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  • Traveling With Technology: How To Keep It Safe

    The holidays are arriving! Do you know what that means? It means A LOT of Americans are getting ready to travel.  Wherever you’re heading, if you’re traveling during the holiday season, you need to realize that everyone else in the world is too, so you better start booking those tickets now! Airports can get very hectic during these times and so of course you want to arrive as soon as possible to get yourself situated and comfortable before boarding on the plane. If you wait to pack your things last minute (…guilty), you’re most likely in a rush and shoving things in your suitcase. How are you keeping your belongings safe? Clothes and toiletries aren't that big of a deal, but what about all of your electronics? Well, let’s just hope you are taking care of them. However, the scary thing is…these days, most of us bring our laptops, tablets, or smart phones when we travel, but without the proper safeguards, we can be easy targets for criminals. And it’s not just the devices the criminals are after, it’s also the DATA inside which can be just as valuable as well as vulnerable.

    So here are a few ways to protect your precious electronic gadgets:

    - Stay away from free Wi-Fi

    Whether you’re in an airport, train station, or a hotel, avoid using free Wi-Fi. This is an easy way hackers can generate their own hotspots at these locations and gain admission to any vulnerable device that logs onto the system. When you’re on a public network, your personal data including your user IDS, account information and your passwords, are all there for anyone to steal. Your device is also prone to attracting viruses and spyware if the hackers choose to send one your way. Unfortunately, these criminals may continue to hack into your device even after you leave the hotspot!

    Smart phone

    -Make sure to ALWAYS have your phone password-protected. Use a strong password of different random numbers. .

    -Remove any important files and information from your smart phone.

    - Enable remote wiping on your smart phone. Many smart phones can be configured to permit users to remotely remove data in case a device is misplaced or stolen.

    - Turn off any automatic logins you may have for your apps and websites.

    Always keep both eyes on your devices

    It’s pretty common sense to never leave your devices behind, right? It may sound obvious, and yet it’s so easy to ask a stranger to watch your things for a quick “minute” while you step away to go to the restroom or grab a quick coffee. You need to take EVERYTHING with you. Always guard your luggage and backpack that contains all your electronic possessions.

    - Case Protect your devices

    Invest in a good case for your devices. You don’t want to risk dropping it and watching it crack or even shatter before your eyes. Aluratek has a wide selection of tablet cases that will keep your tablet safe and sound.

    So the next time you’re storing your toiletries in a zipped lock bag, be sure that you also take steps to protect your technology for your holiday trip!

    How do you protect your electronics while traveling? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Falling Prices Like The Autumn Leaves

    The summer is coming to a close soon as the the Autumn equinox on September 23, 2014 signals the beginning of Fall. We are at the point where there is exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness at the equator. If you live anywhere else, however, you will see a little bit more or a little bit less than 12 hours of daylight.

    In anticipation of the leaves turning color and dropping all over your yard I couldn't help but think about the Aluratek Outlet Store - naturally. The prices on our outlet store are falling just like the Autumn leaves. Our outlet store features dozens and dozens of refurbished products plus some legacy items such as eReaders, Tablets, Tablet Accessories, Digital Frames, Bluetooth Audio devices, Battery Chargers, USB Accessories and more at unbelievable prices. We are talking 25% - 50% and yes even 75% off items from their regular MSRP! Why can we offer such great savings? Product in the outlet store are refurbished items that are mostly customer returns that meet original factory specifications. Learn more about our Certified Refurbished Product and how they can be a good option for you.

    This is a great place to start your holiday shopping. Refurbished supply can be very limited and we often run out of inventory. We recommend that you act quickly if you see an item that you like. Below are just several of the items and savings you can expect to see. There is something for everyone. Enjoy the return of fall and the falling prices!

    Which item from our Outlet Store do you have your eye on? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Bills, Bills, Bills

    If you live in today’s America, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Time is money”. Time is so precious to us and juggling our professional life AND our personal lives at the same time have become quite a struggle.

    Phone Vector


    The one thing we all go through or will eventually be going through is the joy of paying your bills! Yay! (Insert Sarcasm). Balancing all your bills and expenses is not easy. Thankfully, living in this technology-obsessed world, there are apps that can help you manage this. Believe it or not, they do lend a hand and brings comfort knowing that you’re not alone in this crazy thing called “life”.

    So let’s just get on with it. Here are 3 awesome apps:

    Mint: Millions of people use Mint to control their money. The proficient and protected app allows you to automatically track all your checking accounts, saving accounts, and credit cards in a central location, efficiently organizing and displaying the transactions with informative graphs. 

    Google Wallet: Have you ever eaten a fabulous dinner at a restaurant and once it was time to pay, you realize you forgot your wallet at home? Or what about realizing that you don’t have your wallet as you reach the register at your favorite retail store? Well you never have to be in that position again because the day that you could go shopping and leave your tangible wallet behind is finally here. With Google Wallet, you are able to store your credit card, debit card, loyalty card information in one place. Simply use your smartphone to “tap and pay” at stores to make your purchases. You can also use Google Wallet to pay for your online purchases.

