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  • Gifting With GiftPixel

    People love giving and receiving gifts. Gifts are so much better when accompanied with a thoughtful message or some kind words and a smile.

    Have you ever wanted to buy someone a gift online but though better because there was no way to personalize the gift giving experience? Well, now there is a way thanks to GiftPixel.

    Aluratek is happy to announce a new service designed by our friends at GiftPixel which allows for a fun and creative way to gift a product while making it more personal and engaging. GiftPixel is integrated right into our online checkout system making the process of gifting easy to do in just a few additional steps.

    GiftPixel lets customers purchasing a gift from to create a personalized video or ecard to accompany their gift. When a gift recipient receives their package, they are alerted that a message is waiting for them, and will be directed back to our site for viewing.

    Watch GiftPixel's short one minute video below to see how it works:


    Here is what the gifting process will look like from

    giftpixel1 Check the box "This order contained a gift". You can choose to create a personalized video ...
    or you can choose to create an ecard. ... or you can choose to create an ecard.
    giftpixel3 From the dropdown menu you can select between various themes like birthday, thank you and holidays.
    giftpixel4 Browse and select a background.
    giftpixel5 Enter your message.
    giftpixel6 Enter in your contact details and click save.
    giftpixel7 Confirmation message will appear when you have successfully scheduled your ecard.


    So next time you are looking for that perfect online gift for a loved one, please consider an Aluratek product and gifting With GiftPixel.

    What do you think of the GiftPixel gifting service? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • February: Spotlight Of The Month

    Every month we want to dedicate a blog post to one of our products.

    So for the month of February, the spotlight goes to... *drum roll please...*

    The USB 3.0 Port Extender for iMac

    They are being shipped, and will arrive very shortly, but I want to share with you the joy of having this little device on hand !

    AUHM0301F_side angle

    Aluratek's USB 3.0 Port Extender for iMac brings an easily accessible USB 3.0 port to the front of your computer. Apple’s recent iMac models are designed with the USB ports hidden on the backside making connecting and disconnecting peripherals a challenge especially if you are frequently accessing these ports.

    AUHM0301F_back angleAUHM0301_with iMac

    Made specifically to work with iMac (released November 2012 or later), AUHM0301F simply plugs into one of the USB ports on the back of your iMac. The creative "J" shape design of AUHM0301F extends a USB 3.0 port around to the front of your computer and snugly attaches into one of the air-vent holes on the bottom edge of your iMac. You can use multiple extenders if looking to connect multiple USB devices.

    AUHM0301F_with flash drive AUHM0301F_with iPhone

    It's very light and compact. You can literally stick this device in your backpack, purse, suitcase....even your pocket! What?? ;) Be patient for the USB 3.0 Portable SATA iMac Extender will be coming soon!

    Do you think the iMac Extender will be useful to you? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Random Acts of Kindness

    It's the start of the week. Mondays. Oh boy. Back to grind! It sure can be a drag when you had such a fun time over the weekend, and then you have to return back to the routine life, right? I think many people share the same pain (#thestruggleisreal). However, what if we can do something to spark it up a little? Maybe something selfless to enlighten someone else for a change? We live in a generation where WE want to make money, WE need to succeed, and nothing is wrong with that, but it would be nice to step out of our normal schedule and our comfort zone and attempt something new.


    Did you know that today is the start of International Random Acts of Kindness week? Such a random idea (no pun intended). If you've never heard of "R.A.K.", it's when you choose someone to uplift and be kind to. Sounds odd, but it's actually a very sweet gesture. You may know someone who is going through a rough patch, or someone who just wants to be noticed. It can also be your sister who is pregnant, or just someone you know that you want to encourage...just because! Basically, anyone! This is the time to go out of your way to make let that person know that he/she is loved.

    Here are a few ideas to R.A.K. someone DIGITALLY (of course): 

    1. A simple text or e-mail can go a long way. Why not send a short and sweet message of encouragement to someone who has been on your mind? I promise that it will bring a smile to their face!

    2. Dedicate a Instagram post to them! A great one is Throwback Thursdays! Surprise them by posting up a picture of you two that you took in the past with a nice caption saying how much you miss them, or telling them to have a great day! Make sure to hashtag #tbt and their names so they get notified!

    3. Snapchat them a fun video selfie message, or snap a picture of something that reminds you of them so they know you are thinking of them!

    4. Download the Kindr app and send out compliments, hugs, messages and even cute animals!

    5. Words are powerful but so are thoughtful gifts. R.A.K. them with some of our very affordable products that are SURE to make them exuberant and grateful to have you as a friend / sister/ brother/ mother/ father...etc you know what I mean ;) Aluratek is currently holding a Valentine's Day promotion. Just because your gift isn't going towards a significant other doesn't necessarily mean you can't purchase anything from this promotion! It's a holiday representing LOVE and there are so many different types of love!

