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  • First Presidential Speech On TV

    Happy Monday!

    Did you know on this day in 1947, President Harry Truman made the very first-ever televised presidential address from the White house? The very FIRST televised address. It's completely normal to see President Obama on television delivering speeches and even watching interviews of him on talk shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, so the very first televised Presidential address from the White House is a big deal - at least in the tech world. American citiziens were able to truly engage in this first time experience.

    President Truman asked Americans to cut back on their use of grain in order to help starving Europeans. Europe at this time was recovering from WWII and currently suffering from starvation. He asked U.S. farmers and distillers to decrease the use of grain and requested Americans to be frugal on their daily food intake. For example - on Tuesdays the public forgo meat, on Thursdays will be eggs and poultry, etc. All of this was said on live television. In 1947, television was still in its debut and the number of TV sets in U.S. homes only numbered in the thousands. Most Americans sat around the radio for news, sports, entertainment. Although many missed out on Truman's TV debut, his speech would bridge a huge gap between the White House and a platform that would have an impact on how candidates campaigned for the office in years to come.

    President Truman's speech was televised almost 70 years ago and look how far we have come. We can watch live televised programs on our desktop, laptops and even our smartphones. I wonder what it will be like in another 70 years...

    How do you feel if you saw our U.S. President for the first time on live television? Let us know. Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Now Available!

    Hello, Happy Monday!

    We are excited to announce our two newest products that are now available! After much anticipation we would like to introduce Aluratek's -

    Bluetooth Universal Audio Transmitter


    Aluratek's Bluetooth Universal Audio Transmitter is the perfect solution to add Bluetooth transmitting functionality to any audio output device with a 3.5 mm AUX OUT, headset output or RCA output jack. Transmit audio wirelessly from a TV, stereo, desktop computer, laptop, walkman, CD player, MP3 player or even a motorcycle to a Bluetooth enabled device like Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth earbuds and Bluetooth speakers.


    Simply connect the transmitter directly or connect using the included 3.5 mm RCA Y-cable for the best desired set-up. The transmitter features volume control, power ON / OFF button and a built-in rechargeable battery so you can enjoy wireless audio transmitting up to 33 feet away from the transmitter for up to 10 hours on a full charge.

    Check out our product spotlight video:

    4-in-1 Emergency Vehicle Safety Tool

    Aluratek's 4-in-1 Emergency Vehicle Safety Tool is the essential emergency utility tool for every car and driver. The safety tool is compact, durable, easy to use and fits conveniently in your glove box or side door compartment so when an emergency strikes, your emergency tool will be within reach.

    With the Emergency Vehicle Safety Tool you will have everything you need to be prepared in an emergency. Add this tool to your car emergency supplies in the event of a life-threatening situation to keep you and your loved ones safe. Quickly escape your vehicle by shattering windows with the single-tipped built-in steel hammer. Cut unreleased seat belts quickly with the concealed razor blade. Power a dead smartphone in a crisis by charging it to the built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Illuminate a dark room or emergency situation by activating the integrated LED lightbar. Warn traffic of a broken down vehicle in little to no light areas by activating the emergency beacon so a tow truck or emergency vehicle can spot you on the side of the road.

    ACEK01F_lifestyle_battery charger ACEK01F_lifestyle_led lightbar ACEK01F_lifestyle_seatbelt cutter ACEK01F_lifestyle_steel hammer

    The safety tool includes a magnetic base so you can dock and mount it to any magnetic surface for use as a utility light in your garage. The compact design of the safety tool makes it very portable and easy to keep in your toolbox.

    Both these products are now available! Yay!

    What do you think about our newest Aluratek products? Let us know. Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Customer Testimonials Have Us Smiling

    Did you know you could write a review on any Aluratek product? As our website grows and we add more product solutions for our customers we want to know what you think about Aluratek. Reviews help us to better improve our products and understand what computing solutions are needed. Reviews also help fellow consumers make a more informed buying decision.

    We welcome reviews on our website and encourage our customers to write reviews with any one of our dozens and dozens of resellers across North America like Amazon, Newegg, Rakuten, B&H, Walmart, Best Buy etc.