    Venmo: I love this app. I’ve been in so many situations where this app came in handy. For example: I go out to dinner with friends quite frequently and when our waiter delivers the bill, it’s always frustrating for everyone when you have to individually split the cost…and I’m sure it’s a lot of work for the waiter to swipe 5 different credit / debit cards.  Venmo allows you to pay anyone instantly using money you have in Venmo or your linked bank account in a matter of seconds. This app has become quite popular because it’s so convenient to use. So one of our friends put the whole bill on her card, and we each used Venmo to transfer money to her account. She instantly “cashed out” and received the money the next day! Awesome!

    And I can't help but feel that this song is appropriate for this blog post ;)

    Which one of these apps do you find most useful? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • 9/11 Remembered


    Today is 9/11 - 2014 edition. I surprised myself this morning as I was driving to the office that I totally had forgotten about this historic and sad day in the nation's history. I was reminded on the radio that today marks the 13th anniversary. Wow, how time flies. This is the first time since 9/11 that I had been a little oblivious that this date was approaching. I felt kind bad. Maybe it's because my life day to day is more hectic than years past with work and appointments and my young son? Or is it we have just moved on? That 2001 is a distant memory?

    Not sure really. But reading numerous news stories this morning makes we happy to know the country still cares and paused to reflect on what happened and remember the people who lost their lives. I hope we never forget. Kinda hard as I see the day is marked on my calendar as i'm sure most calendars moving forward. Do American's feel any safer? Its clear that threats remain. I feel that this "war on terror" will continue to persist for years to come and be a part of my son's life.

    Good news is the nearly completed One World Trade Center has risen 1,776 feet above ground zero and will be filled with office workers by this date in 2015. Perhaps another sign that a page in the city’s history may be turning?

    How are you remembering today? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Keep Calm And Study On

    To all the students out there that started their new semester or quarters, how excited are you to approach a new school year where you can gain more knowledge and continuously challenge yourself? I graduated 2 quarters ago, and I already miss it (minus the homework)!

    Prepare yourselves for long nights of studying, studying, and did I mention studying? Yup! Hours of being hunched over stacked textbooks, microscopes in your hand, calculator in the other hand…sounds very exciting! Everyone has their own style of studying. Some people need to be in a quiet room while others do well studying with friends. I was never able to study at home, so I would spend my nights at the school library with a set of earphones in my ears blasting music away.

    Here at Aluratek, we are rooting for all the hard-working students that are going to make an impact in our near future. So to all the students, hit the books and focus your mind with music to stimulate your brain cells with a few of our Bluetooth audio products! Let the words and numbers flow in and out of your head with the sound of your favorite studying playlist.


    You can find these items plus more on our website in the Bluetooth audio / Accessories section.

    I would like to conclude this post with a playlist of music anyone can study to! I promise it's not just classical music!


    What are your favorite songs to study to? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Like Us on Facebook and Receive 10% Off

    Like Us on FacebookAluratek is trying to get the word out that we have some really cool products to offer. Just like the ones we featured in our last email blast - Shop Smart for Back-to-School Essentials.

    With the holiday season approaching, its never to early to start thinking about that perfect gift. How does 10% off sound? All you have to do is go to our Facebook page in the Promotions tab on the left side and click the "LIKE" button to learn the promotional code. Then go shopping at and enter the promo code at checkout to receive your discount...and please, don't keep this secret to yourself.  Tell everyone you know - your a thoughful person right?

    Its that easy! What’s keeping you?

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  • 4 Biggest Tech Myths


    Let’s talk about myths. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word myth is defined as an “idea or story that is believed by many people but that is not true.”

    In the tech world, just like everywhere else, there are certain myths that get passed down and repeated until they transform themselves into something indestructible. When people ask where you heard a certain myth from your typical answer is, “oh you know… on a TV show!”  or “…I found it on some website!” or my favorite , “a friend of a friend told me!”. Classic!

    Well here are 4 of the biggest tech myths you probably heard and most likely believed.

    Closing out apps on your iPhone extends Battery Life.

    Ok ok. I’m guilty as well. I believed when I  double-tap the home button and simply “X” out all the apps on the bottom tray, the battery would be saved. It makes sense right?! Closing out your apps equals saving energy...therefore you save battery! Wrong.

    Well here’s the thing…those apps we see when you double-tap the home button aren’t actually running or using up any battery because they are only a list of recently used apps, and not currently-running apps. Bummer! I really thought I was saving battery..

    The more megapixels a camera has, the better.

    More goes into a camera than just megapixels. A higher megapixel count is vital if you plan on blowing up a photo to a large size and don’t want to lose quality, but for normal viewing, megapixels aren’t as important as having a quality camera lens and light sensor.

    Leaving your laptop plugged in will kill your battery.

    Okay. Guilty again! I would constantly nag my husband to not leave his charger plugged into his laptop since you know, it kills the battery life. The truth is you are not ruining your laptop battery (unless your laptop is very, very old). Most laptops today use lithium-based batteries, which are not vulnerable to “losing charge” if you keep them plugged in all the time. In fact, it’s probably better to stay plugged in than it is to continuously exhaust your battery to 0% and then recharge over and over again which in fact would lower your battery’s duration.

