posts because I know they’re enjoying the holiday! So why not participate and show off your fabulous dinner table as well? Do it! Make sure to also transfer those Facebook and Twitter photos into your WiFi Digital Photo Frame to share your fun times with everyone who comes to visit your home! Oh, you're asking what if you don't have one?! Well we sell them! ;)

    AWDMPF110F_lifestyle AWDMPF208F_image sharing

    Yes, it's not even November yet and YES it's still almost a month until Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean its TOO early to start preparing for one of the most delicious holidays of the year! (I'm already planning Thanksgiving with my friends...) hehe.

    Happy Halloween, folks! STAY SAFE OUT THERE!!!

  • Monster Madness


    Celebrate the creepiest time of the year by entering into our Monster Madness raffle! Our monsters will be giving away a different Aluratek product each day for the next 5 days so you can be prepared for all the spooky, dark nights ahead.

    All you need to do is go to our Monster Madness promotion - LIKE and SHARE on our Facebook page, RETWEET and FOLLOW on our Twitter page to be entered into our daily raffles! Make sure to go on both social media platforms for a better chance to win! Good luck!

  • Monster Savings!


    Halloween is fast approaching so why not treat yourself to some Aluratek goodies that will go great with this month of costumes, spooky decorations and fun with family and friends. We specifically hand picked our tech goodies that feature LED lighting to help keep the monsters away while you trick or treat, add light to a scary bedtime story or add some mood lighting to your Halloween decor.

    Hurry! This promotion extends through October 15, 2016.

  • Walk The Halloween Runway

    Yay! Happy October! I love October because it means that the weather is starting to cool down, everyone is slowly embracing the upcoming holiday seasons, pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, and Halloween costumes!

    Every year I love to research and look up how creative and clever people can get with their costumes - even for their pets! Some are straight up hilarious and others are VERY creative - either way, they're all enjoyable and I would love to share some tech-related Halloween costumes I've found on the good old' internet this morning!

    1. Pokemon!

    If you haven't been living under a rock this year, you will know that Pokemon has taken over the galaxy. With Nintendo's Pokemon Go app installed in almost every smartphone in the world, people are reconnecting with their old or current childhood moments - with costumes!


    2. Star Wars

    People really go all out for Star Wars! I mean ALL OUT! As in, you can hardly tell the difference between the person in the costume VS. the actual character in the movie. For example, check out Queen Amidala...

    Pretty good, huh?


    So cute! Girl version of Han Solo!

    3. Marvel


    Rogue & Gambit

    How to make a Thor Costume


    How to make a Fantastic Four "Thing" costume

    Fantastic Four's The Thing!

    4. Anything smartphone related


    Snapchat's Rainbow Barf filter! This definitely made it into one of the best and memorable things that ever happened with social media features so why not become one for Halloween!

    Image result for social media halloween costume

    emojis! So easy to do and you can team up with your buddies to make a combination of your favorite emojis!

    Image result for social media halloween costume

    Google maps LOL

    Image result for social media halloween costume

    All 4 major social medias platforms - Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter

    It's never too early to start brainstorming who or what you want to be this year for Halloween, so maybe some of these will spark an idea?

    Do you like any of the tech-Halloween costumes above? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to share with us, or leave a comment below!

  • Tech Or Treat Giveaway

    Tech Or Treat

    For this week of Halloween, Aluratek would like to invite you to participate in our Tech Or Treat Giveaway. Beginning October 26th through October 30th, you can enter our raffle to win fun prizes.

    Check out our Twitter feed to see our tweets on this promotion. Simply RETWEET any promotional tweet that contains the #TechOrTreat hashtag and FOLLOW @Aluratek to be entered into the raffle. The raffle will be held on the morning of October 30th with the winner announced shortly thereafter. Winner can choose between "Tech" or "Treat" as their prize.

    Each day we will also feature a new game you can participate in. The winner of each day's game can choose between "Tech" or "Treat" as their prize as well.

    Don't forget to RETWEET these daily games for an additional chance to win. The more you RETWEET - the better your chances you have to win!

    Good luck and Happy Halloween!


  • Treat Yourself to Halloween Goodies

    Happy Monday!

    Halloween is approaching and why not treat yourself to some Aluratek goodies that will go great with this month of eclectic costumes, spooky decorations and fun with family and friends. We specifically hand picked our tech goodies that feature LED lighting to help keep the ghosts away while you trick or treat, add light to a scary bedtime story or add some mood lighting to your Halloween decor.

    Teat Yourself

    Hurry! This promotion only extends through October 26, 2015!

    Which one of our LED products do you think will go perfectly with your Halloween festivities? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Clever Tech Halloween Costumes

    Halloween is just around the corner! Do you have a costume yet? Every year I see people get more creative with their homemade costumes and it's pretty smart because it's unique AND they save a ton of money making it on their own. Here are some pretty cool tech costumes that may spark up ideas for yourself!

    Google Maps - Cut out a large poster board in the shape of GPS marker, paint a simple road map on a plain T-shirt and you're pretty good to go. How adorable is this couple!?
    Instagram - if you're good with a sewing machine then create your own little Instagram outfit like this girl did! Very creative!
    Facebook! This is very simple. Cut out a large poster board, print out Facebook icons, your name and a few pictures and bam! You got yourself a Facebook costume. Cheap and easy.