    Here are some recent customer testimonials that have us smiling ear to ear:

    - (APB12F) 6000 mAh Portable Battery Charger with LED Flashlight
    Handy Little Tool by MikeC64
    Received this item as a gift this past holiday and i love how it will charge my phone really fast when my battery is low. I will be taking this camping with me on my next trip. Seems durable and is really lightweight.

    - (ABH14F) Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones - White
    Works great with my iPhone 6 and 6 Plus by la_15
    It pairs perfectly fine with my iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Love this product.

    - (ADMPF114F) 14 inch Digital Photo Frame with 2GB Built-in Memory
    Best gift ever by Elee
    It pairs perfectly fine with my iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Love this product.My daughter bought me this photo frame for Christmas and I am in love with it! She already had it filled with pictures and videos of our family memories. It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift! I am not tech-savvy at ALL and this frame was very easy to use! What I found to be most impressive is how clear all the pictures were. The colors were very vibrant and crisp. I recommend this photo frame to everyone. It would also make a really great gift! 

    - (ADMPF512F) 15 inch Digital Photo Frame with 2GB Built-in Memory
    Nice Product by Bruce
    Bought as a gift. Found it to be easy to set up (no real programming involved) simple to load files and run. Picture quality is pretty good. Overall I'm satisfied with this product.

    - (AIS01F) iStream Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver
    Perfect for new tablet to be used for outside music by SteveCt
    I bought a tablet to listen to music outside on the deck. I already have a nearby receiver with good outdoor speakers, formerly connected to another Bluetooth receiver for a pc in the living room by a wire. I wanted to use that system, didn't need to buy wireless speakers. This product is perfect for that. It paired instantly to the tablet - the audio is very good. It's nice being able to see a tune playing on Pandora to make note of it - or skipping songs without having to go in the house. I like that is has tones to acknowledge powering on and off. I was about to buy an AC powered unit, but didn't want to keep plugging/unplugging the power supply when not in use. I assume if the battery wears down this unit can be powered by a standard USB power supply - but the rated 12 hours is certainly reasonable. I like that the manual advised it's OK to use the device immediately - but reduced run time should be expected without a full charge.

    Stay tuned as we launch our new Ratings & Review Sweepstakes where we will hold a monthly raffle where you could win ans $100 shopping spree at!

    What do you think about your Aluratek product? Let us know. Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Falling Prices In Our Fall Liquidation Event

    Happy Monday!

    We are happy to announce this morning our Fall Liquidation Event! See our falling prices through the end of the month at our Outlet Store! Here, you can find most of our entire line of refurbished products plus some legacy items at unbelievable prices such as our popular line of Digital Photo Frames, Bluetooth Audio devices, Portable Battery Chargers, USB Accessories and more! We are talking 25%-50% and yes even 75% off items from their regular MSRP! Why can we offer such great savings? Product in the outlet store are refurbished items that are mostly customer returns that meet original factory specifications. You can learn more about our Certified Refurbished Product here.


    Fall does not officially start until Wednesday, September 23 (Autumnal Equinox) but that's not going to stop us from celebrating the turn of season early (and why not? It has been miserably hot around here as I'm sure you well know). Refurbished supply can be very limited and we can often run out of inventory. We recommend that you act quickly if you see an item that you like. There is something for everyone. Enjoy!

    Which refurbished product would be perfect to start off the fall season? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • National Love Your Files Week

    Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a relaxing and productive weekend.

    Did you know that this week is National Love Your Files Week? How random! But what a great excuse to finally get off our seats and start organizing and cleaning out our office space! Take advantage of this week to get your files in order and regain peace of mind. I know I need to get on this because my work space here at Aluratek AND my office at home is a disaster! Whoops :)

    Do you have a shoebox full of bills, receipts, or any other important documents? What about files on your desktop? Are there any files you know you don't need but you keep them on your computer anyway? *raises hand* I am so guilty of this! Anytime I think about organizing, I immediately freak out! I mean it's such a nightmare to organize (at least for me)! However after much research on this lovely national "holi-week" I found ways to be on top of things - Here are a few tips that can get you started :

    1. Determine what you absolutely need to hold on to and with everything else, toss it in the trash.

    2. Sort out your documents. Go through all your items / computer files  you have decided to hold on to and determine how exactly you want to organize them. How are your computer files going to be organized? Are they going to be sorted out in separate folders? Do you need two folders for your house and car information or will you keep them together?