    The International Random Acts of Kindness week ends February 15, but just because that's the last day doesn't mean you can't continue to show kind gestures to people. It should be something we want to do on a daily basis, so no matter what don't let February 15th stop you from displaying love to others! Happy R.A.K. Week!

    Who are you going to R.A.K. this week? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Sweet Valentine's Savings


    Valentine’s Day is next Saturday! Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day together or your 30th, make this day truly special with a gift that your one and only will absolutely love! For this month, Aluratek would like to present , "Sweet Valentine's Savings". We have carefully selected a collection of special deals that include ear buds, Bluetooth tablet stands, digital photo frames, and more! Skip the flowers and chocolate this year and get that special someone a gift that they’ll cherish for years to come!

    Better hurry if you want your order to arrive on time! This promotion will extend through February 14, 2015! Happy shopping!

    Which product would your significant other would appreciate from our list ? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Excessive Heat Can Harm Your Laptop

    Slim USB Laptop Cooling Pad

    We all know that excessive heat harms the performance of any electronic device. Aluratek has a great solution to protect and extend the life of your laptop with our new Slim USB Laptop Cooling Pads.

    Slim USB Laptop Cooling Pad - features

    This cooling pad provides a constant even flow of cool air to keep your system from overheating. The laptop cooling pad supports MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Chromebook, Ultrabook, netbooks and all laptops up to 17 inches.

    The cooling pad is designed to be slim and lightweight while keeping its durability. You will love the blue LEDs that illuminate the entire surface of the cooling pad. The angled surface creates an ideal viewing and ergonomic typing angle. Connect the pad to your laptop with the attached USB cable which includes a USB host port so you don't lose a USB port on your laptop. The cooling pad is USB bus powered with low power consumption so no need for an external power adapter. The USB cable tucks neatly underneath the pad for easy portability.

    Slim USB Laptop Cooling Pad - lifestyle

    Whether you're at home, school, or work, the Slim USB Laptop Cooling Pad will provide your laptop with the airflow needed to keep your system running at its best.

    Do you think our Laptop Cooling Pads can work for you? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Super Bowl - Tech Ideas

    New England Patriots VS. Seattle Seahawks. Who are you rooting for? The Super Bowl is already here! Did you know last year's Super Bowl surpassed the previous year's game, and became the most watched television program of all time with an audience of 111.5 million viewers? So imagine how many football AND non-football fans will be tuning in this year! Especially with all the talk about how New England cheated, it's probably going to be a big turn out.

    I'm especially excited for the Super Bowl commercials. Many big name brands are dishing out millions of dollars just to get their 30 second spotlight on the biggest platform in America. It's actually so expensive to buy a Super Bowl ad that many other companies will be relying on the internet to help. For example, Newcastle Ale couldn't afford a ad so they relied on YouTube to start a campaign going where the proceeds goes towards buying a commercial. The previous years, Pepsi has really brought their A game with their half-time show. Who can forget Beyonce's fierce performance 2 years ago, and an impressive smooth Bruno Mars charming the stage last year. As you know, Katy Perry will be doing her thing at this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show, and it will most likely be a huge digital production along with awesome special effects. How exciting!

    Where are you watching the Super Bowl? People love to open up their house to host the game. I love how party hosts get creative with the whole thing. From food to ummm...what else? Yeah food is pretty significant at a Super Bowl party. Other than watching the game, having a plate of good grub is what makes Super Bowl Sunday that much more enjoyable! What more do you need?! If you need to spark some creativity for your own party, and since we are a tech company, here are a couple digital friends that can help make your day easier and fun:

    - Pinterest!!! Pinterest is my best friend when you need to collect ideas for any event! From weddings to birthdays to SUPER BOWL PARTIES! That's right! Just type in "Super Bowl food" and be prepared to get awesome ideas for your party.

    NFL Homegating app. This app has a countdown to kick-off and also includes recipes to choose from!

    - Drink Fly / Saucey / Drizly: Depending where you live, these 3 apps can deliver you beers, spirits, wine in less than an hour! How convenient!

    Alcahoot: This little handy gadget gets plugged into your phone and acts as its own breathalyzer. By reading the palm of your hand, it can monitor your blood alcohol level and even hail a taxi for you. We know alcohol is a big part of watching the Super Bowl and how much it can effect people (especially if you're a die-hard fan and your team is losing), so Alcahoot is very functional for those moments.

    Counting the days until kick-off! :)

    How are you going to make your Super Bowl experience digital? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!


  • Exciting News!

    Aluratek was launched back in 2006, and just like every company starting out there is always that fear of the unknown, and hope that the business will do well and flourish. That was Aluratek and it has been quite an adventure. Now here we are in the year of 2015 and still going strong! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the success of your hard work, and we at Aluratek couldn't be more proud!

    Well, we have some good news to share. We are extremely ecstatic to announce that Aluratek is expanding! Woo-hoo (fist pump)!! Our 2nd branch and new office is located in Youngstown, Ohio. The sales team is already to go! They are moving fast to get awesome new products your way, so stay tuned!

