See The Sun's 'Ring of Fire' in Solar Eclipse

It was just last week I had read an article about the "supermoon" showing itself in the night sky last Saturday.  I posted on Facebook that the Moon will be as close as it ever gets to Earth. The moon will be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons. I hope you had a chance to see it because it truly was a sight to see. I only wish I would have taken a photo.

But you dont have to wait to much futher for another heavenly treat. A solar eclipse on May 20 will be visible from much of western North America. Apparently this is known as an annular eclipse in which the moon blocks out most of the sun but leaves a ring of light visible around its circumference.

You may be asking, what does annular mean? Well, annular comes from the Latin word annulus (ring) and refers to the fact that a ring of sun shines all around the moon. You can track the movements of the eclipse at NASA's website and some pictures and information on how to safely view the eclipse.

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One thought on “See The Sun's 'Ring of Fire' in Solar Eclipse ”

  • Gadget Luver

    I did have a chance to see the Solar Eclipse. It was really spectacular to see. I know if sounds weird but I was able to view the sun best looking thru a red baloon. I just happened to be at a party and couldn's stare at it directly even with my sun glasses on so I grabbed the baloon and was aple to see perfectly thru it. I liked it almost as much as my new Aluratek 7" Tablet!

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