    3. Create a list of which items you have filed away, which folder they are in and when they are no longer useful and can be thrown out. Creating an inventory will allow you to trash any items after a specified amount of time.

    4. Purchase a filing system. Whether it is a whole filing cabinet or a filing box for your physical documents or a external hard drive for your digital files, it is very important to keep all your documents in one place so they're not scattered all over your office or home!

    5. Most importantly, if you are organizing your computer you will need to back up your files. The last thing you want is for your hard drive to crash and wave sayonora to your precious documents! Back your files up!

    How hectic and chaotic is your filing system? Any other methods you want to suggest? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Goodbye Summer Savings

    Hello! Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a splendid Labors Day filled with lots of activities, food, friends/family, and my ultimate favorite - sleeping in!

    We are excited to announce our newest promotion! September is here and it's time to say wave goodbye to summer. Make your final summer push a success and save big bucks! Shop our handpicked selection of our Universal tablet cases, Azio by Aluratek gaming accessories, USB laptop cooling fans and a Wireless IP Surveillance Camera!


    Click here to  access the promo codes for discounted prices! Happy shopping!

    How are you going to say goodbye to summer? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Subscribe And Get 25% Off!

    With the unofficial end of summer approaching that means the holiday's are right around the corner. Hard to believe, I know, but it is never to early to get prepared. What better way to get ready than to subscribe to our eNewsletter and receive 25% off your first order at

    Sign up here to receive emails about Aluratek news updates, events, announcements and product offers for great gift ideas. Every couple weeks or so we will send out a new promotion where you will be sure to find more savings and discounts on a variety of Aluratek products.

    Enrollment is free as long as you maintain a valid email address and agree to continue to receive our eNewsletters.

    Feeling uneasy? is committed to protecting your privacy. We value your personal information the same way we value our own. We will NEVER share, lease or sell your private information to anyone. You can opt out anytime easily by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the eNewsletters.

    What products have your eye?  Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Bluetooth Universal Audio Transmitter

    Hello, happy Monday!

    Here at Aluratek we are very excited for our new Bluetooth Universal Audio Transmitter that will be arriving very soon!


    The Bluetooth Universal Audio Transmitter is the perfect solution to add Bluetooth transmitting functionality to any audio output device with a 3.5 mm AUX out, headset output or RCA output jack. Transmit audio wirelessly from a TV, stereo, desktop computer, laptop, walkman...etc!

    We just launched our new Product Spotlight video highlighting the Bluetooth Universal Audio Transmitter, so check just click play below and enjoy!

    How would you utilize our Bluetooth Universal Audio Transmitter?  Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • NFL's New And Improved Technology

    As we all know the NFL season is just around the corner. How exciting?! The preseason has started a couple weeks ago, and new tech gadgets have been tested to make play calling and organizing games a lot easier for coaches, players and even fans.

    The tech world has been making their statement in the sports world and here's how :

    1. Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 have arrived on the NFL sidelines. The Surface Pro 3 offers a bigger, lighter and thinner screen that provides clearer images. The stylus pen also comes in 4 colors making it easier to differentiate routes and plays.

    Surface Sidelines 3


    2. Virtual reality has been getting more popular and some NFL teams have taken advantage of it! The New England Patriots began using virtual reality technology during their practice to assist film study. The device captures footage from the perspective of players which allows them to go back into the film room, put on headsets, and then watch the play in a virtual reality setting. This helps players understand how to shed blocks, avoid interceptions, etc. Even college football teams have gotten onboard with the technology.

    3. Concussions remain a serious issue not only in the NFL but in all of sports. The number of participating in youth football significantly decreased for the fear of concussions. It's not something to take lightly which is why the NFL have taken careful precautions to keep their players healthy and injury-free.

