New Additions - USB Charging Wall Plates

Hello, Happy Monday!

Most people are dreading Mondays but today I am excited! Why?! Well...because I get to share with you all our newest additions to the the Aluratek family!

Allow me to introduce you to our 2-Port USB Charging Wall Plates!

Aluratek's 2-Port USB Charging Wall Plates are a great way to charge your smartphone, tablet or any USB device right from any electrical plug without losing an outlet. Installation is quick and easy with no batteries, no wiring, no electricians and no fuss. The USB charging wall plate simply snaps into place around the wall outlet and draws power right from the outlet. The wall plate is USB surge protected to prevent a sudden spike in current that might damage your device.

We have 2 different wall plates to accommodate both styles of face plates:

1. 2-Port USB Charging Duplex Wall Plate


AUWCS02FR_front installed

AUWCS02FR_back angle installation


2. 2-Port USB Charging Decor Wall Plate


AUWCS02FS_front installed

AUWCS02FS_back angle installation


No batteries, no wires, no electricians, no fuss. Installation is quick and easy. The USB Charging Wall Plate snaps right into place. The prongs draw power right from the outlet! The sleek and practical design allows you to charge any USB device right from your outlet! Leave your outlets free to use. Works with any single duplex outlet!

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