    Thank you to all our faithful customers for helping us get here!

    OhioOffice Ohio office!

    Let us know what you think about our expansion! Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Docking Station Improves Productivity

    USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station - front

    Perhaps for one of your New Year's resolutions you decided to be more productive and efficient at home or the office. But just how do you do this? Well, if you have not found the right solution we would like to suggest our new USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station.

    Just what is a docking station and how can it help me? Often times, laptops, ultrabooks and macbooks lack enough ports for connectivity. The USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station is a simple, space-saving way to turn one USB port into six USB connections making your laptop the ultimate desktop workstation by giving you access to all of your USB peripherals, dual video ports and an Ethernet network connection

    to increase user productivity in your home of office. Enjoy SuperSpeed USB 3.0 data transmission up to 5 Gbps between USB peripherals. In addition, the docking station is equipped with dual video outputs so you can connect your laptop to two monitors and an Ethernet port for direct connection to wired networks.

    USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station - extended mode USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station - extended mode
    USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station - mirror mode USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station - mirror mode


    HD Dual Display Support

    The USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station is equipped with dual 1080p HD video outputs (HDMI and DVI) so you can mirror your primary screen or extend your desktop to view data across multiple screens or with display continuity. The video ports deliver HD video up to 2048 x 1152 resolution. Multi-task more effectively without overlapping windows.

    USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station - back

    Complete Workstation

    Creating a personalized workstation has never been easier. The USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station includes four USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports for connecting USB peripherals such as external hard drives, printers, mice, keyboards and more. Connect speakers, headphones or a microphone to the audio in/out ports and connect to the internet via the Gigabit Ethernet port.

    What do you think of our new docking station? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • My First CES Experience!

    CES. WAS. AWESOME!!! Wow. It was quite amazing what I was able to see and I feel quite lucky to be able to be apart of it all! I wasn't too sure what to expect at CES. All I knew was that it was going to be a big show with big name companies showing off what they got. It was way more then that! There were small booths to gigantic ones that displayed their latest products! From power banks to self vacuums to remote controlled drones to even cars, CES had it all. I was there for only one day, so I had to squeeze in almost everything with just the few hours I had.

    image Excited about our road trip to Vegaaaas....except the sleepyhead in the back. What a party pooper! ;)
    image_1 Kind of hard to see what's going on because of the net, but there was a pretty cool performance with the use of drones!


    image_5 I really liked how Polaroid focused on a lot of creative street art.


    IMG_2503 Have you guys heard of Changhong?! I never did, but they sell TV's and they were nice ones too! Look at their exhibit! SO beautiful!
    IMG_2504 This is Intel's exhibit. Very futuristic!


    image_7 Sony's exhibit.
    IMG_2508 Wish we had some more pictures of Samsung's booth! Everything was super clean and they displayed really cool products including a huge CURVED flat screen tv.
    IMG_2512 I think of all the exhibits, LG had to be my favorite. They really "up'd" their game this year. What I really liked about their show was that a lot of their products displayed things you can use in your everyday life. Ex: vacuums, kitchenware, wrist watch...etc
    IMG_2514 I liked Marley. They sell speakers and headphones, and they had live performances so that was pretty fun.
    IMG_2513 I loved their booth! It had a earthy feel to it.
    IMG_2515 sick car, bro!
    IMG_2516 motorcycle / car hybrid?
    This was really awesome! It's called 'The Beam'.  It allows users to interact with remote locations by combining video and audio with the freedom of motion to move around freely. This was really awesome! It's called 'The Beam'. It allows users to interact with remote locations by combining video and audio with the freedom of motion to move around. We were so impressed until we saw.....
    the MONSTER version!! Holy moly. the MONSTER version!! Holy moly.
    Fun photobooth for iHeartRadio! Fun photobooth for iHeartRadio!



    Here we are getting ready to stuff our faces at the Bellagio buffet! Yum! Here we are getting ready to stuff our faces at the Bellagio buffet! Yum!
    Grabbed some Shake Shack before departing back to California! Grabbed some Shake Shack before departing back to California!
    Until next time CES! (Party pooper #2 in the back) Until next time CES! (Party pooper #2 in the back)

  • 2015 International CES


    If you’re obsessed and excited about the future of technology then this week is for you! Starting this Tuesday to Friday, the industry’s biggest and most important tech companies in the world are showing off their latest and best products in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES is one of the biggest platforms to showcase your products to get noticed and attract attention. Big name companies such as Samsung, LG, Ford motor, Sony, and Intel will be present.

    Our sales team will be taking off tomorrow morning, and the creative department will be taking off on Wednesday. We are very excited to see what the show has in store for everyone. This will be my first CES show ever and I am ecstatic! I’m mostly excited about seeing the presentations on 3D Printing, Digital Imaging, and Sports Tech.

    It’s not too late to register, so if you’re interested you should definitely sign up today and explore amazing products that are defining the future of the tech world.

    What would you like to see at the 2015 International CES show? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below

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