    Candy crush! Super colorful and very creative!
    Mr. and Mrs. Pacman - Oh brings me back to the 90s!


    Lifesize Gameboy?! Yes, please!
    Who remembers Tamagotchi?
    Classic VHS tape.


    Emoji Dancing Girls!

    To view more fun costumes, click here.

    What tech-related costume would you wear for Halloween? Let us know. Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Tech- Halloween Part II

    Memes are huge this year.  So are superheroes, iPhone and social media bodysuits. Ditch the boring bloody fangs this year and create a costume that will turn heads and make others go “aha!”

    Earlier this month, I blogged about social media costumes that were quite impressive! But you can push yourself even further and have your entire night of Halloween be tech themed!

    So here’s part 2 of my Halloween entry =)

    Host a Halloween party!

    - Invitations: Unless it’s for a wedding, I haven’t seen many physical invitations being mailed or hand delivered in a while. Facebook has become the main source of invitations for all sorts of events. Birthdays dinners, Bridal showers, and Halloween parties are a few invitations that I’ve received in the past couple of weeks! It’s the easiest way to reach out and get a fast response from people! It will make sure it gets to all your friends, and it is convenient because it helps you keep track of RSVPs. You can create a fun Halloween themed look of your invitation using imagery as well!

    - Music: I love making a playlist for any event! Creating a playlist for your party is a place where Spotify can be used to its fullest potential. As long as the computer / laptop is connected to the internet, you can search unlimited music on Spotify. Whether it’s Halloween music or the latest hit by Taylor Swift, there's something for everyone.

    - Tricks: Halloween is an occasion where simple tech special effects and a little bit of showmanship can go a long way. If you’ve got wireless speakers or even one where with a cord that’s easy to hide, then you’ve got pretty much everything you need to scare the living nightmare out of your party guests.

    Example: Concealing a speaker under a chair or an unexpected location and queuing it to play screams at random intervals is a perfect way to make your guests jump.

    - Decorations: Just watch this video and be amazed.

    Do you have any ideas for a tech-Halloween? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Social Media Costume Ideas For Halloween

    Halloween is approaching fast and you need time to get your costumes ready to go! I've seen very creative DIY costumes that look amazing, and I was thinking...why not make your own costume that is trending the tech world today?!

    When I think about today's technology I think of smartphones, and then I start to think about social media. The social media world has certainly taken over, and everyone's face is glued to their smartphone screen as they're updating their lives with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media app news feeds, or posting up their own content for the world to view. I started researching whether people have actually created costumes relating to social media and BOY, was I surprised AND impressed!

    Check these awesome and creative social media costumes people have made by themselves! Maybe this will give you an idea for this year's Halloween costume because it will definitely be a head-turner!


    Hween 12
    Hween 11



    Hween 10
    Hween 8
    Hween 7
    Hween 9


    Hween 4


    Hween 13


    Hween 2


    Hween 14

    SNAPCHAT (last one is too funny!)

    Hween 5
    Hween 6
    Hween 3

    Share your tech costumes with us on OUR social media sites! Visit our FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Tech Costume Ideas For Halloween

    You still have a couple weeks before Halloween to come up with a cool costume for your work costume contest and/or Halloween party with your buddies. Halloween always seems to come up so fast and before you know it its the inevitable rush to put something together.

    Because Aluratek is in the tech business, here are some cool ideas for tech costumes - and you still have time to put them together.

    3-D Glasses Dress
    3-D is all the rage at the moment, so why not go out for Halloween dressed as a pair of 3-D glasses? Everyone will know where the inspiration for this dress came from as long as they have used those cheap 3D glasses somewhere along the line in their life.

    Playable Pac-Man Costume
    This wearable, playable Pac-Man arcade is all but guaranteed to win any costume contest this Halloween. Pretty awesome if you have the time and ingenuity. Also, you are not just limited to Pac-Man, but any 80's claasic game you have would work. Click here to see the necessary steps to make one yourself.

    Gaping Hole Costume
    This one is awesome. Again, if you have the time and ingenuity this costume will have everyone talking. The idea is to put a webcam on your back, an LCD from a old DVD player on the front and send the signal from back to front — and the result is magic. Brilliant. Click here to see how it's done.

    Twitter Yourself
    How about dressing up as the physical manifestation of Twitter? All you'll need is thousands of Post-It Notes. Have your friends continue to stick twitter messages all over your body. Jerk your head around in all directions as you follow everyone in the room while speaking in hashtags & RTs.

    Facebook Profile
    It’s really easy, the idea is to slap a poster of your Facebook profile onto a whiteboard, and attach it to your body. If you’re the creative type, you’ll figure out advanced ways to do it, but even this basic setup will do just fine. Don't forget to cut out a large hole for your head. Click here to for tips and examples.

    Othe ideas could be dress as your favorite CEO / tech genius, cloud computing, green IT, the Twitter bird, Farmville avatar, blue screen of death , YouTube video or Google.

    The ideas are limitlessWhat are you planning to dress up as for Halloween? Share your ideas and pictures with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below! Happy Halloween!

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