    Riddell, the most worn helmet brand in the last 2 decades, have been researching and creating helmets to help prevent concussions. Although this injury is nearly impossible to avoid, at least we know that they're doing what they can to lower the number of injuries. Their up and coming helmet, SpeedFlex, have to still pass certain tests to be approved, but it is on its way. The most noticeable feature of the new helmet is the front cutout. The feature allows the helmet to be more flexible. Extra thick padding have been added so players can take big hits. The impact from either side of the helmet also allow more room to scatter force before it actually gets to the head. The SpeedFlex also created locks in the helmet for chinstraps to stay in place. Players sometimes intentionally like to unsnap the chinstrap but Riddell has it made it nearly impossible for them to "forget" to snap the helmet.

    4. On June 3, 2015 the NFL named Yahoo! Inc. its partner to display the first free live stream of games to its audience world-wide. The partnership expands the NFL'S presence digitally and could lead to more of the league's games being available at NO charge across a variety of electronic devices. This is great because with our busy schedules, a lot of us can't stay at home several hours a day on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays to watch a football game. Live stream allows us to stream our games anywhere as long as we have a smartphone or any other streaming device. There's also a great application, NFL Rewind, that allows you to watch any games you have missed in HD. However, I still prefer watching it on the big screen with lots and lots food :)

    5. Like it or not, mobile has forever changed the face of attending sporting events. Fans expect to connect, share, and engage as part of the game. If I can count how many spectators I've seen on their phones while watching a baseball or football game - we would probably be here all day. When the connection works, fans are happy - if it fails...oh boy.

    Most NFL stadiums were built way before smartphones even existed so they have been working hard to get these accommodations working better to please their fans. After all, fans are the sole reasons why stadiums stand today and why players get paid the big bucks, right? With the rise of HD televisions and advanced technology in the palm of our hands, the NFL recognizes that they  need to entice fans to come to the stadium. The top 4 NFL teams with the most advanced technlogy stadiums are the - Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, and the Arizona Cardinals.

    - The Cowboys left the world in awe with the world's largest HD LED video display.

    -The Miami Dolphins have collaborated with IBM to bring a personal experience to the fans. New mobile applications are provided for the fans to access the latest scores, stats and share information regardless of location.

    - With the 49ers' brand new stadium, Levi Stadium, the owners have signed a fantasy football and social media deal with Yahoo allowing for fans to stay updated with all their fantasy football news from around the NFL while they enjoy watching their favorite team play live at the stadium. Levi Stadium hosts a 1,200 wi-fi hub which is 4 times the league minimum. The stadium lives and breathes for tech-savvy fans who are always connected.

    - The owners of the Arizona Cardinals believe that football should be played on natural grass. The stadium has a retractable roof to protect the fans from the hot desert heat while sustaining a healthy field. 75 minutes after the fans have left the stadium, the grass field is ready to bask in the sunlight.

    arizona cardinals nfl technology

    What kind of technology would make your NFL game experience satisfying?  Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Back-to-School Giveaway


    School is right around the corner and for some it may have already started, Aluratek would like to invite you to participate in our Back-to-School Giveaway. Beginning August 17th through August 21st, you can enter our raffle to win a Back-to-School bundle package so you or your kids can have some really useful tools to be fully prepped and equipped for another school year.

    Check out our Twitter feed to see our tweets on this promotion. Simply RETWEET any promotional tweet that contains the #BackToSchool hashtag and FOLLOW @Aluratek to be entered into the raffle.

    The grand prize package includes our BUMP Bluetooth Portable Mini SpeakerLED Bookmark (your choice of black or white), 6000 mAh Portable Battery Charger with LED Flashlight, Universal Tablet Case with Built-in USB 2.1A Charging Station (for 7-8" or 9-10" sized tablets - your choice) and a Slim USB Laptop Cooling Pad (your choice of black or red).

    Back-to-School giveaway bundle

    Each day we will also feature a new game you can participate in. Winners of each game will win an Aluratek LED Bookmark (your choice of black or white) - the perfect reading accessory for night readers, travelers and book lovers of all kinds who wish to read in any low light environment.

    Don't forget to RETWEET these daily games for an additional chance to win the Back-to-School Bundle. The more you RETWEET - the better your chances you have to win! The raffle will be held on the morning of August 21st with the winner announced shortly thereafter.

    Good Luck!


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