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  • Aluratek WiFi Digital Photo Frame = Perfect Gift!

    Earlier this month we were fortunate to receive a great review from Cher from the Mom and More Blog regarding our 10 inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame with Touchscreen IPS LCD Display and 8GB Built-in Memory. This is a Best Buy exclusive frame and can only be purchased from Best Buy. You may also find our 10" Slim and 14" Digital Frame models. Read an excerpt from her review below and run out to Best Buy with your holiday gift cards and pick one up today! This frame is the perfect gift for anyone you want to share photo with.

    "When digital picture frames first came out I remember them being a big deal. Back then you had to put the camera’s SD card in the frame to display pictures but it was then a pain to update them. I mean who has the time to pop out the SD card, put new pictures on it and then re-display? So basically what happened for us was we loaded pictures on our frame and then never updated them.

    Well now with WiFi and the “cloud”, technology is getting more and more user-friendly. Now there is no excuses for not displaying new photos thanks to the Aluratek WiFi Digital Photo Frame! It is a touchscreen digital photo frame that connects to your WiFi so photos can be shared and displayed automatically! To make it even easier, you can even sync the frame with your Facebook and Twitter accounts so any image you post to those accounts will transfer directly to the frame..."

    WiFi Digital Photo Frame

    10" WiFi Digital Frame - home menu

    Sound good so far? Read the rest of the review over at Mom and More.

    Do you have an Aluratek 10" WiFi Digital Photo Frame? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to share with us, or leave a comment below!

  • Coming Soon...

    We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our 2 newest products! They're not available for purchase just yet, but I thought I could give ya'll a heads up ;)

    As you all probably know by now, Aluratek is known mainly for our huge selection of Digital Photo Frames that vary from WiFi features to motion sensor abilities! Today I would like to introduce our newest addition to the Digital Photo Frame family...

    The 8 inch Digital Photo Frame with Built-in Rechargeable Battery and 4GB Built-in Memory


    What separates this Digital Photo Frame from the rest is that it comes equipped with a BUILT-IN rechargeable 8,000 mAh lithium-ion battery. On a full charge you can enjoy up to 12 hours of slideshow viewing and 9 hours of video play. And of course, the frame comes with the best quality with incredible image clarity in rich and vibrant colors. It can be a great addition to any room of your house or office environment as well!

    Our 2nd newest product that I am excited to announce is our -

    Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Cooling Table with a Fan


    This laptop cooling table fan is a great solution to cool your laptop while providing a comfortable working surface. You can easily use this table on your bed, couch, a nice lawn chair, the pool...etc! Not only is it portable for any environment, but when plugged into your laptop, the table provides a constant even flow of cool air to keep it from overheating. The surface of the table features tilt control and adjustable height so you can create an ergonomic work station wherever you are. Take a look below!

    ACT01F_height adjustment ACT01F_tilt angle

    Both the 8" Digital Photo Frame with Built-in Rechargeable Battery and the Adjustable Laptop Cooling Table with Fan are on its way so stay tuned! We are so excited!!!

    Which of our 2 new products do you see yourself with? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to share with us, or leave a comment below

  • 3 New Digital Photo Frames For You!

    If you didn't know already, Digital Photo Frames is kind of our thing. We have a huge variety of all different frames from small ones where you can place in your living room to large frames that can be used for digital signage at your store! We have em' all.

    We want to introduce you to 3 more that have been added to our Digital Photo Frame family! These are exclusive digital photo frames and can be only purchased from Best Buy.

    1. 10 inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame with Touchscreen IPS LCD Display and 8GB Built-in Memory


    The WiFi Digital Photo Frame is a great way to instantly share your photos by connecting to any WiFi network! Using your social media account from Facebook, Twitter or our photo cloud app, any image you post with your smartphone or tablet will transfer directly to the frame without any difficulty!

    For more information, go to our product page.

    To purchase a WiFi Digital Photo Frame click here.

    2. 10 inch Slim Digital Photo Frame with 4GB Built-in Memory


    Aluratek's 10" Slim Digital Photo Frame will allow you to set-up photo slideshows set to background music. Slideshows can be configured to play photos in various display and transition modes. It can also play videos and music through the frame's speakers.

    For more information, go to our product page.

    To purchase a 10" Slim Digital Photo Frame, click here.

    3. 8 inch Slim Digital Photo Frame with Auto Slideshow Feature


    The 8 inch Slim Digital Photo Frame is perfect to set down in any room to make you and your guests feel at home! Slideshows can be configured to play photos in various display and transition modes. Your photos will be resized to fit the LCD screen so you won't have to worry about dimensions!

    For more information, go to our product page.

    To purchase a 8" Slim Digital Photo Frame, click here.

    Which one of our 3 frames do you like best? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to share with us, or leave a comment below!

  • Happy Father’s Day from Aluratek

    Dad. He’s your role model, your voice of reason and even your personal ATM. Shouldn't he have a day that’s all about him?

    Father’s Day is June 19 and this day dedicated to Dad is a perfect opportunity to thank him for all he’s done for you. One way to do that is to get him a really great gift.

    What’s one thing that dads enjoy almost as much as their loving children and adoring wives? Technology. And, as you might have guessed, we have just the stuff for dad this Father’s Day. With so many great gadgets, sometimes it’s hard to pick just one, so we’ve done the work for you! Here are our top three picks for dads.

    3 Awesome Gadgets that Dad will Love:

    For the Sentimental Dad: A Libre Touch eBook Reader

    Remember curling up on the couch reading bedtime stories with dad? Technology has come a long way since those bedtime story days! The LIBRE Touch eBook reader has easy to read text, is extremely light and has built in WiFi. It features the latest book selection along with local library support.  Bedtime stories have never been this good!

    For the Proud Dad: An 8 inch Digital Photo Frame

    With all the pictures dad has of you, why not give him the gift where he can display them proudly? This digital photo frame allows dad to show off his “pride and joy” with a photo slideshow that automatically begins with background music. He can display it on a tabletop with the included frame stand or mount it on any wall. Digital frames are a great way for dad to cherish his favorite photos forever without having to sift through bulky photo albums.

    For the Dad Who Has it All: His own USB Charging Station

    This USB charging station supports smartphones, MP3 players and even tablets! It has a built–in circuit protection and is designed so you don’t lose an electrical AC outlet. This is a perfect gift for the tech gadget-loving dad who has it all. He has to charge his favorite electronics at some point, right? Get him this all-inclusive charging station and make sure he always has an easy place to recharge.

    Dad has been there to hold onto the back of your bike when he took the training wheels off, cheer you on, sit through graduations and much more. Why not spoil him and give him the gift all dads want? Technology.

    Looking for more great gifts for Dad? Visit our product page to check out more fun products.

  • Beyond the Frame: Aluratek’s Digital Lifestyle Devices

    Aluratek goes above and beyond the normal digital photo frame with their digital lifestyle devices.

    Available from $39.99 to $299.99, Aluratek’s digital lifestyle devices combines the normal digital picture frame display with the option to listen to music and even watch home videos.

    The digital lifestyle device line comes in 7", 8", 10.2", 12", 15" and 19"screen sizes, perfect for anyone and EVERYone’s viewing pleasure.

    And, in typical Aluratek fashion, we even have some of our digital lifestyle devices at a discounted rate!

    Current digital lifestyle device sales include:

    -  12 inch Digital Photo Frame with 512MB Built-in Memory – now $99.99 from $109.99

    -  10.2 inch Digital Photo Frame with 512MB Built-in Memory – now $79.99 from $89.99

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