    Macs don’t get viruses.

    Yup, guess who's guilty again? Probably one of the most well-known tech myth out there, I, too, have strongly believed that my 15”Macbook Pro was flawless and not able to retrieve any viruses.  For many years, Apple claimed that its computers were better than Windows because it wouldn't get infected by viruses the way PC’s did. However, in June of 2012 Apple removed the claim due to an ongoing wave of viruses attacking the Mac OS. Thankfully, mine has never been attacked!

    What are some tech myths you would add to this list? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Shop Smart for Back-to-School Essentials

    back-to-school chalkboard 2014

    School is right around the corner - in fact, it may have already started. Either way, do you or your kids have the tools they need for a great school year? Shop smart and save up to 75% - yup, that's not a typo - on select Aluratek products for back-to-school essentials.

    Some of the savings include 58% off our Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones and 33% off our new Universal Tablet Case with Built-In USB 2.1A Charging Station for iPad, 9 and 10 inch Tablets and 75% off the BUMP Bluetooth Mini Speaker with Built-in Lithium-ion Battery.

    Please check out our latest eNewsletter to see what you could save on many of our most popular items. Hurry, these offers only lasts til September 7th, while supplies last.

    Which items would you want the most for school? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Labor Day A.K.A. Workingman's Holiday

    Labor Day is next Monday. How are you planning to spend a day that honors all the hardworking citizens of the U.S.? Also known as the "Workingman's Holiday", if you work at a big company, small company, own a business, or if you're even a student...this day is dedicated to you!

    Sadly, it's also a day that marks the end of Summer. That means students are back in school and summer vacations are over. So cherish Labor Day before you're back on that grind!

    Aluratek has plenty of products that will make your Labor Day easygoing and relaxing. As it is exactly a week away from today, it gives us time to ship your perfect Labor Day product to your house just in time for the holiday. Here are 5 Aluratek products that can help you have a relaxing Labor Day:

    Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Tablet Stand
    Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Tablet Stand

    The perfect accessory for your Tablet and Smartphone for watching movies and listening to music. Mount your device in landscape or portrait orientation and adjust to the perfect viewing angle. The stand's durable, light-weight and foldable design makes it the perfect travel companion. It's a great device to use when you want to just kick-back at home and relax in your house or wherever you are!

    Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds with Built-in Microphone
    Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds

    Go out for a nice walk on Labor Day and see all the fun parades with our earbuds! Our earbuds delivers hands-free convenience and superb hi-fidelity stereo sound making them great fit for your active life style. Stream your favorite tunes and listen to audio from your Smartphone. Designed for your comfort, the earbuds are contoured to your ear, lightweight, sweat proof and features a tangle free cord.

    Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
    Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

    Whether you're out at the beach or having a get together at the house, you can count on this Bluetooth speaker to get your party started. Do not underestimate the size of the speaker. It packs quite a punch with its volume. With an output capacity of 3 watts, the Bluetooth Speaker fills even the largest rooms without distortion. You will find our Bluetooth Speaker will rival the best in the business from a sound quality standpoint.

    Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
    iStream Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver

    Ever get frustrated with your aux cord tangled up while driving? Well, say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to hands-free music!  Free your phone from its dock while enjoying wireless streaming or stream audio from your tablet to your home theater system. If you're planning on a small getaway, the iStream is perfect for streaming music from your smartphone or tablet as well.

    Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
    18000 mAh Portable Battery Charger

    You never have to worry about your smartphone or tablet ever dying on you ever again with our 18000 mAh Portable Battery Charger! A great travel solution for life on the road when you don't have the convenience of an AC outlet nearby. Don't be stranded on the road with a dead battery on your device. Take our Portable Battery Charger with you and be comforted in knowing that power is near.

    Which product above do you think would be most useful to you on Labor Day? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • The Best of Both Worlds - To Protect and Charge

    both worlds

    Aluratek is happy to announce the arrival of our Universal Tablet Cases with Built-In USB 2.1A Charging Station. We have two models available: one for iPad mini, 7 and 8 inch Tablets and one for iPad, 9 and 10 inch Tablets. These universal cases are an elegant, stylish solution to carry your tablet around while combining for the best of both worlds: protecting your tablet and allowing for charging of your mobile devices.

    Protect Your Tablet

    A magnetic clasp ensures that the case stays closed. Soft microfiber lining gives your device reliable protection from scratches, finger marks and dust and provides added protection against drops, bumps and shock. The universal tablet case provides a mounting system that loops around the tablet's four corners, holding it securely in place.

    Charge Your Devices

    The cases feature a built-in 4100 mAh USB charging station to quickly and conveniently charge your portable devices. Supports most USB powered devices currently on the market such as smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, mp3 players, bluetooth speakers, bluetooth headsets, ebook readers and more.

    Which features from our new cases do you like most? Visit our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

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