July is National Cellphone Courtesy Month

Did you know that July is National Cellphone Courtesy Month? Wireless providers are encouraging its customers and cellphone users around the country to be mindful of others while on the phone.  This event was founded by Jacqueline Whitmore in 2002 with the intent to encourage the increasingly unmindful users of cellphones to be more respectful of their surroundings. Proper etiquette on the phone can be learned by all of us especially because, according to a U.S. wireless industry survey, 91% of Americans have a cell phone.

Recent studies show the most significant concerns regarding cellphone habits are texting while driving, loud public conversations and talking on the phone in restaurants, movie theaters and bathrooms. Here are some tips from Consumer Cellular on how to avoid or break potentially rude cellphone habits:

DO: Keep conversations private. Avoid discussing confidential or uncomfortable topics in public while on the phone.

DON’T: “Cell yell,” or talk loudly on the phone, distracting those around you.

DO: Turn your phone on vibrate or silent at business meetings, religious services, school functions, restaurants, theaters, sporting events etc. Also, avoid phone conversations and checking messages during these instances.

DON’T: Have ridiculous and loud ringtones. And if your phone rings when you’re unable to answer, be sure to silence it immediately. 

DO: Abide by cellphone laws to ensure safety. 

DON’T: Text while driving. It’s illegal in most states and it puts yourself and others at risk. Another important rule to follow includes turning off your phone while in-flight. The signal emitted by cellphones could affect the navigational instruments used by pilots.

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